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  • Scribbling (avam)
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    Soulmate!AU Everything you write on you skin also shows up on your soulmate's skin. Avi sometimes forgets how the whole soulmate thing works, thankfully Adam doesn't mind.

  • Hunted - A Pentatonix / Avi Kaplan Fanfiction
    21.7K 729 24

    When Avi Kaplan's terrible past catches up with him, it not only puts his life in danger, but also the lives of the rest of Pentatonix. Contains Scomiche (Scott x Mitch) and Kavi (Kirstie x Avi)

  • Our Guardian Angels
    10.1K 413 21

    This is a collab with hgrier13. How will Avi and Kirstie do as roommates if they hate each other? Will their guardian angels, Scott, Mitch, and Kevin be able to bring them together?

  • Kavi One Shots
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    one shots of that ship with abi and kristy from the pentatonci [involves mentions of scömìche] [LOTS of one shots are SAD and are INSPIRED by songs] started:: september 2015 ;; highest ranking ;; ↠ #22 in fanfiction: 6/1/2016 ↞ ↠ #8 in kavi tag: 8/1/2016 ↞

  • Standing By
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    Home Free/ Pentatonix fanfic Ten people, ten personalities, two groups, two different styles. They start out rocky but become fast friends. Friendships are tested but ultimately the one thing the ten of them can count on despite tremendous odds and struggles with both external and internal threats. A fight to survi...

  • AVI
    11.3K 600 42

    Avi had it rough in high school, he really didn't date because he was teased a lot, but there was one girl. I never trusted her, but Avi wouldn't listen to me. He got hurt, he was a junior in high school and he hasn't dated since, now he's a senior in college. Two weeks they were together, she broke him so her and her...

  • Avi Kaplan
    81.3K 1.6K 46

    Caitlin is Mitch's sister who is now on tour with the band. The band have a week break in a hotel and Avi has to share a room with her. Will feelings arise or will they just be friends?

  • Reasons Why Mavi is Real
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    if you want to write an essay about mavi, here are all the necessary points you'll need.

  • In that moment I knew... She was the one. (An Avi Kaplan fic)
    4.1K 70 7

    Avi's girlfriend broke up with him, and he's slowly became a hermit within the long month and a half without someone to call his own, but one night at a concert he saw her. She was the one and he just knew it. P.S. Rating is for later chapters. Some Lemon (sex) will most likely be involved.

  • fire eyes: adopted by pentatonix // #wattys2017
    12.7K 403 37

    Violet. An only child. Well, girl. Who lost her parents cause of murder when she was only 11. At this present time, she's now 13 years old. Back in school, she got bullied for being different and having a birthmark on her neck that looks like a flame. She makes videos because her idols inspired too. Pentatonix. She lo...

  • Smile [Kavi]
    31.4K 1.4K 24

    No one could've seen it coming. Not even Jeremy was able to swerve to avoid the truck. The sound of the crash was deafening. When Kirstie later on finds out she has lost the ability to smile due to traumatic brain damage, she tries to live her life as normally as possible. All the while trying to figure out her own e...

  • ʜ ɩ ɗ ɘ
    565 38 1

    "We can't be like this anymore"

  • Practically Strangers
    26.7K 1.2K 62

    What will happen when five strangers meet online, not knowing the luck they have just stumbled upon? "We pull away from each other and see that we're not crying. We're just smiling, happy to be with the random internet strangers that we talked to because we were annoyed with school, or friends, or parents or just life...

  • Fix Me ~ Book 1 (PTX fanfic.. KAVI)
    34K 1.1K 30

    I inhale sharply and take a deep breath. Avi then cups my cheek, pulling my face closer to his. As soon as we inched closer and closer, that's when I stop and look deeply into his green eyes. Avi's eyes shift down to my lips and back up to her eyes. I bite my lip, trying to hold back the tears. I utter the words I nev...

  • Leather ☆ Kavi
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    Five high school students, each with different lives and different backgrounds, yet somehow they all manage to fit perfectly into each other's stories.

  • Kavi one shots
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    Random Kavi one shots :)

  • Pentatonix
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    "It is not against the rules. In fact the minimum is four... It's just never been done before." "It's never been done before because you cannot possibly get everything you need from five people. You just can't." "Can't isn't a word." "Well it's the only word that applies here." At the University of Los Angeles there a...

  • She Couldn't Possibly
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    Avi walked off the stage with tears in his eyes. He'd expected that, what he hadn't expected was the pain he felt, it was worse than when he'd made the announcement. It was really hitting him, this was it, his last show with Pentatonix. One-Shot.

  • chosen • pentatonix
    2.1K 173 14

    5 elements, 5 teens, 1 adventure. the strongest of each element team up in a race against time to defeat the evil Society, and save their world!

  • Lovin' You Again
    12.4K 369 21

    It's been about a year since Avi left Pentatonix. He hasn't kept much contact with any of them. What will happen when Kirstie runs into an old friend of hers in a grocery store? Will old memories rush back? Read to find out :D

    5.2K 614 22

    Continue the adventures with Patches/Patch, Kirstie, Tim, Chance, Adam, Kevin and Tori.

  • Tivi Oneshots
    6.3K 310 18

    We're all about that bass!!❤ Tivi (Tim Foust amd Avi Kaplan)

  • Flashback ⇻ Kavi
    3.6K 262 5

    ⇻sequel to fangirl⇺ 〝i held her hand, looking into her eyes. "i know that this is probably really bad timing," i chuckled, "but i love you."〞 it was a year after cassidy and sam, and both avi kaplan and kirstin maldonado thought it was all over. that was until kirstin was gone and all that was left was a mysterious no...

  • Fangirl ↬ Kavi
    34.1K 1.9K 26

    〝 we both left the men's bathroom and i sat down. "you're something, kirstie," avi said as he sat down next to me. "is that a good or a bad thing?" i asked. "it's a good thing," avi smiled. i smiled, too. "that's great. but if my feet become bruised, you owe me a mcdouble from mcdonald's."〞 kirstie maldonado's a fangi...

  • Green eyes - Scavi fanfic
    45.1K 2.4K 66

    Avi has been blind his whole life, never saw the light, only darkness. When Kevin asks him to tag along one day he's not completely sure of what to think at first but decides later on that it was one of the best decisions he has ever made.

  • Wake me up (An Avi Kaplan/Pentatonix fan fiction)
    9.1K 188 8

    Julie is twenty two years old when she gets the oppotunity to fly in the States from her hometown in Italy and start chasing her dream to become a professional singer. She leaves with her heart filled with hope and dreams, but her life ends up not being what she was expecting. She is starting to think about going back...

  • Lean on Me - Mavi (COMPLETED)
    7.5K 416 11

    Mitch: "I can be mean though." Avi: "That's okay, I'll take care of you." Sailing under the radar while we obsessed over Scömìche, this is the ship that never was... or was it?? These linked one-shots (based on tweets) explore what might have happened while OG Pentatonix had fun and built their lives together in the e...

  • Regardless of Weather [PTX-Kavi]
    12.5K 480 25

    A series of Kavi shots.

  • Katt Oneshots
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    Katt Oneshots :)

  • Thank You
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    When no one was there, you were there for me. When nobody cared, you still cared for me. When everyone left you were here with me, and now I hope that you're hearing me... Thank you. (description and cover caption, courtesy of Meghan Trainor's song 'Thank You' :)

    Completed   Mature