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  • Daycare Dimensional Traveling (Daycare X OriginZ)
    2.5K 93 22

    🎉*Completed*🎊 (A dimensional portal open up and now new adventures have open up for the daycare.) While going threw the portal it took them to a dimension and now they have to fight zombies and make new friends to keep themselves alive but will there new friends cause some new problems for them in the end of would t...

  • Random Stuff ( hitting chapter limit soon)
    6.3K 658 186

    Uploads might be very late, I don't have many ideas

  • Jokes, Incorrect quotes, ideas, etc.
    9.3K 310 18

    the title. I update this whenever I have spare time.

  • Origin Z Crap
    3.1K 179 22

    Really just a compilation of the MCR series Origin Z as fandoms, vines, Tiktoks, one shots, theories, stuff like that. It is my first fan-based little compilation though, so bare with me. Oh yeah, also note that I didn't watch all the POV'S. I apologize for any inaccuracy! My *ahem* crush helped me with this! I'll mak...

    Completed   Mature
  • the spiderwick chronicles
    524 28 4

    based off of the game for ds, which I used to play a lot.

  • Origin Z One-shots
    2.3K 66 5

    One-shots about OriginZ, that's literally it.

  • Filotimo (Origins of Olympus Fanfic)
    1.3K 53 5

    φιλότιμο (fi-lo-tee-mo) - comes from the Greek root words "filos," meaning friend, and "timi," meaning honor - is the concept of putting others (or the greater good) before yourself. It involves a sense of courage, self-sacrifice, and honor. ~¤~ An old friend of Ritchie and Michael returns to Camp Oasis after so many...

  • One shots
    1.4K 76 5

    The many deaths OZ had gets one last loving, RIP to these amazing beans.

  • When 2 world intertwine
    517 26 2

    (SNO) Austin finds him self in Fairy Tail Origins he must hide in this world as a new person.. Will his other friend come along with he go through hard ships just to see his back ones more find out in 2 Worlds (Continued on WhyCallMeKate profile) (Will start there sometime in April)

  • OoO Oneshots
    56.9K 2.2K 34

    Just like my other one shot books you can suggest anything (as long as it's not smut) OoO related and I'll try my best.

  • Xylo in Fairy Tail Origins [Planning A Rewrite]
    12K 327 14

    Everything went good with gods plan. Xylo give Sword of Hades to Brick He slash Xylo with it to send him to Tartaros Xylo with his father will imprison Titans Completely ... ... ... But why in front of him is Cat in clothes and Bri

  • Worlds Intertwined |FairyTale Origins, Origins of Olympus & Supernatural Origins
    11.8K 457 12

    [[Discontunied]] The Diablos twins. Richie and Brandon came from another world... Alternative universe to address, why can't the same event occur again? And what effects could that entail...? I'm a noobie at stories, honestly. First Fanfic ever, hope anyone who reads this enjoys! I suggest watching the videos, the Y...

  • Kindergarten Stories
    32.6K 676 43

    Because my other kindergarten oneshots book is cringe. This is the book where I do NOT accept requests, no matter what. These are my personal ideas, and I don't accept requests for these.

  • Fairytail Origins reacts to ships
    44.8K 1.2K 55

    Fairytail Origins reacts to ships. The characters will. suggest ship ideas. Also not all ideas will be supported

  • *Discontinued* Quest of Flames (an Origins of Olympus Fanfiction)
    227 9 1

    This takes place in season one of the YouTube Minecraft roleplay series "Origins of Olympus" by Xylophoney and many others. Most of these characters are from that and aren't mine. Warning: there will be spoilers for the series, so don't read this story if you are planning on watching the series. Many strange people li...

  • The Pals in "Deadly Thoughts"
    718 32 4

    Denis fell on his butt,groaning and rubbing his head from the sudden pain.He looked up to his bathroom mirror and terrified.His reflection on the mirror smirks evilly as he looked down to the terrified Denis.The reflection was as the same look as Denis but his skin looks pale than normal,had a dark hair including one...

  • BBS Oneshots
    21.8K 320 14

    Read the title

  • Rare one shots (PG version)
    6.1K 130 12

    Request are closed for now

  • The Project (H2OVanoss)
    144K 6.3K 26

    DISCLAIMER: This was written before all of the stuff came out about Lui and Mini. The only reason this is still up is because they aren't the main focus of the story, however I do not condone any of the things they've done and I refuse to promote them further, hence no tags with their names and such. Thank you for und...

    Completed   Mature
  • My King [Kyle x Stan LEMON]
    4.4K 53 1

    Kyle is the king of elves. Stan wants to change sides from the humans to the elves side, and be Kyle's knight. Stan says that he will do anything to please his new king, but how far will he go to live up to that? Read on in this hardcore smut fanfic, roleplay edition.

    Completed   Mature
  • Chain Reactions- a TheFamousFilms FNaF 6 fanfiction
    9.9K 224 14

    Bryan has been feeling off lately, and his friends, the animatronics, are starting to catch on.

  • TheFamousFilms X Molten Freddy
    27.2K 632 27

    This is a fan made story of a YouTuber that does a Minecraft role play for FNAF 6. This does not follow his story line, the only thing similar would be the characters. Go visit TheFamousFilms / Jon Jon and all their voice actors on YouTube!

  • Toolshed x human kite
    760 19 1

    It's a story about of course the coon and friends and also freedom pals. Human kite aka Kyle Broflovski is in love with his super best friend Stan Marsh. Aka Toolshed but Kyle doesn't know that he is also in love with toolshed because he's in love with the same person. (I Describe it the best I can)

  • Laurence x Aphmau
    6.8K 116 12

    This is my first story, so please don't judge. This is my continuing of episode 96 of Aphmau's Minecraft Diaries. I don't know about everyone else but I prefer Laurmau. Anyways hope you enjoy!

  • (Completed)Love is for the weak. FaverMyRyan Ryan X Sabre
    17.4K 623 50

    Read the story to find out what happens cuz it's to hard to explain.

  • Daycare oneshots
    11.9K 141 16

    Lots of ships I'll be making art though some might be a little sinful but it's at least it's something if you don't like smut don't read plz

  • Truth || A SkyDoesMinecraft FanFic ||
    11.5K 817 15

    How did the all-powerful Sky Army start? Why does the Squids' always want to kill the Sky Army, a grudge or something deeper? What was Sky's past like? Why does he where those sunglasses all the time? How did he meet Ty, Jason, and others? This is the truth. The story of Sky himself, and what his life was like as h...

  • »Comics De "DELTARUNE" En Español«
    587K 46.4K 133

    » Creado el 02/11/18 UwU Hace un tiempo atras hubo unos twits extraños por parte de toby fox y la cuenta oficial de undertale, todos pensamos que era alguna broma o quien lo escribía era gaster o chara o asriel/flowey, y al final resulto ser una precuela/universo alterno/secuela(? realmente no lo se pero hay que agr...

  • The Sick Sans Book (+AUs)
    82.4K 1.6K 41

    As the title says - Sans is sick : Papyrus is the main caretaker in these oneshots, but who knows? . . Many of these were written while I was very young - the book is still being updated as of 2020 though, so the more recent ones are much better!

  • Mcsm Ivor x Soren
    2.3K 72 9

    Just some fluffy oneshots based on my favorite gay couple from story mode. Cover art is not mine