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  • Starlight Glimmer's Backstory √
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    You know Starlight Glimmer. She is the leader of a little town where everyone has strangely odd cutie marks... she wants everyone to be equal... But do you know her back story? Read this to discover my ideas on Starlight Glimmer and how she came to be. *NOTE* this story is simply my take on this character, and is NOT...

  • The Bad Boys Saw Me Naked
    16.4M 637K 39

    "Come on babe." Evan insists. "Please? For me?" I look around, considering my options. The party has started to die down, and the small lake further into the woods is pretty concealed. "Fine." I sigh, grinning. "Really?" He smirks. "You'll skinny dip with me?" I pause. "Sure." "Great." He says. "I love you Harper." ...

  • The Story Of Elaina Mash
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    Note: For The Dumb People, Elaina Mash is Button Mash's mom. I'm also calling her that because it was never specified whether or not that was her name. Ponies always tell Elaina Loving that she treats her life like a play. She knows farewell it's not. Now she's pregnant with someone's child. What will she do?

  • cupcakes(MLP creepy pasta)
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  • MLP Fanart SBMB
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    Just a bunch of mlp doodles

  • Depressing Quotes
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    I'm not okay.

  • Starstruck (StarTom fanfic)
    20.6K 453 28

    Marco breaks up with Star out of the blue and a lot of drama unfolds from their break up and events after (i know from the description it doesn't sound like a StarTom fanfic but it is!!! I promise it is!!!) This story is based on the characters and settings of svtfoe also there is some language in here so please if yo...

  • Love and War (TomStar Fanfiction) [sequel To starstruck]
    2.8K 4 4

    The second book in the Starstruck series continues the story of Star and Tom's romance and Janna and Marco's 'relationship' I do not own any of the characters or settings they belong to Daron Nefcy and Disney WARNING: there will be some strong language.

  • A Reality Escape
    8 3 1

    An ordinary girl with a boring life finds an awesome online game. This game gives her a break from her boring life. She finds friends on the game and makes an unstoppable guild

  • Twin Power (Sequel to Son in Law of Discord) -Rewrite-
    3.2K 54 15

    (I did a rewrite WOO) -Not complete- A year into the marriage of Screwball and Mothball, the couple are given the news of a foal. Not one, but two foals. The girls being complete opposites, are always there for one another and are friends to the end. But, when the Princess of the Night's son falls in love with a ch...

  • My OCs
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    All my OCs so you know when I'm reading your Roleplay books!!!

  • The Big Book of One-Shots
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    This book contains cool short stories. Horror, Warrior Cats, funny stuff, you name it, it should be here! Just read it...please

  • The Story of an Unusual Filly
    166 5 3

    This is the sequal to Daughter Of Discord, basically means I am doing another of the many versions but this is different, so prepare for ze suspense!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! I am not evil like that, I dont have a picture of Mothy and Screwy together but I am finding one right this minute! I also cred...

  • Twin Power (sequel to son-in-law of Discord)
    19.6K 353 75

    COMPLETED Mothball and Screwball Get 4 Children during their marriage. Soon, the children face their own challenges of falling in Love. One even falls head over hooves for a Prince! What will happen? Read and find out!!! (Son in law of Discord owned by DF)

  • The Wing Pack
    220 61 15

    A small wind dragon who loves to fight, and is pretty good at it, craves more power. So she sets out to gather eggs to create a pack of her own. But she's faced with many more challenges and adventures and finds that it's not as easy as she thought. Thank you @thesolitaregame for this wonderful cover

  • Granddaughter of Discord
    4.3K 91 8

    Yes yes I know I made Twin Power, I'll explain later. Mothball and Screwball have a new daughter. Mothball loves her very much. She really is Daddy's little girl,but what if there are new challenges! Such as boys? Drama at home? Bullies? Wait and find out!!

  • ♫Covers♫
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    For my cover contest entries.

  • The cutiemarkless pony (sequel to Screwy's twins)
    2.2K 49 16

    Yes I have made the sequel to Screwy's twins I hope you like it and thanks for all the votes I got on the last story it means a lot to me. so here it is the (not long)waited The cutiemarkless pony!!!!

  • falling while rising
    1.5K 55 4

    meet soarin football captain, handsomelly cahrming, athletic, cute but he dosent know it which makes him even cuter meet rainbow dash captain of the cheerleading squad, beautiful, knows how to swag it out, loyal, and sweet they still have 1 day before school starts and when the football captain bumped into a captain...

  • Fixing A Pegasus {A MLP Pinkiedash Fanfic}
    143K 5.7K 31

    Pinkie Pie confesses to Rainbow, only finding out Rd's not interested. So when Pinkie gets obsessed with Rainbow loving her, things get out of hoof. Can Pinkie fix this pegasus, or will Rainbow move on with another?

  • my ocs story
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    This is the story of my of how she became an alicorn how she's the Element of harmony

  • Without You
    9.7K 147 17

    COMPLETED Notice- I wrote this story a long time ago. The grammar and plot is bad, as well as the format. Do not judge my past self Basically a knock-off of Daughter of Discord or whatever. So this starts like in episode 6 of DOD what if Mothball didn't return? What if Chrisalis didn't take over Equestria? What if Mo...

  • Screwy's Twins
    6K 103 31

    1 year after being married screwball and mothball have 2 foals Midnight and twisted marble. Midnight is a mare with a black coat and purple swirl eyes with slits and a green and white changeling mane(she has both mothballs and screwballs powers and is a changeling so she has wings that have a magenta hombre effect ) w...

    Completed   Mature
  • Children of a Changeling (sequel to Without You)
    3.5K 71 14

    COMPLETED After the events of "Without You", Screwball and Mothball raise their children together. However, love is in the air when an old enemy's spawn is near. On top of it, a certain changeling is starting to regret his change.

  • Fluttercord: Forging A New Life (Fluttercord Fanfic)
    26.7K 753 21

    (Sequel to Big Mac? Or Discord?) Fluttershy is pregnant with Discord's foal. They have no idea what is about to come. They will experience love, frustration, and forgiveness. Just how long will it take?

  • Bride of Discord
    22K 720 19

    By: DisneyFantic2364 I own nothing more then the wish to share this fanficion with others. All rights belong to the proper owners

  • Adventurers
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    This story is about 5 animals and their stories, here they are...... Wisdom- Wisdom is a 1 year old cheetah. She is very intelligent and mature, but she is a bit shy and lacks self confidence. Pudding- Pudding is a playful and caring monkey, but sometimes she doesn't take stuff seriously. She is 6 months old. Timber T...

  • Proving Your Friendship
    8.6K 243 5

    This fic is set in a world where instead of Rainbow Dash being sent to get Pinkie for her Birthday party on Party of One, it was Twilight that was given the task of getting her. But Pinkie doesn't want to go, since she thinks her friends aren't good friends anymore. And instead of just dragging Pinkie to Applejack's b...

  • Our Boring Life
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  • Opposites (Pinkie Dash AU/Lesbian Story)
    40.3K 1K 25

    "She's bubbly, while I'm tomboyish!" _______________________________________________________ Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie are complete opposites. But one little slip up, causing them to come closer then they ever thought before.