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  • Lab Rats' Sister (Girls Meets World FF)
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    Meet Lily-Ann Davenport, she's now in middle school with her best friends, Maya Hart and Riley Matthews. Its their time against the world, but Lily-Ann still has a big secret to keep from everyone. She's bionic, it was the only way to save her. Or else she would have died during birth. And because of the bionic chip...

  • Alpha's Little Mute Mate
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    *Raated for children over 17+!!! ONLY, I KNOW YOU WANT TO READ IT, BUT DON'T! I don't want to be responsible for ruining innocence!* Luna was walking past the tall structures of her high school. She sighs as she recounters the current events that had happened during school, it was like no other. Her friend that she ha...

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  • Jax of Hearts [Jax Novoa EWW Fanfic]
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    After receiving a promotion, Soleila Tony's father moves the family to Miami. Soleila is then enrolled into the mysterious Iridium High. She soon picks up on the school's secrets while trying to hide her own. However, she finds it hard to do so when she gets caught up with the rebel, Jax Novoa.