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  • Sands of Time - The Al-Hakim brothers - Javier and Amanda story - Completed
    122K 5.3K 14

    Mandy Russell joined her sister Simone Jefferson, a famous actor, on an adventure in Cairo, watching a film being made, set in the desert. Only days left, Mandy has incidents with a falcon, a Limousine, and a reception, all within twenty four hours. Not a good way to make an impression on their host of her last night...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Divine Physician Fifth Miss
    68.4K 1.6K 22

    Lan Qu Ran was an unreachable doctor and physician that was known from the whole world, she was also from a military family. From her success, she found herself a man that seemed to love her in her life. But when tragedy struck, Lan Qu Ran was left in a wretched state so she ran to her man but to her surprise, he reje...

    1.5M 11.6K 14

    "What do you want?" He asked her coldly Nora was shocked with his behavior. Didn't he know she was pregnant and he was going to be father? Didn't Samantha inform him about her appointment with the doctor? But she had told her that he would accompany her. "Today is my first appointment with the doctor. Will you accomp...

    Completed   Mature
  • Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
    859K 24.2K 202

    I DON'T OWN THIS STORY (THIS IS JUST ONLY FOR OFFLINE-READING PURPOSES. I DON'T OWN NOR DID I ALSO TRANSLATED THIS STORY. CREDITS TO THE RIGHTFUL AUTHOR.) Author(s) Just Like 犹似 Translator(s) Atlas Studios Originally born from a wealthy family, she ends up leading a vagrant life for fifteen years. Howev...

  • Yin Lan
    32.4K 782 34

    A princess who was lost during the blood war. Missing for 10 years, Finally she is reunited with her father. As she discovered her past memories, she finds secrets about her mother who had left things behind for her. As she accomplish her mother's wish. She meets a fate she can't escape. A/N: Original Story. Please d...

    Completed   Mature
  • Emperor And I ✔️
    0 60 1

    To the country she was born to, she is Princess Le-anne, bastard child of the king. To the empire she is sold to, she is Lady Wei Li Lian... the traitorous spy. But who is she really? A beauty within her own right, all she ever wanted was a peaceful, ordinary life, maybe exploring and traveling the different lands w...

  • Rebirth of the Big Boss Daughter (COMPLETED)
    2.2M 92.1K 149

    Her life has never been good. Ever since she was born, she never feel the warmth of a father. Everyday, Kara dream of having one. Their life is not easy. Her mother has two jobs but Kara has never been filial or sensitive. She waste money buying the latest this and that and befriend rich classmates. She never has any...

    Completed   Mature
  • Pampering Big Cat Wife
    70.2K 2.6K 35

    Expressing love with words? Oh, Lu You and Tang Wan were really old-fashioned. Look at her curve her tiger mouth and still don't eat him into the belly! She is famous in heaven for being a greedy tiger. For the sake of finding a partner for the marathon, she actually transmigrated into the body of Tang Wan who is deli...

  • Fearsome Princess Consort FeiYun
    630K 23.8K 59

    The 23rd century's Xue Fei Yun is a peerless genius, trained meticulously by the kingpin of the underworld who adopted her to succeed him as the next generation leader. In 1 year after she took over her adopted father's spot as the new head of the organisation, she brought a whole new level of "Fear" to the underwor...

    Completed   Mature
  • Reborn with You
    41.5K 1.8K 16

    Fei Hong has only ever desired one thing - a peaceful life. Perhaps with the one man she has ever loved, Zhang Young. That's all she asks for, but reality still proves to be cruel as her love is ripped away from her and Zhang Young falls for her younger sister, Yu Yuan. What a joke! Yu Yuan is clever, pretty, talent...

  • Quick Transmigrating Second Female Lead's Counterattack
    3.3M 109K 200

    After accidentally falling, she actually finds herself bound to a Second Female Lead Counter Attacking System! Xun Mi: WTF is this?! (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻ In order to regain her memories and return to her original world, Xun Mi is forced to transmigrate to different worlds and complete missions. Fiancé stolen away? Abandoned...

  • Medical Princess
    242K 5.4K 98

    This is not my story. I post this for offline reading only. Thank you 😊 Alternative 医品太子妃 Author(s) Lian Shuang,帘霜 Genre(s) Harem,Josei,Romance,Shoujo As the second daughter of Ningyuan Army General, Qin Wanru, who had been set up by her so-called mother and elder sister, lost her reputation and suffered a lot on her...

  • Rebirth To Military Marriage
    45.7K 1.4K 55

    Qiao Nan: Crap! I am your biological daughter, yet I am treated as if I was picked up from the streets. In fact, you treat me worse than that! Mother Qiao: Qiao Nan, you are not as pretty or smart as your elder sister. You are not as blessed as her. You have no right to study, marry, or to have your happiness! Qiao Na...

  • REBORN: Revenge
    751K 21.3K 151

    She was only six years old when her father suddenly mysteriously disappeared without any trace. At the age of sixteen, her mother died in a car accident; some claims that her mother suicide and some claims that it was only a natural accident. Finally, at the age of twenty-two, she was wedded on that day and at the sam...

  • Legend of Concubine's Daughter Minglan 知否知否 应是绿肥红瘦
    163K 4.4K 200

    The pessimistic and negative daughter of a concubine living in the ancient times thought - since life is so difficult, why should one invest serious effort in struggling to live? The life of an ancient noble woman is often determined and controlled by her family. Moreover, one's actions often implicate one's entire fa...

  • To Be a Beauty
    440K 21.2K 64

    Leaving this world, was not part of my plan. Until fate decided, that no, you need to die today. ___________________________________________________________ She was reincarnated with a task at hand. To save the male lead using her abilities, and to become a beauty? 'Why do I even need to be beautiful?' [You don't nee...

  • Bal Masque (18+)
    64.8K 1.3K 1

    Two strangers indulge in their ultimate fantasy, Cole, ultimate possession, and Isabelle, complete submission, at a private Masquerade event. "This is his game, I'm the only player and they are the lucky audience. " *For Mature audiences only. 18 and older please. Contains elements of BDSM and graphic erotic scenes.* ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Last Chance✔ (Completed)
    4.8M 117K 27

    When I found out he was my mate I knew he wouldn't leave her for me...I just hoped. She was beautiful and sweet and not in the fake kind of way either. He was the future alpha and she was the best fit for his future Luna. They looked and worked perfect together. He said the words that hurt me the most, "I can't be wit...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Blood Queen
    16.6K 559 9

    A sudden mysterious death of a beloved retainer causes Luciela to emerge form her isolation and solve the murder case. With revenge in mind, along the way, she will encounter her retainer's allies, King Ian McKinlin, King of all Beast and his people. She will also meet her long time nemisis, The Saints Guild, which...

  • Luna
    210K 8.1K 53

    Ever since she was young she dreamed in becoming a singer, one that could express her feelings through music. Fast forward, with her 35 years of age, Luna sees herself at the end of her career, with no friends, no family and lost inside herself. All because of that man, and the stupid contract. Married to a man wh...

  • Husband, Be A Gentleman
    2.3M 81K 100

    Pei Jin is a black bellied prince. To outsiders he is a kind gentleman and always calm. Yan Shi Ning is a wolf in sheep's clothing. To outsiders she is a gentle bred young lady and always docile. Pei Jin and Yan Shi Ning are the perfect couple but behind closed doors... "Wife, you're an expert liar." "Husband, it's b...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dying With Regretful Rejection
    66K 1.1K 5

    Book two ( Regretful Rejection series ) Kimberly Summers hates her life. she can't shift. Her mother was human and died of cancer. Her father killed himself cause he couldn't bare the pain of losing his mate. Her brother abuses her. Her mate rejected her and abuses her. She is treated like a maid. When her brother Lan...

  • [FxM] Beast Tamer Fei Xiuyang
    609 33 2

    I collect pets for a living. Dogs, rabbits, cats... you name it. If they can be tamed, I will tame them. ..... I just can't resist their cuteness! (//∇//) A story about a stone-faced, thick-skinned woman who dies, reincarnates in ancient times, and continues her hobby of collecting "pets".

  • Lady From Spell
    111K 1.1K 22

    Li Jun Jie is fifth son of the great advisor. Everyone know him as poisonous flower. One day he drink a cup of tea from a beautiful woman. Since that night his fate totally change because since that day Li Jun Jie turned into a woman temporary without knowing when he turned become woman or man. As a women, fate make...

  • Li Jin Qing: The one behind it all
    123K 5.2K 72

    The Emperor of Wei is often described as a heavenly being, unable to make any fault. He was described to be a god from those celestial stories, and many speak of his birth many years ago. They say that the sun peeked from the snowing and heavy clouds to catch a glimpse of his face. They say birds sang and flowers bloo...

  • Remarry, No Way!
    1M 19.4K 186

    Married for four years, there was no love in the life of Su Ran and Song Ting Yu. They were forced to marry because of Su Ran's pregnancy. Ting Yu thought Su Ran was a foxy woman that tricked him with a purpose to enter the Song household, that's why after the night after they both said the wedding vow, he immediately...

  • #4 Following The Third Master (Time Travarel Series)
    41.7K 1.5K 32

    4th book of The Time Traverel Series Ming Lou (明罗) The youngest of Ming son. He respected his brother alot and aim to become like him. He has good relation with his sibling, with his friend also good to his family servant and maid. Except that one.. "You spoil youngerst brother..!" She mocked me. "I can't wait to crum...

  • The Villainess's Dark Side
    438K 13.6K 19

    When she finally understood, she was already too late. The protagonists had already fallen in love with each other and planned for a marriage. Maybe she was still lucky though, for she narrowly avoided a situation of certain death. A long, painful and agonizing death. However, she couldn't let this be. There was insid...

  • Ruthless Mate
    1.5M 40.6K 36

    They say the wolf is in it for the hunt. But what if the hunt is for the wolf? Alena Parker wasn't expecting to be found on another pack's land, to be discovered as the mate of it's heartless alpha. She definitely wasn't expecting the threats of a rogue pack looming just beyond the borders. In fact, she had no idea wh...

  • Unloved, Married and Pregnant... at 18???
    760K 24.4K 50

    Kayleigh hasn't ever felt loved, nor has she ever felt like she belonged. Her father is a multi millionaire who has no time for her, and her mother is too caught up in parties to even remember her. When Kayleigh learns her father is making her marry Jack David, the son of another wealthy business man so their compan...