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  • ▪The Badass Gangleader▪
    32.1K 844 2

    Annabelle Snow Knight is 18 years old, and is the definition of a Badass, from her piercings to her leather jacket, from her long white hair to silver glowing eyes. Rumors on her school even says that she is in a gang, which is not so wrong. She is the Gangleader to The Ghosts the most feared gang in Australia. But wh...

  • Playing Criminal
    1.1M 34.1K 53

    Looks can be deceiving. Ally has a 4.7 G.P.A and is en route for an Ivy League. And, while dressed up in skirts and cardigans, she has the appearance of a model student. But, Ally is far from the angel she appears to be. Ally is secretly a member of a gang called the Players and behind her nerdiness, lies a girl wh...

  • LONG LOST LOVER // Ethan Dolan
    261 9 7

    She was a feisty girl trying to live her life. Night school was starting and she just couldn't wait. *little did she know high school was a nightmare come true* If you want to find out how keep reading. This is my first book. ?☺️ saucyy_dolan out !

  • Gangleaders Runaway Girl ( ON HOLD)
    103K 3.2K 29

    Alex 18 shes had a hard life. One of her parents are dead the other one is never home. One of her brothers has a family and her other one ran away. Alex has a secret that he wants no one to know about shes never had friends cause she doenst want them be sad and alone. When Alex cant sleep she goes for a walk and gets...

  • The Gang Leader's Girl
    6.6M 181K 35

    ******* "Is this what you want Angel?" Axel panted, trailing his lips up my neck to my face. I shivered when I felt his lips start sucking at a spot on my neck. "Come on, tell me this is what you want Mia because I don't think I can keep myself away from you anymore." His voice was deep and laced with desire, his ey...

  • Sold To The Gangleader
    7.7M 275K 92

    Eight Years Ago "Mom.." I say with a small smile on my face. My sister had passed her first music lesson and we're all so proud of her. "What is it Layla!? can't you see I'm busy?!" She snaps. "Oh.." I say, my smile faltering slightly, as I watch mom cuddle Heidi and give her lots of sweets as reward. "C-can I have a...

  • Oh Yay! We've Been Kidnapped!
    699K 30.7K 73

    (Completed) Sophie and Amaya get kidnapped by one of Australia's most fearful gangs. But are they really that scary? (Use to be The Girl With The Summer Blues) Highest rank so far #5 in humor

  • Trouble makers (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
    1.1M 40.1K 54

    I look around to see the guys staring at me with jaws dropped. Well what do they expect to happen, you steal a girls Nutella she will turn violent "I like her" this time it was chase who spoke witch surprised me because he is usually a quiet person. "So short cake would you mind telling how the hell you, a five foot...

  • Meeting the Gangleader
    5.1M 122K 46

    One bad-ass gangleader, and one sassy 'good' girl. Let me introduce Adam. He's the leader of the most feared gang in town. He's handsome, and cold hearted towards everyone, until he meets her. Now let me introdue Brittany. She's a good girl that gets straight A's in school. She has abusive parents and is left to take...

  • The Gang Leader Wants Me(Still Editing)
    8.5M 224K 55

    If you ever met Jezzabelle Lemana you'd think she was a nice, sweet, loving person with the perfect life. But some things are not what they seem. This 17 year old is trying her best to get out of her senior year of high school without having to remember the fact that she's being abused by her stepmother and father at...

  • The gang leader wants me
    10.3M 233K 38

    His name is Sebastian Knight, he is the most dangerous man ever. He is a gang leader of the top feared gang called 'the vipers'. Wherever he goes people bow down with respect, if you ever disrespect him you would have been killed within seconds. Sebastian does have one night stands but never allows those sluts in his...

  • The Gang Leader (ON HOLD - very slow updates)
    286K 327 6

    "Just leave me alone for god's sake!" "I will never leave you alone, not now and not ever because we belong together and you sure as hell know that" -- A new version of 'The Gangleader' that introduces you to new and polished characters, plots, and more.

  • The Gangleader's Girl
    1.4M 29.6K 33

    "Dang, she's hot, look at her body." "Dude, don't you know?" "Know what? That I wanna tap that? Of course!" "No bro, that she's The Gangleader's Girl." ******************************************* Sarah Winters is the sweetest, most spunkiest girl you'll ever see. Ryker Hudson is the most feared man you'll ever hear o...

    Completed   Mature
  • Kill Me Gangleader
    3.8M 114K 41

    Someone walks into the room but I cannot see its face. It looks like a man and by the look of his posture, he seems very important. "Why were you in my territory?" His voice is strangely calm however I think its the calm before the storm. "I didn't know it was your territory! For gods sake how many times do I ha...

    Completed   Mature
  • Life with The Gang Leader
    4.5M 139K 41

    Natalie and Carter's family is growing. As well as their gang, but gangs aren't forever. You must go through a great deal in order to "give up" the gang life. However....Do you ever really get out of the gang life? Even when danger is lurking around every corner?.......We'll just have to wait and see. (SEQUEL TO SOLD...

  • W A N T E D
    394K 10.8K 37

    Zoe Ford is the daughter of the city's best Chief of LA.P.D. Her mom died at the age of 5, when her dad is gone her older brother is there. Her father has been hunting down one of the most feared gang leader in the city, Jayce Calaway. No mercy, no fear, no weakness. This gang leader was furious once he found out he s...

    Completed   Mature
  • Blackmail ✵|G.B.D|✵
    181K 4.1K 16

    "So here's the deal," he glared at me, an evil look in his eye. "From now on, you are going to be my girlfriend, so I can get my revenge." I was taken back at what he just said, "A-and what if I don't?" I manage to speak out. He's kidding right? "Then I'll fire you, and we both know you really need this job." "Sir, a...

  • Gang Bang ~ GD
    275K 5.5K 29

    This isn't the Gang Bang you're thinking about 👉Twitter👈 ThicccEthan *Updated version*

  • It All Started With A Tampon
    6.2M 253K 46

    Gemma is a nobody. She knows it. Her parents know it. Everybody at school takes advantage of it. She accepts the fact that everybody is going to treat her badly. She can't do anything about it. She will forever be the doormat, somebody to shove homework at, someone to take anger out on. She goes about her business qui...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sold To The Gang Leader
    26.1M 671K 44

    Natalie Chambers didn't know about her father's gang, that is until he sold her. What Natalie didn't know is that he sold her to, one of the most dangerous gang leaders around. Carter Grayson. {PLEASE DO NOT STEAL MY IDEAS} Achievements #12 in Romance