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  • Infinite Passion | My Hero Academia | MomoJirou
    88.3K 2.7K 18

    So basically, Kyoka is a nice girl that definitely respects women and respects the fact she can't always get into Momo's pants. Their relationship is as fluffy as it can get. Kyoka and Momo have been friends for quite a while. Their friendship only blossoms into something quite more during this one week trip for 1-A t...

  • Beautiful
    11.3K 345 35

    Book Three in the Doki Doki My Heart series! Takes place around five years after Sayori and Natsuki have graduated highschool. A Natsuri story with some Sayonika moments. Rated mature for swearing, violence and explicit content A Doki Doki Literature Club fanfiction

    Completed   Mature
  • Beyond
    3.4K 201 31

    Book Four in the Doki Doki My Heart series!! This story is about all of our favourite kids from Beautiful, though will be told mostly through the perspective of the powercouple Summer and Jessica, and the dynamic duo twins Winter and Naomi. Read along as they explore who they are, who each other are, and find out what...

  • Something Magical (LWA oneshots)
    43.5K 943 69

    LWA oneshots! Will do any ship, whether I ship it or not! Yuri only! I do x-readers as well! Be ready to cringe! Will most likely be filled with A LOT of Diakko and Charoix oneshots Have a nice day!

  • Bittersweet
    34.3K 1.1K 42

    Book One in the Doki Doki My Heart series! A Natsuri (Natsuki x Yuri) and Sayorika/Sayonika/Monori (Monika x Sayori) fanfiction in a world without the evil MC to break up my babies XD Natsuki and Sayori are 17 and are Juniors in the beginning of the story and Monika and Yuri are 18 and Seniors in highschool. Doki Doki...

    Completed   Mature
  • Heathers' Girlfriend Scenarios (GxG)
    30.6K 605 4

    Heathers' Girlfriend Scenarios Includes Characters Such As: -Veronica Sawyer -Martha Dunnstock -Heather Chandler -Heather Duke -Heather McNamara

  • BMC & DEH One-Shots and Headcannons
    90.5K 3.6K 138

    I decided to start a one-shot book, with any ship from The following: -Be More Chill -Dear Evan Hansen -Maybe some Heathers Forrest Gump quotes are included in some chapters because I am obsessed with that movie I will take requests as well! Happy reading! Has ranked #1 in BeMoreChill and BMC tag

  • Be More Chill One-Shots
    112K 3.7K 105

    Welcome one and all to a book dedicated entirely to my Be More Chill Trash. From random shenanigans to actual stories these will mostly be one shots and drabble. With HEADCANNONS and shipping galore. Cover Art made by~Heart-Select on Tumblr ......Also maybe some Dear Evan Hansen but who knows

  • RWBY Girlfriend Scenarios (GxG)
    836K 9.9K 83

    RWBY Girlfriend Scenarios Includes Characters Such As: -Ruby -Weiss -Blake -Yang -Pyrrha -Nora -Emerald -Cinder -Raven -Neon Katt -Velvet -Coco -Neo -Penny -Winter -Glynda -Salem -Ilia

  • diakko one-shots
    40.4K 1K 21

    one-shots of them being pURE AND GAY help I have been sucked into this fandom help

  • RWBY Oneshots
    156K 3.7K 65

    This is a book of RWBY Prompts or One-shots of Ideas or AU's I make of my favorite RWBY ships. Mostly Whiterose and Bumblebee! You may use these Prompts or make art or one-shots of them but just ask me first - Mommy Senpai P.S: I do not own RWBY or the references I make

  • YumiKuri (Ymir x Christa)
    3.1K 36 1

    I hope you enjoy ;)

    Completed   Mature
  • Unlikely Love (Whiterose fanfic)
    59.3K 1.3K 14

    Whiterose au fanfic. Ruby, a very young and hyper waitress attracts the attention of a particular heresies. Cancelled

  • Ren and Nora One-Shots {RWBY} {Renora}
    18.4K 229 7

    A collection of Renora oneshots from the RoosterTeeth series 'RWBY'. Has multiple different themes! 1) Wish - Done 2) Fire - Done 3) Pancakes - Done 4) Towel -Smut - Done 5) Coffee - 1/2 6) Neighbour - Done 7) Pretty- (Mature) -Done 8) Holiday - INPROGRESS

  • Shelter from the dark - Renora Fanfiction (RWBY)
    9.1K 227 8

    Fanfiction about the lovely ship, Renora, of RWBY. Ren and Nora live their lives together, always helping eachother grow and smile, But we don't know what they do at night after all the fighting and sorrow, so heres fluff.. Maybe more in later chapters, but I may keep it light and happy. We shall have to see, wont we...

    11.9K 305 25

    My beautiful babies.

  • Stormy Night (A ReNora oneshot)
    3K 121 1

    Ren was in the library late reading and hadn't noticed how late it was nor that a thunderstorm had started. Just a small Ren x Nora one shot.

  • Rwby: Nora Valkyrie X Lie Ren
    9.9K 201 13

    (Sorry if this is built weird im not very good at structure and I start from volume 3 but scrap the end for it though pyrrha is still dead)

  • Arkos
    9.8K 322 8

    Arkos adventures With hints of other ships.

  • Rwby-Bumblebee One Shots
    47.1K 826 25

    All the times Yang is bored and decides to test how cat like her girlfriend is to cure her boredom. Also very cute moments. Mostly hilarity and slight fluff.

  • Bumblebee (A Short Story)
    5.3K 92 5

    When another young Faunus catches the eye of her fiesty blonde partner, Blake can't help but be very jealous of the Faunus. The jealously begins to split Blake and Yang, causing a rift in the team. When Blake realizes that her feelings of jealousy are born out of affection, she tries to confront that. Can she do it? W...

  • Love Never Fades Away - A RWBY Bumblebee Fanfiction
    2.1K 24 3

    When Yang convinces Blake to go to the dance, she feels down because she thinks that Blake has a heart for sun. But really, her answer is otherwise. Blake feels the same way but want's Yang to confess. Do you think Yang has the ability to do so? Will Blake's idea work? Read The Story! P.S This story will bring in the...

  • Abused || RWBY || Bumblebee
    8.1K 127 8

    Blake could not handle it. Her boyfriend, well, ex-boyfriend, Adam, was an abuser. He'd toss her to the rough floor and kick her guts until she passed out. She was done. She wanted to leave that horrid place. She ran and ran, until she bumped into someone, that absolutely changed her life. WARNING: Abuse included! If...