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  • The Frost Bite
    1.6K 40 5

    Elsa is a half vampire, Jack is full vampire. They have been together for a few months. Will Jack propose? Read to find out.

  • My Guardian Angel- Jack Frost fan fiction
    40K 2K 30

    Complete! Natalia was just your 'average' fan girl or at least, she thought so. That was until she met Jack Frost. From that first meeting she is thrown into a world of magic, darkness, danger and mystery. And she's loving every minute of it... (The cover is not mine, I located on what you could call Google) (Also I d...

  • Frost Bite
    3.9K 311 15

    A jack frost fanfic love story

  • Frost Bite
    101 9 6

    Elsa has hidden in her room her whole life. She hasn't seen anyone, she knows what will happen if she leaves. A dark force will takeover her and her lover Jack.