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  • Various servamp x eve! Reader
    37.9K 804 10

    all I'm seeing for servamp is oneshots so I decided to make a various! story. This WILL be a multiple ending story. This is also published on my quotev account under @TheGrandMemeKing

  • My Hero Academia One Shots and Imagines
    1.1M 15.7K 54

    {1 MILLION READS AS OF 11/04/19] WHAT THE HELL Y'ALL ARE INSANE I LOVE YOU?!?! Yes, I'm still on break because of school, but this book is far from over! ; ) Thank you for your support and continue to be amazing please!

  • Kamigami no Asobi MPREG!
    112 0 1

    Another one! This is for all the Kamigami no Asobi fans, like me!

  • Betrayal (Utapri Fanfic)
    2.5K 37 2

    A new girl group C.C (Cold City) comes to live in the dorms and quickly have their eyes on STARISH and Quartet Night. But when they find out that they all have have a crush on Haruka, they get jealous and secretly tries to harm her. Aside from harming her, they bully her and Haruka is having a hard time. Now, all she...

  • The New Guard Of Clarines(DISCONTINUED)
    49.5K 832 34

    Mae was born and raised in The Claw of the Sea. Yep! Born and raised by pirates! The captain was her mom. She was getting more violent with her punishments for her crew members, but she would never DARE to hurt her daughter. Mae never knew who your dad was, but that was okay with you because you had a great mom unti...

  • She's my Sister
    4.6K 128 4

    Red. It's my hair color too. Although mine resembles a bright fire more than an apple, my sister and I will always be red. She's a very talented herbalist and I've learned along side her as her apprentice. Even though I'm only a year younger than her I know just as much as she does when it comes to herbal remedies and...

  • Spirit of the beasts
    479K 19.1K 87

    Thousands of years ago, there were two great beasts that roamed the world.. A wolf and a fox. They lived in a world of chaos with The shinobi of that disposed them.. Thinking of them as monsters.. Although in the midst of war the fox and the wolf found sanctuary.. And started a new life.. But all was ruined when the f...

  • Detective Kagome
    6.1K 104 16

    A crossover of Inuyasha/Kuroshitsuji/Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro. What can a famous young Detective, as Kagome, do when 2 demons are after her to become their mate? This was inspired by sydsyd1134, an author in with a piece called "Ravens, Spiders, and Parrots"

  • The Sandlot: Girl Edition (Fanfic)
    6.2K 111 7

    "YOU PLAY BALL LIKE A GIRL!" It was never Scotty Smalls who moved into town. It was Emily Brookes! She moved into the house across from Benny (The Jet) Rodriguez and followed him over to the SandLot one afternoon. Because of that day, it gave her a chance of childhood adventure! A chance to prove that just because she...

  • Blood Angel ( Subaru Love Story)
    940 84 32

    Angel sent to watch over the sakamaki brothers went their brides keep dying. her human name Mercy Smith and she watches every move they make with their latest bride Yui Can mercy protect Yui or will she be trapped in a love game Disclaimer this is a fan fiction I only own my character There's a few lemons in this sto...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ayato x Yui
    618 9 3

    When Yui comes to this mansion, she experiences different situations and different boys throughout her stay with them. Ayato claims that Yui is his, and that she is nothing more than a meal to him. But what if he starts to develop more feelings for Yui than just a 'bloodbag' to him? Find out in this story! Hope you e...

  • Ayato's Confession (Completed)
    4.1K 92 17

    Ayato has lived his centuries long life not knowing what the meaning of love really is. But when a young human girl comes along, will his cold heart be warmed

  • Love me or forget me
    400 11 2

    Yui hears that Ayato has a new loved once she discovers she gets sad and runs away once she returns to face the sakamaki brothers what will happen when his loved turns to be his new sacraficial bride will his feelings for Yui change o

  • My Hotheaded Paladin (Keith x Reader)
    234K 5.6K 62

    'I thought I lost him forever. My brother, Takashi Shirogane, went on the Kerberos Mission about a year ago and was lost. But he came back. His hair is different and he has a scar and a robotic arm but he's still my brother. Even though he came back, he came with information and warning. When saving him from the Garri...

  • DL: AyaYui Oneshots
    118K 1.5K 83

    [DISCONTINUED] Hope you enjoy. OOC is expected.

  • Transformation
    69 2 1

    This the story of what happens to Yui and Ayato after Yui's Awakening Read to find out

  • Reverse Falls-Magic Love
    153 3 6

    Pacifica Pines is a curios fifteen year old teen with a love for the supernatural. She and her cousin Gideon go in crazy, over the top adventures and somehow barely made it out alive. She had heard rumors about a pair of twins who seem to be able to use magic and drags Gideon with her to see their show for the first t...

  • Subaru x Yui
    758 14 1

    Subaru slowly starts to develop feelings for Yui and tries to ignore it but can't hold back any longer

  • Trusting Love
    111 3 1

    I'm rewriting this because I cringed 🤠 After Shuu became the Sakamaki Clan's leader, things start to change. New feelings and new battles have to be confronted and Yui just happens to be in the middle of it all.

  • My Other Half
    1.8K 65 8

    Yui Komori hated her life, living with all ten of the sadistic vampire brothers and cousins. So she finally escapes and transfers to a new school- Cross Academy. When Yui arrives and Zero Cross is assigned to show her around the school, he feels this unbreakable bond towards her. Yui feels it as well, but she becomes...

  • (ayato x yui )forbidden lovers
    6.2K 117 22

    yui falls in love with ayato and well he falling for her secretly and yui saw something that made her heart shader she saw ayato kiss another girl she ran away from the sakamis and two girls and one boy found her the two girls took her to their mansion yui tells the girls everything even about sakamis secret an...

  • ஜSerenade of the Swanஜ (A Diabolik Lovers fanfic)
    5.4K 224 8

    Yui Komori and her cousin, Ayame - a girl who likes fashion and stuffed animals, along with an obsession towards mythology/fiction surrounding supernatural creatures - find themselves living with six mysterious boys, all of whom are brothers! Oh, and they're also freaking VAMPIRES, too! While Yui is horrified at...

  • The White Paladin
    243K 5.9K 51

    *Discontinued* A Voltron reader insert / KeithXReader Future edit: (literally four years later) Why in the actual hell are you guys still reading this 😂 I haven't been on this app in so long. I apologize for this horrendous writing. Hopefully one day I'll be able to make up for this 😂

  • Nee-chan's Teaching Gods? Cool! (Kamigami no Asobi FF)
    41.6K 1K 9

    What would happen if Yui's little 5-year-old sister appears in the Garden out of no where? Can she help her Nee-chan meet the time limit? Or will she be stuck there forever as well if the gods fail to understand the human heart in time? (BASED ON THE ANIME!!! this is not an OC X _____, she is 5. Just clearing that up...

  • Diabolik lovers The Legend of yui ✔
    12K 287 30

    We all now her sweet and innocent think again people the real yui is not what she is she is dark sadistic and roten to the core a diabolik lovers x dance with devils story enjoy ❤

  • This Unrequited Love (On Hold)
    1.3K 32 7

    This story is about a young woman who's name is Komori Yui, and is about 17 years old who has been living in the Sakamaki Mansion as their special sacrificial bride of their own for a very long time. But what happens when she starts developing some feelings for a certain vampire who had also shared the same feelings f...

  • The Snowy Frenzy
    4.3K 93 7

    It was a Snowy day in Kyoto and for the fun of it everyone decided that It would be a great idea to have a snowball fight until some ruined the fun by possibly hurting the girl. (I may add 2 sides of love in this so be prepared of one of the Shinsingumi Captains or even the Commander)

  • Ayato x yui when love meets fait
    829 11 2

    After yui falls to the ground in pain Ayato takes her to his room Yui had never been in Ayato's room will yui be okay, or will she be fine and fall into a deep romance?

  • The Kiss of the Immortal
    2.5K 98 8

    Yui was a normal girl until she arrived the Sakamaki Mansion. She met six unusual AND immortal guys. Guessing them wouldn't be a challenge but taking the guess will be a very hard job. Yui a girl without fear. "What could happen to me?", was a constant thought planted in her mind. At the meantime her father wa...

  • Claw of the Sea {On Hold}
    527 22 7

    There is one pirate most feared on the seas of Tanbarun. Feared because of her taste for vengeance. Her hatred of men. Her defiance of the law. And her name, is Umihebi. Although...there is one second who fits the description... Her daughter, Shirayuki. ((Warning. This books is sort of changed. Shirayuki is known as...