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  • The Secret Security Guard
    937 72 24

    Bailey is a normal teenager with a normal boyfriend, she has a couple of friends and goes to a high school just like everyone else, right? No, she doesn't exactly. Bailey can read peoples minds, why? No one knows...or do they. Is the new boy who shows a sudden interest in her really perfect? This isn't those typical r...

  • Day and Night | ✓
    190K 6.2K 42

    Golden arrow awards winner young adult 1st place Award of the month 2018 - Romance 3rd place * * * * * * * * * A slow-burn romance between two people who couldn't come from more different walks of life. As Harper and Angelo begin to explore the...

  • Bleeding Hearts
    233K 12.1K 90

    'I take what I want princess, no matter what' he whispered, crashing his lips against mine. They are bound together with more than just what eyes can see and words can explain. There are TRUTHS hidden in LIES. Secrets buried within secrets. Darkness lurks in Light and Light breathes in Darkness... ...