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  • Blast from the Past
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    An entire February's worth of fun and interactive historical shenanigans!

  • Life Will Bloom in Our Shadows
    102 13 7

    These poems that will accompany you far beyond the end of this book are stories of human connections, bonds that slip through our fingers like silk ribbons or stretch out from us as vast and as eternal as the starlit sky. Third place in the Winter Rose Awards 2019: Summer Edition

  • We Are
    78 28 9

    Poems related to things LGBTQ+, some less obvious than others. Cover by Me :) Originally posted on @TheTigerWriter, my mainly-novels account. Awards (2018) Second Place in "Poetry" category in the Blue Rose Awards October (won on @TheTigerWriter account) Awards (2019) Second Place in "Poetry" category in Winter Rose A...

  • The CommunityHub Awards
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    The @CommunityHub awards, where you get to nominate your favourite stories across a vast array of genres and categories. So come on in, get involved, and go nuts!

  • Winter Rose Awards: Spring Edition(Closed)
    22.6K 684 12

    Never give up for great things take time, because when the root is deep, there is no reason to fear the wind. Are you a beginner, undiscovered or just looking for some more exposure for your story? Take a leap of faith, and join us inside to see what we've got to offer you. Top Wattpad Rankings: #56 - Nonfiction #50...

  • The Chaos Awards 7!
    15.6K 1.1K 62

    Welcome to The Chaos Awards 7! This contest is designed to award Creativity, originality, and the authors behind the incredible stories! Feel free to enter your work, or sign up to judge! Please make sure you check out the rules beforehand though :) Thank you to: @tavanalee For creating this awesome cover!! <3

  • 2nd Biannual New Beginnings Writer's Awards
    4.3K 194 12

    If you're a beginning writer, trying to advertise your book is hard. Trust me, I know. It almost seems impossible that one day your book could be a Wattpad star. But you never know...right? With the right publicity, anything could happen (including becoming a show on Hulu or Netflix). This contest is for ENGLISH boo...

  • Eternal Orchids
    1.3K 4 1

    When a beautiful but mysterious stranger offers nineteen-year-old Evelyn a fresh start, away from the tough life she's been living on the streets, she jumps at the chance. However, after arriving at the seemingly-magical Edenhall Park - an ancient, grand house where the young, beautiful and celebrated seem to live wi...

  • Into Shadows and Escaping Ash
    12.2K 1.7K 41

    The earth is careening straight down the tracks to hell and the humans are at fault. Trapped in the dungeons of an ancient burial grounds and tortured to the brink of insanity, the God and Goddess of balance have been separated, unleashing a terrible and chaotic apocalypse on the world. 96 years later, Iridian breaks...

  • Abbernathy and the Cat Kingdom
    33.8K 3.4K 49

    One girl. Two cats. A world full of adventure. Abbernathy Tells is a twelve year old girl who prefers the companionship of her two cats and a dying tree over others her age. When a horrible tragedy strikes on her thirteenth birthday, robbing her of everything she holds dear, Abby is thrust into a world of walkin...

  • Frost on the Grasslands (Shelha: Book I) ✔
    5.8K 521 39

    It's not supposed to snow in the South Forest. Shelha has been wrapped in an uneasy peace for thirteen years, ever since the war in its North ended as mysteriously as it began. Winter the Mountainair, a queen who fought in it, is the only known survivor. She has been content with petty exploits ever since. Until now...

  • The Countdown
    2.3K 698 16

    In a futuristic world where science has achieved a way to accurately predict the time when someone will die, teenagers Jamie and Abigail are determined to stop the 'Clock'. No one has ever succeeded and the repercussions are supposedly catastrophic, but, when Jamie's life is doomed regardless, what do they have to los...

  • Authentic Skull Awards 2019
    15.2K 974 18

    Open [ ] Judging [ ✔️ ] Closed [ ] 💀Welcome to the Realm of Skulls💀 [See the section of 'SPOTS LEFT' to know how many spots are available] Further instructions are inside the Book. Please Read everything.

  • Coping
    14.7K 2.2K 105

    For mostly immature audiences only. Preening pontificating from a pretentious pleb. (Updated whimsically) Take a tour through someone else's mind, as the author and terrible illustrator attempt to put the vagaries and soul crushing brutality of everyday life into just enough perspective to make the great issues of o...

  • Poetry
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    A collection of poems. No particular theme, just poems.

  • Captain Gallagher
    401 88 18

    Eamon Gallagher is tired of being controlled by Englishmen and local lords. Vowing to change things, he takes to the highways and takes the name Captain Achrann. He and his friend terrorize the English outsiders and rich landowners, embarking on a journey of robbery, intrigue, and love. (Chapters with an asterisk have...

  • Go West: Short Historical Stories
    33 3 2

    The 1800's were a time of expansion and turmoil for the United States. The Gold Rush, The War Between the States, and the beginning of the Industrial Age all brought changes to the country. Read about the courageous men and women who shaped their lives, families, and countries.

  • Dawn of Danger (ONC Entry)
    214 40 10

    My Open Novella contest entry. Colin Everton is struggling to make ends meet as a private eye. His unpaid bills are piling up and something has to give. He can't even accept an offer to work on a murder with the police force because he won't make a profit...or can he? Beautifully mysterious cover by @celticwarriorqu...

  • Amhrain na hEireann (Songs of Ireland)
    33 7 3

    Short stories based on Irish and Celtic songs. Step It Out Mary The False Lady Beeswing

  • The Cherry Awards | 2019 | Open |
    11.6K 443 17

    | The Second Annual Cherry Awards is Officially Open| *WIN A CHANCE TO PUBLISH YOUR WORK INTO AN EBOOK* This is the Second annual Cherry Awards: enter your work to compete against others, promote your work, and win rewards. This contest will include the following genres: -Romance (including LGBT) -General Fiction (I...

  • Triad Reviews
    13.9K 984 28

    Three Reviewers for your story. Enter if you dare. STATUS: closed for catch-up

  • Verses of Life
    1.5K 440 104

    **Highest Ranking: #448 in Poetry 3/18/17** God's word was written To generations To show His glory And great majesty; To so manifest His great faithfulness Unto His people Who are so needy. We need God's wise word That He gave to the world So we understand His revealed plan And obey His command And take comfort in...

  • Pen and Ink - A Young Writer's Anthology {Ongoing}
    1.1K 273 55

    Everyone has a story, One that must be told; Tales of courage and sacrifice, Tales of many heros bold. Everyone has a story That is written in the stars Stories that leave their mark Like eternal scars. Everyone has a story Everyone must speak; Here is my contribution, Several that are unique. Winds of Freedom - 1st p...

  • Reflections {Ongoing}
    1K 306 48

    Within these ink-stained pages lie Fragments of thoughts Pieces of words, Reflections of a mind Lost in time. Most Creative Winner under Poetry in The 2019 Futhark Awards held by @TheBardicCollege © Cheyenne van Langevelde 2016. All Rights Reserved.

  • Dìlseachd - A Stolen Crown [EDITING]
    34.5K 1.9K 26

    **WATTPAD FEATURED STORY** **Highest Ranking: #169 in Historical Fiction 8/8/2018** It was called a time of darkness. For it was then that the flower of Scotland's men perished beneath the Danish axe as the Northmen swept across the Highlands, killing everything in their path and splitting Scotland in two...

  • Between Two Worlds
    16.3K 1.3K 42

    **Highest Rank: #43 in Historical Fiction 6/19/19** Between Two Worlds - A Novel of Ancient Rome 78 A.D. Enid, a young Celt, is overjoyed when the youth she admires tells her of his love for her. But her hopes and dreams are shattered when slave traders ambush them and sell Enid off as a slave in Rome. S...

  • My Warrior Path (Book 6)
    8.1K 597 93

    My 6th poetry book starts September 10, 2018. After Walking Forward to the Beginning, it's now time to head towards the future and all of my goals and dreams; a warrior marching down her path as depicted on the cover. This book will also be edgier then my previous ones as I share my thoughts on politics and other matt...

  • Walking Forward to the Beginning (Book 5)
    4.8K 788 206

    Starting August 2nd, 2016 until September 3, 2018......these poems will be describing the onward journey in remission as well as how I continue walking forward to the beginning.....after all, only from the past can you grow in strength to face the future. The cover symbolizes being in a present place but the doorway...

  • Rebirth (Book 4)
    1.5K 352 82

    This book starts where Survivor left off only from a much more changed stand point and learning and living one day at a time. That doesn't, however, mean that I am cured of ME or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis; which I was diagnosed with in September of 2012 being bedridden for 2 years (2013-2015). This collection of poems...

  • ME Survivor (Book 3)
    7.5K 610 61

    17 million people around the world suffer from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or ME and it is incurable and untreatable. The disease is called ME but Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or CFS is the name the CDC gave it. Doctors for the most part think that it is all in our heads; well it's not. ME is a neuro-immune disease that aff...