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  • Bring Me Back To 5SOS {Book 2}
    81K 3.5K 58

    It's been over a year since Maya was adopted by Michael Clifford. Now she's being taken away from him. All she wants is to be back home, but she's stuck with a foster family on the other side of the world. Is there any chance of her going back to Australia? Will the boys of 5SOS find a way to bring her back? *read Ado...

    Completed   Mature
  • Big Time Psycho ~A 5sos story~
    276 9 32

    When four girls are able to travel world wide for two months with their best friends who just so happen to be in 5 Second of Summer, none of them expect to be taunted by an unfriendly citizen. As much as these eight friends hoped for their summer to be filled with awesome adventures, things don't exactly turn out the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Nightmare 》A.I.
    835 62 27

    Lexie Anderson was an artist, the kind whose muse was life itself, but no one ever saw her artwork. She didn't liked to show it to others. It was more of an escape than a hobby. It was her stress reliever, the thing she used to express how she felt. The young artist wanted nothing more than an uneventful summer vacat...

  • road trip - lrh
    158K 5.6K 64

    two exes, a jealous boyfriend, an uptight best friend, a friend who just wants to play matchmaker, and 3000 miles until California. -complete-

    Completed   Mature
  • luna. luke hemmings.
    33.6K 1.3K 52

    "it's tough being a teen." after years of being nothing but a weirdo luna ashwell is making her comeback, shooting through the ranks and defying all high school stereotypes with the help of her best friend harley clifford and four troublesome guys. but whilst school appears to be getting slightly bearable for luna, al...

  • Nothing Like Us (L.H.)
    16.8K 462 57

    "You know how, when things start to fall into place, there comes this big bowling ball to disarrange them again?" "And the worse is when the ball would hit your feet first before rolling away...." After all the disaster that happened to her, Sydny decided that her mum's death was the final straw. She can't bear to sta...

  • Invisible (Sounds Good Feels Good series)
    3.7K 155 31

    "You never saw me, Luke," I muttered as I watched him walk away from me. Luke Hemmings and Charlotte Lane have been friends since middle school, meeting on Charlotte's first day in the seventh grade. Luke has always been better at socializing with others, while Charlotte keeps to herself. Since the fall of their Sopho...

  • Bloggers's Romance /Luke Hemmings&Ashton Irwin/
    306 16 13

    The story follows the blog of two girls, Katherine and Stacy, who fall in love with Luke and Ashton. A story about believing in yourself, following your dreams and finding the true love....

  • I'll never forget the day.....
    153 7 11

    Hey it's going to be a shorter fanfiction about Calum Hood. The reason why I started to do this is, in school we had to write a short story and I wrote one but I felt like it wasn't enough for me.I think a story can't develop in 250 words.So I thought it would be nice to write it down the way I would be sa...

  • Paint You Wings // Ashton Irwin [au]
    2.2M 61.7K 62

    "All you needed was for someone to paint you wings; to set you free from the memories that tied you down." ~~~ Emilia Anderson has spent far too many years shielding herself out of fear of being hurt by those she cares deeply for. After losing her parents in an unfortunate accident and becoming traumatized as a resul...

  • the replacement project :: c.h.
    62.4K 2.8K 32

    Elena and Cara Morales are the infamous twins of Mark Morales - the governor of California. Now, while they both may be related, like most twins, they couldn't be any more different. Elena was seen as an elite, social butterfly - she's kissed more boys than she can count on her fingers, she's taken part in tons of h...

  • senseless | l.h
    217K 6.7K 33

    "Oh, baby, senseless is a relative term." ⋆ in which a girl who ironically hates change, meets a boy who ironically endures pain to deal with a loss. - angry!boxer!luke highest rank: #655 in fanfic

  • Dating the Dead • lrh
    529 61 46

    In Luke Hemmings' search for meaning in his life, he wasn't expecting to get it from the school's 'infamous freak', Shelby Lawler. With Shelby's help, he will learn about life through a demented cat, late night drive thrus, a graveyard tour and a whole lot more. And just as Luke is starting to actually 'live', life wi...

  • KIA KAHA [POC] - cth
    16.3K 1.5K 26

    in which calum visits the bottom of earth, and realises who he really is. © all rights reserved, Evelyn started: oct. 1 / 2015 finished: feb. 20 / 2016 #PROJECTPOC

  • I (Accidentally) Kidnapped 5SOS
    257K 10.3K 43

    Trust me, it was an accident. I don't even like 5SOS! How was I supposed to know that my best friend was a crazed fanatic about them? How was I supposed to know that I had the best ninja and driving skills as a partner in crime? All I know is that in under five minutes, I somehow managed to accidentally kidnap the fou...