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  • Silent Cry ✔️
    317K 12.9K 47

    TW: Social Anxiety, Sexual Assault, Domestic Abuse. Mitchell is the new kid at school. Everyone thinks he's a freak. Its true. Maybe. He wears only black. His hair is black. All his clothes are black. But he has the most beautiful blue eyes ever. He's quiet and doesn't seem to have any friends. He doesn't want any eit...

  • Broken ✓ (BoyxBoy)
    397K 14.1K 30

    "Wait, you're gay?" I asked in confusion, scratching the back of my head. "Well duh. How oblivious are you?" "Well, I guess I'm pretty dumb, but my sexiness makes up for it." "Sure Hunter, whatever helps you sleep at night..." *** [Completed] Hunter just moved to a small city in Florida after his third suicide attem...

  • Getting Wilder ✔️
    338K 20.2K 45

    The three fundamental laws of Northwood High were clear. A rumour in motion tends to remain so unless asked to shut up. The amount of respect you receive equalled popularity. And the third, and the most supremely infallible one, Wilder Collins was the best kisser ever. After verifying the third law, Nico finds his...

  • Broken Hope (boyxboy)
    14.7M 578K 60

    Keegan is a boy who loves affection. He's usually quite peppy and excitable, but everything in life has turned against him. He ends up locking away his emotions and making himself distant from the world, trying to avoid further suffering. He's left a shell of his former self, struggling to get through life. He decides...

  • Mr. Right? ✔
    1.2M 83.1K 38

    [BXB] in which a boy leaves his love letters in the wrong person's locker. ↬ Kairo Alden has been pining for fellow classmate Alexandria Miller for as long as he can remember. Finally, with some persuasion from his friends, he decides to step out of his comfort zone and leave love letters in her locker. Only problem...

  • The Nerd and The Frog
    385K 22.6K 46

    *COMPLETED* During his AP Biology class, Alan is presented with an unexpected request: a talking bullfrog is desperately asking him for a kiss. To his surprise, that talking bullfrog turns out to be Daniel, his crush of 5 years. *Awarded First Place in the The Totally Rad Writing Contests of @OminouslyAnonymous for t...

  • brooks & hale ✔️
    677K 32.1K 35

    brooks and hale should be perfect. the sparks are there, the lingering looks and secretive smiles, the chemistry essential to any perfect romance. the only problem? neither of them are willing to drop the pretence of heterosexuality anytime soon.

  • The Suburbs
    95K 8K 24

    ♡ a queer story ♡ Kody leaves behind the bright lights of the city and moves to a small town in the suburbs, where his only choice is to adapt to the rainbows of monochrome and repetition. There, he meets Arlo Middleton, a boy fresh out of hospital. [Posted: May 2020]

  • Husbands But Not
    632K 31K 42

    [Completed] AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK ON AMAZON. Noah is confident. Kent is not. Noah is popular. Kent is not. When a group project ties their knot, everyone at school is shook. But if you ask Noah, it's nothing. They're just husbands, but not. However, when Kent starts growing thinner, and bruises paint his body, it be...

  • The Boys on The Bridge ✓
    21.8K 1.3K 5

    just two boys, and a bridge on a warm summer night. ••• If you are reading this story on any other platform than Wattpad you are very likely to be at risk from a malware attack. If you wish to read this story in its original, safe, form, please go to @-cynicaloptimism- on Wattpad. Thank you

  • Like Gods
    598K 23.6K 40

    Dylan Brooks was basically the Golden Boy™ of Greenhill High School. He was co-captain of the soccer team, kept his grades up, and planned to become a marine biologist after college. What happens when the town's known player transfers to Greenhill and becomes Dylan's tutee? Will they bud heads or keep a professional...

  • Deflowering The Virgin Smut Writer (Man X Man) COMPLETED
    119K 4.8K 19

    Christian is a smut writer that had been skyrocketing in the world of books and stories. However, when time comes for his glory to be known, he becomes the biggest coward in socializing and human interaction. What will hapen when eventually, he was forced to attend one of his publishing company's gathering? Will it be...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fraternity
    215K 8.7K 29

    Alpha Academic University, or better known as Alpha Academy, is the best university in the states, and too many, arguably that is, globally as well. It's the place every man and every woman who wants to succeed something big in life, wishes they could be. It's better than Stanford, even better than Harvard, just about...

    Completed   Mature
  • Coffee Isn't Enough ✔
    652K 29.8K 31

    [COMPLETED] Frei Harrington and Yale Peters... their love story began inside a coffee shop... What really happened? Copyright © 2016 by Krystel Grace. All rights reserved.

  • Demons are Hot (bxb)
    661K 35.7K 29

    Cyrus was having a perfectly great day up until he met the literal antichrist himself. With his entire world thrown on its head, Cyrus was left to wonder; what on earth made him the unlucky soul to find a demon? And why on earth was he so sexy? Theo was not having a good day when he decided to come to the realm of the...

  • Pancakes | (bxb) ✔️
    715K 25.8K 34

    {COMPLETED} Axel Miller is the smartest guy in school. Or well, he used to be. Ever since his parents left, everything's been going downhill. Jayden Williams, the school quarterback. He's been asked to tutor Axel, in hopes of getting him back on track. A jock tutoring the nerd? That's unheard of.. Though, Axel isn't y...

  • Gay Chicken | ✓
    2.3M 85K 32

    "They have belligerent sexual tension." "What does that even mean?" --- James and Casper have been fighting for years - they've just never gotten along, ever. And then comes along a game of Gay Chicken and a kiss that changed everything. (BoyxBoy)

  • Why You Shouldn't Lend A Bad Boy Your Clothes
    3.8M 173K 42

    Everything in Jules Hatcher's life is going well: he has a girlfriend, a job and pretty decent grades. That is until he (literally) stumbles into Hunter Adams, the bad boy and player that everyone knows. Soon Hunter has managed to turn Jules' entire world upside down- and make him discover a side of himself, that Jul...

    Completed   Mature
  • Thirty Days ✔
    238K 18.6K 62

    in which a boy has thirty days to convince his crush to not commit suicide. tw! mentions of suicide, self-harm & depression. [COMPLETE] lowercase intended. started: 04/08/2020 finished: 04/10/2020 milestones: #4 in lgbt - 5/26/20 #4 in lgbtq - 5/26/20

    Completed   Mature
  • pizzaface | ✓
    318K 17.9K 44

    ❝Pizzaface ❞ That's what they called him.

  • Float
    4.6K 301 1

    Freddy kisses boys in swimming pools. Simon likes to swim. ••• Written for a summertime 24 hour flash fiction challenge.

  • Ass Milk
    78.6K 5.1K 68

    "So, how did you know you were gay?" "One day, I was walking and a rainbow tumbled from the sky and onto my head. Consequently, my brains fell out and I forgot what a vagina was. So, suddenly, when I accidentally walked into a changing room and thought, damn, I want that dangly thing between his legs up my arsecrack...

  • HIM & I || BXB
    52.4K 2.6K 6

    The first thought I have when I see his face is that he is terrifyingly pretty.

  • the boy on the bridge ✔︎
    1.2M 69.4K 63

    "Are you going to jump off the bridge now or not?" "Are you going to stop me if I said yes?" "Of course not," "Then, what would you do?" "Probably count you off," "Wow," "Do you want me to count?" "No," "Why not?" "Because I'm not going to jump off the flippin' bridge!" *******************************************...

  • Roommates
    3.2M 156K 39

    ***EDITED AND REVISED VERSION IS AVAILABLE ON AMAZON IN PAPERBACK AND KINDLE*** "You wrote my name wrong" "You said it's Rider" "It's Ryder with a Y" "Ok I'll make sure I write it right next time!Enjoy your coffee" Next time: I swear to God your nerdy glasses are gonna be lenses" "What?! I wrote it right this time'" "...

  • Boy Next Door ✔
    2.3M 114K 47

    ❝can you stop blasting chase atlantic so damn loudly at 3am?❞ ❝depends, can you stop crying so damn loudly at 3am?❞ 〤 caleb just made the decision to get his own apartment so he could get some time away from his family and live closer to his university as well. however, there seems to be just one problem. every mornin...

  • Better Sorry than Safe ✔️
    5M 228K 35

    Every Tuesday during football practice, sixteen year old Sem Bolton finds himself stealing glances at the gorgeous college boy jogging down the path next to the fields. He was his dirty little secret. His guilty pleasure. His unobtainable fantasy: safe and distant on the other side of the chainlink fence. Then, throu...

  • Jonah Clarke Is Not Gay
    4.6M 201K 35

    WATTPAD FEATURED STORY Daniel Evans is trying not to let his crush on Jonah Clarke get in the way of their new found friendship, because Jonah Clarke is definitely not gay. Placed third in the Valentine's Day Contest hosted by @taygetsthegay

  • BULLY & His Crush (Boy x Boy) [COMPLETED]
    10.6M 382K 29

    "Ethan." Aiden pauses. "I want you." He softly bites my ear. "I want to kiss you more than you will ever know." Trying to avoid the daily beatings of the school bully can be challenging. But what happens if the schools bully has a crush on you?

  • Instagram [bxb]
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