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  • Chills & Thrills Anthology
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    Catch up with the best of the best in our brand new anthology! These thrilling stories will keep you on the edge of your seat. Enter our Contests & Writing Prompts for a chance to be featured in this book.

  • ChickLit's Winner Anthology
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    Our Winner Anthology showcases the winning entries for our various profile contests. If you're in the mood to read some amazing stories or just looking for the winning stories of our contests, look no further!

  • Blue Star Icy Award 2019- 20 [Closed]
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    ✨And this is where those hidden crystals are brought under the spotlight for many others to see. So yes, you will get what you deserve! ❤ ~~~~~~~~ We, the Blue Star Communty, have finally come together to take you on this beautful journey. a journey that will surely be worth cherishing. Yes, one and only-- Blue Star l...

  • Summer of Sisterhood 3
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    This is the third installment of the biggest #GirlPower event this platform has ever encountered! We aim to show you that when women support women, it truly does make a difference; we aim to ignite conversation, empower and creatively inspire you and - most importantly - to introduce you to this diverse, most wonderf...

  • What If India Was #FreeToLove?
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    🥇 Winner of Wattpad Star Apogee contest 🥇 🥇 The Best Poetry🥇 ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ For an Indian, by an Indian 🇮🇳

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    #12 in Paranormal(9/3/18) My collection of Paranormal Stories 1. BLOODAHOLIC - Alexandra the princess of Macedonia is just a 'normal' teenager. At the age of 118 she still craves for love. How will her life change when a particularly unruly customer appears at the restaurant where she works as a hostess?

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    Don't go by the cover, go by the badges of victory! What's Special? 😉 A book of poetry for all of your moods and genres, just look in brackets and choose the one that fits your mood. Be it mini poems or reverse - haiku, sonnet or acrostic. Be it a dirge or a realization or even a bunch of musings - friendship goals...

  • Secrets
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    #34 in Adventure 🌟 Winner for the #springbreakadventurescontest by @WPAfterDark .... A collection of stories which are my exclusive secrets. Venture at your own risk as these are dangerous. As evidenced by the After Dark tag... These maybe erotic, maybe gruesome... Different than what I write... But yes, finally I've...

  • UNDERWORLD (#EtherealValentine )
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    👑Featured in the Myth and Legend Anthology by @_ShortStory_ Persephone is in the Underworld. She is unsure of her relationship with Hades. Her life takes a turn when a young Shade comes to Erebus. She discovers shocking secrets and takes rash decisions. Where will this leave her? The story is a blend of Mythology wi...

  • The Twists As The Story Turns
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    A collection of engaging short stories to entice your senses. This is where my official contest entries reside. ------------- ❤️Winner for the #coffeebrewstories contest by @ChickLit ❤️Winner for the Awkward Press Statement by @sport ❤️Second place in #summersurprises contest by @flashfic and @WattpadRowling ❤️Hono...

  • KEYS IN MY NAME (Contest Winner)
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    Winner of the contest by @crime "Find the keys in my name," #44 in Mystery She died from a heart attack, or did she? Who is telling the truth, or is everyone lying? The Splendid Six get down to find the cause behind the death of the wife of a rich man.

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    Winner for the Super Attraction contest by @superhero #218 in Fantasy The collection of Superhero_Supervillain stories with a twist. These aren't normal fights. They are fought with the heart.🖤❤️ For the Contest by Superhero profile.

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    Winner for #thetreasurehunted, a Trilingual Collab Contest by @adventure @mystery @adventureita 57 in Mystery.. Judith goes missing during a treasure hunt. It's up to Carla to find the cause. What danger is lurking in the shadows? Will she be able to save her before it is too late? For the Trilingual Collab Contest b...

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    Mentioned by @IndiaCentral, an official profile of Wattpad. For the story LOVE... #62 in Fantasy 1.HIS CURSED EXISTENCE (Do you believe in guardian angel ? What if you had a guardian demon instead?) 2. APOCALYPSE (When MACHINES are the masters) 3. WEIRD (A love virus is spreading in the air this valentine's day. Wha...

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    WINNER FOR THE #psychcontest BY @PsychologicalNovel #287 in Short Story... When you knowingly push someone to the edge of death.....This story is set against the background of the Vietnam War, a bloody battle on the Asian soil.