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  • blackmail ↻ jung jaehyun
    1.7M 110K 54

    ❝hey jaehyun? i kind of found a video of you having a conversation with yourself in english❞ 2016 © yonooh | #1 in jung jaehyun, #1 in jaehyun

  • fuck boy 1.5 | kang daniel [ON HIATUS]
    10.9K 681 3

    daniel: i miss you, rin, so fucking much (MESSAGE NOT DELIVERED) daniel: i hate spending days without you (MESSAGE NOT DELIVERED) the prequel to the sequel, what happened inbetween. date started: 26 january 2018 date ended: / © ducksummoner

  • KISS ME | msn + kdh
    32.2K 1.3K 15

    [SAIDA!au] ⇒ in which sana falls for a girl with a dark secret

  • Second Thoughts [ Soonhoon ]
    13.3K 766 6

    being asked about their love status; it made the boy that never been in a relationship, lee jihoon, think. what the hell is his sexuality and who does he like?

  • insecurity | soonhoon
    22.8K 1.3K 5

    in which soonyoung breaks up with jihoon only to regret it later on. -seventeen, soonhoon. 2015.

  • fuck boy | kang daniel
    651K 39.4K 38

    you: hi unknown: are you cinderella? cause i see that dress coming off at midnight ;) you: i- in which a girl randomly texts a guy and gets a pick-up line as a reply HIGHEST RANKS: #14 in short story & #541 in fanfiction, #14 under daniel & #2 under wannaone date started: 16 august 2017 date ended: 5 september 2017 ©...

  • wifi password | kang daniel
    226K 18.2K 33

    "you can watch porn for hours yet you dont even wanna help a high school girl get her daily dose of fanfictions?" - lower letters intended © enegertic - started: 20/5/17

  • tinder. / kang daniel
    328K 24.3K 36

    swipe right to unlock! © lambskwer

  • fuck boy 2.0 | kang daniel
    287K 16.8K 34

    daniel ❤: your smile is as big and warm and lovely, daniel ❤: as my penis you: i will DROP KICK your dick the sequel to 'fuck boy' HIGHEST RANK: #154 in fanfiction, #1 under kangdaniel date started: 14 october 2017 date ended: 1 january 2018 © ducksummoner