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  • The Silent Voice
    63.6K 1.5K 25

    Lucy Heartfilia is a student at Fairy Tail High and has been since her first year of high school however she doesn't really have friends even though she is already in her last year of high school. Lucy is known as the school mute obviously meaning that she doesn't talk and since she doesn't speak it makes people not w...

  • Dying Inside ✔
    24.1K 506 16

    Death is truly the biggest fear of them all. We all encounter this fear, some sooner then others. Especially for.. ʟᴜᴄʏ ʜᴇᴀʀᴛғɪʟɪᴀ [Finished~] {This is my own original NaLu Story. I do not own characters they belong to Hiro Mashima}

  • The One to Falter (A NaLu Story)
    1.1K 70 7

    Natsu Dragneel, a devious Demon-Dragon King of the Northern Fire Mountains, has a stone cold heart that seeks no love or affection. Lucy Heartfilia, the Princess of the Crystalline Kingdom, is loved and known by many but not all. What will happen when these two meet? How do they meet and how will this affect the story...

  • Heart of The Sea
    18.7K 948 6

    The White Pearl and its the heart of the sea. -He will always belong to me- Six chapters of NaLu. ORIGINAL. Inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean. So, here I went and made my own pirate story.😁

  • I'm coming, Nashi!
    97K 2.9K 23

    I have suffered too much to let her slip through my fingers again. This time, I'm not letting anyone else take her away from me. Just wait Nashi, Daddy's coming to save you. Sequel to Thank You, Nashi.

  • Nalu The Popular Ones
    242 12 3

    This story takes place in Fairy Tail High School. New students, popular boys. What's gonna happen to the girls when they meet the popular ones.....

  • If My Love Is Suicide (Nalu)
    351K 9.7K 49

    Lucy Heartfilia, school nerd. Nastu, school playboy. Two totally different lives that some how intertwine. Lucy is the schools laughing stock. She deals with depression from her mothers death and her fathers constant abuse. What happens when Natsu comes into her life? I don't own any of the characters, they all belong...

  • Thank you, Nashi
    584K 18.2K 28

    I don't care if he doesn't know who I am. I don't care if he is with someone else. Mommy needs him to save her, so I have to find him. I have to find Natsu Dragneel. I have to find my Daddy. After Tartaros, no disbandment.

  • The Playboy of Fairy Tail High
    2.2M 79.4K 50

    AU/OOC Natsu Dragneel is the well-known playboy of Fairy Tail High. But will his demeanor change when the new transfer with good intentions, Lucy Heartfilia, makes her way to his heart? What does Lucy think? "'Found a way to his heart'?! I wasn't trying to get to his heart! I was warned about Natsu, don't get me cau...

  • He's a Vampire [NaLu]
    295K 8.5K 32

    Lucy is taken by a vampire who seems obsessed with her blood. She learns what it's like to live with royalty and to serve as a maid. But she feels something is wrong with her when she begins to have feelings for her kidnapper, Prince Natsu. But along her journey, she uncovers many secrets of the mansion as her life b...

  • Far Too Long
    6.7K 210 17

    What if after the chaos of Tartaros, Natsu and Happy weren't the ones to leave for a whole year and the guild never disbanded? Where is Lucy? And what does the newest enemy of Fairy Tail want from her? Find out in "Far Too Long"!

  • Married at Eighteen [NaLu] ✓
    3.3M 123K 57

    Highest ranking: #100 in fanfiction [051317] » who knew two strangers getting married from an arrangement could eventually fall in love for real ? started : Apr.16, 2015 ended : Mar.04, 2016 (for book 1) ended : Dec. 19, 2018 (for book 2) √ 1M √ 2M [ jul.15.17 ]

  • Dream Come True
    264K 8.7K 45

    NALU!!!! "She looks exactly like the girl in my dreams." "He looks exactly like the boy in my dreams." "He/She is like a dream come true." ------ One boy and one girl with total different backgrounds and who come from two different places. But casually end up going to the same highschool, and to make matters even more...