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  • Adopted Parents
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    "would two stubborn neighbors be able to work togther and raise a child?" Park Chaeyoung, a well composed and independent manager of an internationally known model Jennie Kim, lived almost her entire life on her own without anyone to rely on but herself. She had fallen a lot of times but she learned to pick herself b...

  • Secret Love Song
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    "I wish that we could be like that." Jeon Jungkook was known to be a busy idol by day, doing photoshoots, interviews, and attending sold out concerts to meet his fans. Park Chaeyoung was nowhere different, loving almost the stressful lifestyle of a superstar while making sure to avoid traumatising issues along the th...

  • Close To You (present ver.) | Collibrary Valentines Special
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    "It's a pickle to like someone you aren't brave enough to confess too." Story Written by: @whocaresaj

    3.2K 154 12

    A compilation of Jennie x BTS one-shots, short stories and fanfic recommendations.

  • Solo Lonely Shots
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    "Cause behind a good story is love." © WhoCaresAj 2019 a collection of blackbangtan oneshots and more. Disclaimer: I neither own the characters nor the places in this book. All I take credit for are their qualities, traits, and the plot itself. Therefore any similarities and connections my story might have with others...