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  • #PerfectDate | Confessions
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    To my best friend, Who will never read this. Because I'm a coward.

  • Tears Unnumbered [COMPLETE]
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    *Featured on multiple official reading lists* Even in death, Bláthnaid has found no peace. With a character that sounds like she has come straight out of myth, she struggles with a burden which no one in the world knows of but has felt. She is no monster, for she feels it as much as the others, if not more- sorrow...

  • Three Hearts
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    Based on a true story.

  • Tilting to the West [Poetry]
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    1st Grace Awards, 1st Winter Rose Awards 2019 (Summer) 2nd Nexus Easter 2019 Nominations Award. What does 'tilting to the west' mean? It is the moment we cease to stand upright in who we are, even for a moment, a piece of ourselves for a day.. . a year . . . a lifetime. How? Perhaps a critical comment, gridloc...

  • Poetry, Poetry, Poetry
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    Poetry by Evie Morandi! Spiritual Poems, Silly poems, Fandoms and just deep poems! Enjoy! God Bless!

  • Unfinished
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    Just snippets of random stories that I have popped in and popped out. Jotting them down here in case you're interested : ) ----warning---- ✦ Includes unedited, rough, writing ✦

  • Prompts & Short Stories
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    This is officially where I post writing sketches (polished enough for viewing) and short stories that were inspired by prompts. Since all the work will be rough I might come in once and a while to clean things up a bit. Any constructive criticism, edits, comments on whether you enjoyed it or not etc. are helpful and w...

  • Life in the Balance
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    This is a slice of life that was inspired by a History-theme short story contest.

  • Planet or Plastic
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    Join our newbie journalist as they, and Sandy Mills, help free a Loon. Also if you want to check out a cool thing I found you can go look at the Ocean Cleanup Project. Also if you're like me and can't donate to organizations and groups that help the cause, then consider donating your time like with volunteering and c...

  • The Editing Bard: Updates on the wonderful world of freelancing
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    This book will be where you will find updates on my journey to become an author. It will be updated sporadically as I encounter new things, get clients or the like. Please feel free to ask any questions!

  • The Rebellion's Ashes | Book One | End of an Empire
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    Born into a civil war that has torn her country apart for twenty years, Rowan Emerson fights to maintain the fragile peace that's kept the North American Empire from ruin. As the youngest Imperial General in history and the daughter of the Emperor, Rowan is hard pressed to stifle an unexpected rebel invasion before t...

  • In response to the end of the SnapShotInTime Contest
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    The picture is something I found by looking up "something historical" so don't pay much mind to it. You can find it here

  • The Lone Wolf and Me [A Collection Of Poems]
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    [Editing] ~°~°~°~°~ °~°~°~ Picture by Marek Szturc on Unsplash

  • King of Nothing
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    [Completed Short Story] "Where is nothing?" That was the one thought that hovered with him wherever he went. It was a wonderful, haunting dream. Would it ever come true? Author: Elsaandabanana Status: Completed 2015 Cover: Edited 2017 by Elsaandabanana, photographer unknown