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  • Music Lyrics
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    Just a way for me to let off steam. I like writing music lyrics on almost everything. Sometimes I don't even realize I did.

  • Fall into my confusing journey
    249 40 12

    This is Autumn's story. The story of how a boy broke into her house and dragged her onto an adventure she knew was coming but didn't want. Why did her mother send him? She could have sent anyone else but why is it that she sends this boy who annoys and makes Autumn feel special all at the same time? How will this con...

  • The Mute & The Bad Boy
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    Ninel is a mute. Meaning she can't speak at all. Not even her laughs are audible. Ninel is also a DJ by the name of Treble Clef, and has everyone call her Treble. One night after a party, two guys come to her front door saying they are her new neighbors. One looks like a model and the other... a Bad Boy? Damian is he...