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  • My fangirl dream (Published under Indie Pop)
    4.2M 139K 48

    Paano kapag pinagbigyan ni tadhana na mapalapit ka sa tao na sobra mong iniidolo?

  • I Love You, ARA
    20.5M 481K 33

    Based on true story. A psychological Romance-Horror-Paranormal novel by Jamille Fumah. Please read with caution. Highest rank: Consistent #1 both in horror and paranormal 2015-start of 2016.

  • Thomas Sangster imagines
    623K 15.9K 124

    Thomas Sangster imagines inside this book. All different types. Includes: - Sadness - Happiness and joy - Romance - Love - Thomas Sangster - Newt I hope you enjoy it and please comment opinions. :) This is updated weekly, sometimes more than once a week.

  • His Mission
    43.4M 394K 15

    Formally known as The Bad Boys Mission [Highest Ranking - #1 In Teen Fiction] Meet Emily Wentworth. Since the death of her father, she's been living a home life full of abuse. It's remained a secret for years until she meets the town's bad boy, Jake Melvin. It doesn't take long for him to figure out her secret. Emily...

  • Badboy's hired wife
    9.2M 261K 32

    Meet Vincent Watson, the only heir of Watson Inc. An arrogant playboy that knows how to deal with every girls in their campus. On the other hand, Isabelle Lauren is suffering a problem, she's pennyless. She's still studying because of her scholarship but nobody is supporting her. One day, they will bump to each other...

  • thomas sangster imagines
    21.5K 830 92

    *imagines about the lovely thomas sangster*

  • Thomas Sangster Imagines
    50.7K 527 58

    Imagines! Enjoy!

  • Thomas Brodie-Sangster Imagines (UNDER HUGE EDITING)
    13.7K 694 50

    Just a bunch of long imagines for you guys! Be lucky! Im giving Thomas for you! ♡.♡... I know Thomas have a lot of fan girls out there. So I'm being kind to write a fan fiction to you guys? (I'm not greedy at all...Come on! we guys have the same fandom. So why not share it?). Request are also open but I only take (Y/n...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wrong Number! (A Maze Runner Cast fanfiction)
    107K 2.4K 31

    How would YOU react if you accidently Skype called one of your ultimate acting idols. What if you're an actress. What if you got invited to meet them and work with them. What would you do? That is the question 14 year old Savanna is facing. She has to handle the pressures of meeting people, first day shyness and well...

  • No Distractions {Rewriting#
    58.8K 2K 38

    Teresa Agnes is 17 years old. She just moved to Boston to live with her father. She's starting school in WCKD high. She just wants to learn, graduate and make friends, nothing else. But when she bumps into a boy with chocolate brown eyes and brown ruffled hair, Teresa's plan didn't exactly work. High School AU

  • You're in The Maze Runner (Movie Version)
    124K 2.6K 17

    As it says in the title, you are in The Maze Runner movie. It's also a Thomas X Reader. I wrote all the chapters before posting them all at once, just letting you know. I'm sorry that the plot changed a bunch. Toward the end, I tried to use as many quotes as I could. I'm also really sorry if my writing is bad... DISCL...

  • AWAY ~ A Maze Runner Sequel
    20.9K 717 43

    Away from WICKED

  • IN ~ A Maze Runner Sequel
    26.6K 875 28

    Into the Scorch

  • The Betrayer || The Maze Runner Fanfic (After The Death Cure)
    16.3K 344 30

    The remaining Gladers went through the Flat Trans into the Paradise. What they didn't know was that Teresa wasn't dead. But she isn't herself, anymore. And when she somehow finds a way into the Gladers' Paradise, It comes crashing down.

  • OUT ~ Maze Runner Fanfiction
    143K 4.1K 40

  • Wonderwall (The Maze Runner, Newt)
    6.9M 198K 43

    Bree is thrown into the glade like everybody else. In a dark metal box with no memory of her past life. She soon comes to realize that her new life in the glade isn't the best one. That is, until she finds Newt. Featured in the official Wattpad fanfic Maze Runner fanfiction reading list! Book cover by soldtheworld Al...

  • Angel in Disguise
    40.1M 762K 61

    Once upon a time, I am the biggest jerk in the world, until I met this crazy little angel, and everything turns upside down.

  • The Somnambulist
    894K 31.8K 51

    {Parallel World Series #1} Flavia is afraid to sleep. She'd rather keep herself awake than experience her worst nightmares. Bata pa lamang siya ay nakakaranas na siya ng sleepwalking pero mas lalo itong lumala nang tumungtong siya sa edad na labing walo. Kung dati ay nagigising pa siya sa sarili niyang kwarto, ngayon...

  • Married to the Prince of Darkness (COMPLETED)
    68.6M 2.4M 103

    Amelia Hayden is busy senior at college with no time for boys, parties or fun. This all changes one Halloween night after she accidentally finds herself at the center of a cruel prank that sees her being offered up to the local legend, the Prince of Darkness, as his virginal bride. Believing the urban myth to be untru...

  • What Is Love? (On Hold)
    9 1 10

    One girl Four boys who will win her heart? Ashlyn is a normal teenage girl who lives with her mom and dad (lonely child btw) she has two friends, Luke and Lulu. Ashlyn really likes Luke since 6th grade, they've been friends since diapers. Luke is an avarage teenage boy that is a straight A in Math and he lives with a...

    577K 11.2K 29

    This story is about the girl who is so being tired of being bad, so her dad told her to be a NERD. But lets see if we will get the asnwer. By: Blue_Marane

  • ★ starco one-shot.
    2.4K 120 15

    The title says it all readers!!! I also do request from you guys. You could message me about your request through my 2nd account or on the comments below. Thanks!!! PS: I was bored, so I decided to make this one-shot book btw Ranking: #141 in starco #12 in starandmarco #108 in starbutterfly #75 in marcodiaz #176 in s...

  • BOOK1: Accidentally In love With A Gangster [Published under Pop Fiction]
    105M 2.2M 101

    Now published under Pop Fiction, an imprint of Summit Books. P195, Taglish Part 1 Theirs is a story that started all wrong. Naglayas si Gail sa bahay nila sa Manila, looking forward to spending the best summer of her life in the quiet town of Sitio Maligaya. Ang hindi niya alam, gang leader Kurt agreed to a mission na...

  • Charm Academy: School of Magic (Published Under Cloak Pop Fiction)
    58.2M 1.6M 41

    She is Ariela Davis, an ordinary girl with an ordinary life. Pero dahil sa isang insidente kinailangan niyang lumipat sa bagong school sa gitna ng kanyang Senior year. Sa isang MAGIC SCHOOL kung saan dating nagtuturo ang kanyang Lola. This story is about magic, adventure, fantasy and romance. Welcome to CHARM ACADEMY:...