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  • Shadow Preachers
    598 29 4

    Through every trial and tribulation Noa Verbeck stuck by Bruce Wayne's side, even when his falling out with Dick causes her to lose the first boy she ever loved. She hoped never to have to see Dick again, but when the demons of her past suddenly catch up with her, she's forced to leave Gotham in order to keep it from...

  • Blank Space
    57.2K 1.1K 32

    *Story Line from KristinaOrtutova* *Olicity Fanfiction/Alternate Universe* Oliver Queen is set out for a voyage, and before he leaves, his girlfriend, Felicity Smoak, begs him to stay. However, when Felicity let him go, she didn't realize that she would lose him forever. After Oliver's death, three years pass, and a s...

  • Volume 1 | I never said that I want this
    162 11 2

    « To understand what I'm about to tell you, you need to do something first, you need to believe in the impossible. Can you do that? Good. My name is Alexandra Mahnovski. Daughter of Nikolaï and Katya Mahnovski. Only heiress of Zetrov. But when I was thirteen, I saw my Papa killed by a man and I lived so much impossibl...

  • The Young Ones (Avengers-Completed)
    82K 2K 23

    Allie Hollden and Gabrielle Trent are visiting New York for a week the summer after high school. Gabie is attending a week long art school and Allie has won a contest hosted by Tony Stark. It's normal and fun. Then aliens attack and the girls have no choice but to interfere in a big way. I wrote this for my dear fri...

  • Drown The Sun (Book 2 in the Siren and Quiver Series)
    24.1K 909 33

    "So wait you're saying they were arguing over who got to kiss you first?" Gabie scoffs and I frown. "Yeah, but I didn't understand why. It's not like it was gonna be my first kiss," I grumble. "To end it I just had to kiss them all in quick succession." "Who'd you kiss first?" "They closed their eyes so only I know w...

  • Phantom
    7.8K 285 36

    Ever since her father announced that he was Iron Man her life has been hectic. Jaedyn Stark is tired of being considered a damsel. This journey will rob her of her normal life that truly was never real.