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  • Getting To Know You
    2K 91 4

    After the events of Ragnarok Bruce and Thor try to mend their broken relationship and maybe discover something about themselves along the way.

  • Fatherhood
    12.5K 400 5

    Sam becomes pregnant after an exciting night with Gabriel. He tries to hide the pregnancy from Dean and Cas until the angels get word of a new archangel baby being born. Now they must find a way to protect Sam and his unborn baby. [based off season 12]

  • Unexpected
    502K 17.6K 31

    One night, just one and now Stiles and Derek must deal with the consequences. Stiles ends up becoming pregnant and they both decide it's best kept a secret until Stiles is ready to announce their unborn child to their family. But keeping this secret is a lot harder then Stiles thought and his life is turned completely...

  • Twilight shipper shorts
    39.5K 1K 12

    This is a cluster of ships throughout the twilight series mostly surrounding one main cause!!Edward and Jacob's secret relationship!!! WARNING SMUT STUFF AHEAD!!!!!!

  • My best friends brother
    155K 6.3K 17

    Stiles has had a crush on his best friends Scott brother since he can remember.But now that he's a senior in high school and Derek Scott's brother is a sophomore in college,he's starting to get sick of holding back his emotions.And with Derek back in town he won't have to anymore.

  • Staying with the Hales
    324K 12.1K 24

    Credit For Cover:SepticGirliplier Stiles's dad has to go out of town for a while so he talks to Derek Hale's mother Talia Hale and they both decided that Stiles will be staying at the Hale house.But what their families don't know is that Stiles and Derek are secretly dating.Will both families find out their secret? AU...

  • He Still Remembers
    161K 5.8K 20

    So you know how Derek was turned into a teenager in season four episode one and two.Well what if he still had his memories and it took longer for him to become an adult again.And along the way he starts gaining feelings for a certain hyper active teen.

    Completed   Mature
  • Being A Hale
    147K 5.5K 20

    {Sequel to Staying With the Hales.} Five years after Stiles and Derek come out to their family,both boys have graduated college,live in a condo together, and have very successful careers. Life is good,until Derek gets a call from his sister Laura who has invited Stiles and him to a camp retreat with the rest of the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mr.ToughGuy
    57.1K 2.1K 12

    [Requested by: -livelovefvckus] Paul Lahote is one of the most stubbornest werewolves in the pack yet he decides that he'll go to the Cullen's for Jacob's sake and the convincing of his alpha. Paul automatically hates it there, he hates the smell, and how nice their house is. He hates everything about it. But when th...

    Completed   Mature
  • Within The Maze Walls
    38.3K 1.6K 14

    What happened in the Maze between Thomas and Minho. (AU)

    Completed   Mature
  • Being part of the Hale pack
    170K 7.2K 18

    It's finally summer so the Hale pack decides it's time to go on vacation.So they head out to Derek's beach house,but when they get there the arrangements are a mess and so are some relationships. Stiles and Derek find out that there's more then hate in their relationship,Scott and Allison find out that there's more th...

    Completed   Mature
  • Inbetween
    10K 338 10

    Inbetween crime fighting there's life. Life for Batman and Superman even if their villains don't see that. Batman especially has been dealing with more than he can handle and Clark is tired of seeing his friend so stressed out. So Clark suggests a trip to his parent's farm that Bruce reluctantly agrees to. Bruce knows...

  • Our Little Secret
    9.7K 340 11

    Tony's secret is the only one not revealed in the tapes and Clay suspects there's a reason why his friend knows everything that was going on with Hannah. In fact he's so sure that he's going to confront Tony as soon as he thinks of a way to approach him. But what Clay doesn't know is that Tony's secret is him. Tony ha...

  • Imprinting On The Wrong Person
    263K 8K 28

    [Edited] "Things just had to get worse. It was as if fate had played a sick twisted game and I was the main pawn. I looked everywhere but at Edward, if I looked I knew it'd be a dead give away. I did my best to block him out but I found it harder and harder as the minutes ticked by, my wolf was irritated. And so was I...

    Completed   Mature
  • Professor Hale and His Husband
    215K 7.9K 12

    Cover credit:SepticGirliplier At first Stiles didn't mean to intrude but now he finds it fun to crash Derek's lectures. Especially when his students gossip about Derek to stiles because they have no idea he's Derek's husband. But the longer it goes on the harder it is to hide from Derek while he teaches. But once Dere...

  • WolfRunner
    21K 901 14

    [Requested by: broken_0124 ] Thomas AKA Stiles Stilinski is part of WICKED, for those of you who don't know WICKED is one of the largest supernatural hunting agency in the U.S. Stiles is assigned a mission with his team to take down a powerful pack in Beacon Hills, California. No problem Stiles has the perfect plan. D...

    Completed   Mature
  • High School Memories
    9K 488 15

    Castiel Novak is a sophomore in high school just trying to make it day by day.That's a tad bit difficult when he has six older siblings that won't give him a break, plus he just so happens to be a social outcast with a new found friend.Sam Winchester. Sam is also a sophomore but new to the school, he moved from Kansas...

  • The Clever Brother
    4.7K 260 10

    Lestrade and Mycroft have been dating for two years now, surprisingly no one including Sherlock has found out. But when the holidays roll around and Greg is starting to question Mycroft and his relationship, Mycroft does the only thing he thinks is reasonable. He invites Greg to his parents house. Much to Sherlocks su...

  • Baker Scotty And His Favorite Customer
    3K 171 4

    {Spin off to: Professor Hale and His Husband.} Scott has been taking charge of the bakery for over a week now and had found himself becoming more and more bored without his best friend. So when a new charming customer comes in with the confidence that could kill a person, Scott finds himself more than interested, but...

  • Dating A Hale
    43.1K 1.8K 15

    [Prequel to Staying With The Hales] Cover credit:SepticGirliplier A year before the thanksgiving that set off Derek's family he bumps into Stiles on the exact same day at a grocery store. A compromise is made and their relationship takes off from there.

    Completed   Mature
  • Life With Sourwolf [Discontinued]
    60.3K 1.7K 19

    Derek and Stiles have been dating for quite a while, the only people who know are Scott and Lydia. So when Peter finds out everything starts going down hill from their. Derek ends up pregnant and the entire pack finds out, and not everyone is too thrilled about their relationship. Now Derek and Stiles must mix their p...