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  • Someone's Little Sister: A Laurance x Reader (Under Editing)
    1.2M 2.6K 26

    Y/N Ro'Meave is the Ro'Meave brothers' little sister. Laurance Zvahl is Phoenix Drop High's flirt. The two never in their wildest dreams thought they would escape the title of "someone's little sister," and "casanova," but as they become closer they realize they could help each other grow beyond their stereotypes an...

  • MY ANGEL [l.zvahl]
    5.8K 383 30

    [ANGEL!LAURENCE x ANGEL!READER] cover by @noturfcknbaby "Stay away from them. They're no good." All my life, I've been surrounded by pure angels. I've heard about angels who are corrupted and dark, but I've never met either of them. So when I was told that all three types of angels would be in my new school, I became...

  • My Dark Side ( Laurance x Reader ) - MCD Version [ODS2]
    15.2K 518 13

    They said they were to be trusted. But are they really? I don't know anymore... I ran through the woods not even knowing where I'm going. I can't get angry with people around me. But really, am I angry? Or..just plain hurt? "You should go back. It's all a misunderstanding." Zane said, trying to convince me. ...