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    The power of LOVE is overpowering.

  • Simple Life (OT3)
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    Adam is mute. Tim is deaf. Austin is blind. For all their life they needed someone to take care of them. When they found each other, everything changed and after years, they had made a name for themselves. A trio of disabled misfits suddenly became popular overnight, but in the end, they're still normal people with no...

    38.2K 1.7K 72

    Chris and Adam Rupp, two brothers from Minnesota, leaves their boring lives behind for the adventure of a life time. Taking a road trip that leads them to the bayous of Louisiana. There they meet two brothers that leads an adventurous and crazy life.

  • Tell No One (COMPLETED)
    24.9K 1.6K 145

    Living with a painful secret for most of his life, Chance finds forgiveness, acceptance and the true meaning of brotherhood when he no longer can hide it.

    4.3K 206 11

    While touring Alaska, Home Free has an experience they will never forget. What, you ask? Read and find out. :) This story is rated 'G', it contains No Drama. No Sex. ONLY CUTENESS!!

    2K 112 7

    Tim and Chance thought their lives were back to normal. Tim got married. Chance got engaged. But they were wrong, bad wrong. Sequel to "LITTLE FRIES".

    18.9K 983 42

    Two brothers, Chris and Adam Rupp, inherit a home along with the occupants. Four disabled men. A life-changing experience in more ways than one.

  • Colder Weather (Book 1)
    5.5K 241 17

    ( Home Free || Stripper AU! ) It's cold outside, but Tim and Austin planned a special prank for Rob's bachelor party and take him to a male strip club. Little does Tim know how things are going to change for him after he meets a certain cage dancer. (Warning for mentioned content and strong language.)

    15.4K 865 36

    When Slavery exist in a modern world, broken men are made. Their freedom is taken away and they are molded by the person known as their Master. Sometimes it takes the love of a stranger to try and put the pieces back together. And to undo the damage the former master has done.

  • Paradise Prison
    8.9K 499 22

    Secluded on an island for 5 years, Tim had learned to adapt to his tropical prison, for this was his punishment for knowing too much. To be alone for the rest of his life. But when Austin is washed ashore after a boating accident. Everything changes. After being alone for all these years, will Austin get on Tim's...

  • A Second Chance (COMPLETED)
    9.5K 951 120

    The story of a young couple faced with heartache, pain and deception conquered by endless love and devotion. (This story contains sexual situations and violence. Not recommended for anyone under the age of 18)

  • A way to Start the New Year
    4.3K 304 46

    New year, New beginnings

  • Bad Habits (Book 2)
    1.1K 54 5

    (Follows the events of 'Colder Weather', but can be read alone.) Adam gave up almost everything he had for Tim and is now dying of boredom in an office job while his boyfriend tries his hardest to keep Adam's past a secret. However, when he receives a letter from a dreaded person and a party goes wrong, Adam spirals...

  • Two's Company, Three's Love
    27.8K 1.6K 113

    Two bisexual men. One freaky woman. Can they make a polyamorous relationship last? Sorry for the crappy summary :(

    Completed   Mature
  • Oops! (Discontinued)
    4.9K 308 24

    Living a sinful life doesn't always mean you're evil. Living a good life doesn't make you a saint. Somewhere in the middle. Tim sinned but wasn't evil. Adam was a good man but wasn't a saint. Now that they both were deceased, they are rejected from their eternal homes, Heaven and Hell. Because of being somewhere in th...

    19.7K 874 53

    Life is a cobweb of paths to take. Many choose the wrong path. Their lives are torn apart, whether it was a crime of passion or a deadly obsession that cost human lives. They all end up behind STEEL BARS.

  • Wake Me Up ( Home Free )
    4.1K 171 16

    Everyone has secrets, but what happens when the vocal band, Home Free, struggles to stay together when these mysteries keep getting in the way? Tim Foust is still struggling with the wolf inside him, and can't seem to sleep without nightmares of that one dreaded night where his whole life changed ... for the worst. C...