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    [✔️] closed, [✔️] completed. Welcome to the first multipurpose Ace awards. INTRODUCING: book awards, graphic awards, poetry awards, and judge awards. ━ These are the genres: Action/Adventure, Romance, Poetry, Short Story, Horror, Humor, Teen Fiction/Young Adult, Mystery/Thriller, Historical Fiction, Science Fiction, F...

  • Of Stone & Silk
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    Sneak peak of book 2 :)

  • Falling for him {ON HOLD}
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    Cover made by: @Total_dreamer12 ____________ Ever spooned with 4 hot, hot, hot guys? Beryl hasn't, but is going to. Ever broken dozen school rules, and got with it? Beryl hasn't but is going to. Ever ridden a bike so fast, you feel as if you're flying? Beryl hasn't, but is going to. Beryl Johnson, a smart, sarcastic...

  • Bird in the cage 1. Eternal Aubade
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    "I changed the tides of your life. I touched your inner core. I am your eternal aubade. You are my divine peony and only I will be etched in your scarlet heart," his deep husky voice whispered in my ear. I didn't think my life would change in this way. I didn't think that an uncontrollable storm would crash into it...

  • Fragile Musings
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    A collection of short stories, one-shots and fragile musings of a hopeful writer.

  • The Journey (A Collection)
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    Collection of poems, limericks, short stories and quotes.

  • Elysian ~ Plot Shop (Open)
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    My plots are extensive. I supply you with a character (including name and faceclaim), usually a description of the book(s), some quotes of the characters to use while you are writing, and a lot of additional information. I will also help you out if you get stuck at any point in time. I am open to some changes but you...

  • Worth It
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    From the outside looking in Isabella St. Patrick seems to have the perfect life, she's gorgeous, has money, popularity, great group of friends and a seemingly perfect boyfriend. But life in her shoes isn't that great when the 'perfect boyfriend' of hers doesn't know how to treat her right. After coming across the tru...

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    "There is no way I'm going in there! How can a car reach there in the first place". I was now puzzled, and fear crept it's way on my bemusement and gripped me. So much for being curious Tara! "Before I could turn my back to leave, a huge whirlwind, almost the size of a tornado was building up and approaching my direc...

  • ♡||Unspoken Feelings||♡
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    Just like A flower, She'll Bloom and Wither Away. Trying to describe life with the Feelings that I have, Using the beauty of Words. Poem Book. #Wattys2019

  • | Love ɑnd Dɑrkness |
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    ❝Your tears were meant to water my soul, Your screams were meant to sound music to me, Your blood was meant to fill my bowl, Your broken pieces were meant to piece me.❞ [hr→ #12 in poems]

  • melting candle
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    ❝salty tears that soon blossomed into ethereal flowers, ornamented lavishly with just a ting of morose sadness but tell me, don't all flowers need sadness to grow?❞ ~a propaganda of thoughts~ #2 in Poetry #1 in Poem Added in @WP_Poetry Heart Stains reading li...

  • The Black Bird's Poetry
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    Poetry is when an emotion has found. Poetry is the formation of beauty in words. Poetry is very deep. Poetry filters the heart. Poetry doesn't need a complete sentence. ???It's all about poetry.???

  • An Ember Bright
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    "The sound of glass shattering. The screams of terror and pain. All hell breaks loose." Cara lives in a world where she is deemed lesser because she isn't an Aurelian. Aurelians dominate the kingdom of Serola - and the world. They are the only ones able to wield powers and therefore claim their place as the rulers. Ca...

  • The Disposables
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    Jennifer is no normal member of the society, her job brings shame to whoever hires her, but she works on every presidential issue/news/ letter/book .she's a GASC member and shes gonna look through the papers for the hidden murder of her parents no matter who hid it. will she find it or will they end her too?

  • Thorns and stitches
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    She's trapped within the walls she built so high and strong to protect herself but sadly, she can't escape them now . She's entangled in a bush of roses so red they resemble blood . And thorns so pointy they resemble the teeth of sharks . But to make the pain lessen , the silent girl screams her deepest , darkest fee...

  • Free Verses
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    Simple poems. Authentic meaning.

  • Terranovus
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    [COMPLETE] [#73 DYSTOPIA] Earth has officially run out of space. The Government collapsed long ago and the Army can no longer maintain control. That is until Terranovus is discovered - a newfoundland that promises new beginnings, new hope and new life ... or so they claim. Join Tilly, a sixteen-year-old girl, who em...

  • Reflection
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    Am I beautiful? Is this perfection? Mind says yes, Reflection says no. Beauty lies beneath, ~Always.~ Beneath lies beauty. No, says reflection, Yes, says mind. Perfection, this is. Beautiful, I am. . . . A collection of Palindrome poetry.

  • A Bench Story
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    Two people, one bench, a month. Sometimes, that's all it takes for life to completely change... *all rights reserved*

  • Her Words
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    Ash is a writer, she has the money, looks, and good friends. she also happens to be a widow at the age of 27. Her life is perfect just the way it is. However, when the younger brother to her neighbourhood friend moves in, Ash is drawn to him and blames it on her weakness for sexy British accents.... Luke cannot...

  • Essence Of Blue
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    Highest Rank #6 in poetry #4 in prose Status: COMPLETE I believe one of the greatest gifts of all is to be able to express oneself through poems - compromising your own personal emotions and words that speak your heart. To be able to share a vulnerable side of me with people I've never met in person, I dare say, is a...

  • Mind Over Mask
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    Featured on official Wattpad @superhero profile. "My powers!" I exclaimed with a grin. "They're back!" As soon as I tried it again, however, my grin faded. Angie saw my frustration, and must have discerned that my powers weren't really back. She came over and clasped my hands. "Hmm, still running into a wall," she sai...

  • A Beautiful Disaster.
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    Some quotes and poems by me. they aren't the best. ?

  • Hating Colour Pink
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    Do you know how difficult it is to be the only person who doesn't like the colour pink? Especially if you are a girl which is just the case here. Gosh believe me you have no idea until you start hating it. So welcome to my sweet life. My name is Eliza Katerina Van Der Woodsen and this my story: It all started back...

  • Writing in Orion's Belt
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    Collection of poetry, short stories, and other creative projects written not in the comfort of my room, but somewhere far in the universe, in search of Orion's belt.

  • A Book of Poems
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    This book will basically showcase poems I've decided to write

  • Pinctada | ✓
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    PO1 || Pinctada (n.) - Pearl oysters ❝Not everything found at sea is lost; Not everything lost at sea is found.❞ Second poetry book in the From My Heart To Yours set. ❤ [05.05.2018 - 20.08.2018] Milestones: 1. #1 in Poetry - 01.07.2018 2. WP_Poetry Featured - Random - 14.06.2018 Copyright 2018 © LadyMeringue

  • Cold-Hearted
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    Hell was coming, and she would call it Wynter. A legend long forgotten.. A kingdom in icy ruins.. A myth frozen behind her own wall.. What once were stories whispered through the night, now come to life when Emmett's little sister, Briar, goes missing. He is forced to face the icy legend, the cold-hearted witch her...

  • Gothic Riddles.
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    Here you will find a vast collection of story type riddles. These stories are "scary when you know the meaning". Can you find the creepy hidden meaning in each one? welcome to the unknown...Detective. May the odds be ever in your favor. HAHAHAHAHA