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  • Consider the Elven Heart [Legolas]
    415 53 1

    Sea Longing. Legolas. An elven heart can only endure so much...

  • In My Father's Shadow -II- Book One in the Shadow Legacy Trilogy
    204 29 1

    "Eldarion, my son. You are soon to be king and with that comes a heavy burden. Are you ready?" I kept my eyes focused ahead and thought carefully before answering. "You have taught me all that there is to know about being a king, Father," I said slowly, "but I still do not know if I am ready." I looked at him. "And yo...

  • Once Upon A Shrubbery
    196 28 1

    Legolas. Hobbits. Sometimes the best first meetings go unplanned.

  • I Will Linger Here
    441 63 1

    A LOTR One-Shot. Legolas' thoughts after Gimli and Aragorn pass away.

  • Veiled Stars » LotR [1] ✔️
    28.9K 2.5K 43

    Frodo was meant to be the Ring-bearer. But when he falls under Sauron's control and vanishes before Elrond's council, where does that leave the Fellowship? Elle was orphaned at a young age, with a dark childhood that keeps her on her toes. And when her thieving past finally catches up with her, Elle is thrust head fir...

  • Unspoken ( A Legolas Love Story )
    128K 7.3K 54

    AFTER the Battle of Five Armies, an elf prince journeys to the north of Middle Earth in search of the mysterious Strider. But to also escape the grief of a 'love unspoken' as well as the oppressive regime of his father, King Thranduil. There among the Dúnedain, Legolas finds friendship, adventure, a sense of humor and...

  • To Find A King (Legolas and Aragorn Friendship Fanfiction)
    17.3K 747 14

    After the Battle of the Five Armies, Legolas sets off on his own to find the Ranger known as 'Strider'. But darkness and danger are growing in Middle Earth, and hope is hard to come by.

  • Because It Was Real [Lord of the Rings] Legolas
    733 44 1

    Inspired by the ending of the movie The Battle of the Five Armies, this short story tells what happens after Legolas set off to find a mysterious man named Strider in the North. When the elf joins in a Yuletide celebration with a company of Rangers, he may just find something of his own that "is real." This story is...

  • Goodnight, Goodnight (a LOTR short-story)
    37 6 1

    Legolas losses his mother. (Cover by @_-Pluviophile-_ )

  • Prince of The Mark - A Lord of the Rings Story
    71 11 1

    Elfwine, prince of Rohan, cannot wait to be a Rider in his father Èomer's Eóreds. Will the young boy, known as Elfwine the Fair to legends, grow up to achieve his dream?

  • One Shots » LotR
    4.7K 530 19

    What went through Legolas's mind as Aragorn, his closest friend, passed away before his eyes? What did Boromir perceive as his life slipped away, bleeding out so far from Gondor? How did Thranduil get his scars, the tragic event that made the Woodland King so cold? Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you to my collection...

  • Hood » LotR ((ON HOLD))
    7.3K 1K 29

    ❝ Hood. Robin Hood, at your service. ❞ Robin wasn't sure how he managed to get caught in the middle of a war. Perhaps it was stealing King Elessar's sword. Or maybe his past and the price on his head just finally caught up to him. But when Robin's life of thieving and causing trouble runs him straight into conflict am...

  • The Rebellion's Ashes | Book One | End of an Empire
    8.1K 1K 55

    Born into a civil war that has torn her country apart for twenty years, Rowan Emerson fights to maintain the fragile peace that's kept the North American Empire from ruin. As the youngest Imperial General in history and the daughter of the Emperor, Rowan is hard pressed to stifle an unexpected rebel invasion before t...

  • Poems
    103 27 5

    Some poems that I wrote (they are all depressing). *sigh* I don't know why all my poems are so depressing. Why can't I just write about something happy for once?

  • The White Rose (A Lord of the Rings Fanfiction)
    857 59 6

    A bitter Elvenking. A lonely, orphaned girl. And a cursed elf who thirsts for revenge. When Legolas, prince of the Woodland Realm, is returning to his home after three years absence, he comes across a young girl in the forest. Starved, alone, and on the brink of death, he decides to take the girl back to his kingdom...

  • Crownless » LotR [2]
    7.9K 1.1K 37

    *warning: spoilers for Veiled Stars (book one)* There was a time when all Elle worried about was her next meal. Now, with shadows taking over Middle Earth, her worries revolve around surviving the next day. When the Hope of Men has lost his own hope, when cities fall daily, and when the darkness seems to be growing st...

  • Of Wood and Water
    198 38 6

    A lonely Elven prince. A wood threatened by evil. A great and cold-hearted Elf King. Can an orphaned human child bring light to the dark and lonesome world of Mirkwood? Or will it be another love, lost and forgotten in the pain of grief? I own nothing! Enjoy Of Wood and Water.

  • The Golden Horde | A LOTR Narrative Poem
    172 10 1

    A narrative poem on the Easterlings of Rhûn and their involvements in the War of the Ring. Written in the historical records early in the Fourth Age by the current Chief Scribe of Aragorn II Elessar, High King of the Reunited Kingdom.

  • Prayer Requests
    3.7K 584 59

    In need of some prayer? You've come to the right place. No matter the walk of life you come from, you're welcome here.

  • Starless | Poetry ✔️
    6.3K 1.1K 33

    rain, words, and bleeding ink. welcome to the mind of a poet.