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  • Cult In The Middle
    3.1K 939 35

    Formerly known as KAMARA. "There was none before you, and there will be none after you." Set in a time where cultists and cult wars have become a norm in Nigerian universities. 23 year old Kamara finds herself struggling to complete her final year staying out of trouble. I mean things never go the way we want them to...

  • Me And You: MAY
    182K 25.1K 68

    "Do you wanna embark on a crazy adventure?" He smiled. "My middle name's crazy....let's do it!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A MIX OF THE PAST AND FUTURE. OLIVIA: A random not so wise 16 years old, spoilt brat of a billionaire father, naija island high school student. Moving from Calabar to Lagos was like a deat...

  • Meeting with the President's Son
    244K 43.7K 89

    All Jade ever wanted was to meet the president's son. Two things that get her into trouble. Her mouth and her brain. What happened after she finally met with the President's son? Talking about the President's son When Jade finally met him, He was cold, yet Jade was close He was distant, yet Jade was near He never knew...

  • Stay
    165K 23.9K 64

    Highest Peak: #624 in Romance! "I'm not perfect, I might not even love you right most of the time, but please, please just stay." Wayere is young, yet has more experience than her age demands. Born to a very young mother and a man who abandoned his heartthrob as soon as he heard she was pregnant, she has seen the worl...

  • Deal With Chaos #ProjectNigeria
    82.9K 10.7K 70

    Kayla Williams loves quiet, loves being unnoticed, loves reading books and hates Tomisin Adekunle. But when her best friend Nessa becomes quite close to him and she has to deal with him on a daily basis,she realizes that she just has to deal with it. But how do you deal with someone who constantly pushes you out of...

  • Married to Victor Stephen (BOOK TWO)√
    193K 25.5K 50

    "High school sweethearts" Victor- I think the perfection of marriage is that, it's not perfect. Suzy- And you have to weather many storms together. Suzy finally got married to her high school sweetheart, Victor Stephen. He was everything a girl would ever wanted for as husband. But in every marriage, there is a chal...

  • Rugged To The Core
    130K 21.5K 102

    "You're alive for a reason. Everything you've passed through will shape you into the ultimate masterpiece because even golds are forged in fire to become jewels." I whispered softly. "And I dare you, Abel Ugochukwu Ejiofor. I dare you to persevere." Lucky Adekunle is a timorous seventeen year old with a mountain...

  • Dangerous Love
    163K 35.1K 82

    This is a palace where one wrong move can determine if you live or die. In the quest for her family to survive, Aramade found herself in this dangerous territory only to be noticed by the second prince. He's the only prince loathed by everyone. Clothed in Arrogance. People say his one naira can't be given out without...