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  • hushed whispers
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    I am an ocean full of secrets not open for anyone to see only I can swim beneath the lies of beautiful animals out for anyone to touch there is more to me than that you'll just never know I am a mystery that will remain unsolved ; her { ranked 789 in poetry }

  • 7:39 AM
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    poetry for him. (please don't take poems without asking)

  • sober thoughts
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    volume i "she wrote it down, she kept record of them all. words expressing past emotions, details of what transpired with who, what and where. she might call it poetry or perhaps a diary but all I saw was a paper filled with words written in denial." - r.h.Sin

  • Milk and Cookies
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    'milk and cookies" is a collection of poetry and quotes about life. A twist on the classic 'milk and honey' by Rupi Kaur.