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  • woman
    63.9K 1.1K 36

    a love story of some sorts. - frequent updates - [hariana will prosper fictionally]

  • The Best Friend ✦ h.s
    735K 12.3K 104

    in which Micah falls for her best friend. accomplishments: completed | ✓ 500,000+ reads | ✓ 2,000+ votes | ✓ Ranking | ✓ #18 in FanFiction | ✓ thank you for your support I couldn't have done it without you, I'm forever grateful

  • Ever Since New York - Harry Styles Series
    54K 1.4K 49

    After years of make-ups and break-ups, Harry and Y/N have been desperately trying to make their relationship work. However, after a year apart, the two met up one night and agreed to give their shot at love on more chance. But will their love for each other be enough or will they finally find out that sometimes people...

  • Almost Famous |h.s|
    122K 4.2K 53

    "In order for this to have to be open." Harry laughed...condescendingly? I set my coffee down and folded my arms on top of the table. "What's the problem?" He took another sip of his coffee, set it to the side, and clasped his naked hands together, setting them on the table in front of him. "The problem is...

    Completed   Mature
  • Awe [H.S]
    111K 2.5K 65

    "Completely in awe of you." --------- Amelia Moore is simple in herself, but her mind is complex. It doesn't take much to make her smile and she has a heart full of gold. Her life is steady and normal, just how she likes it. Harry Styles is complex in himself, but his mind is simple. The polar opposite of the girl he...

  • Mind and Matter
    6.2M 337K 53

    Ever-inquisitive Emerson Castell lives to observe people and gobble up facts. When new-boy Leo catches her eye, she realizes her brainy personality has a use outside of school: to convince him to turn his life around, one fact at a time.

  • Aerial [H.S.]
    2.7M 64.3K 43

    ✼ In Malibu, California in 1965, surfer and world-famous aerialist Harry Styles undergoes a chain of comedic and not-so-comedic mishaps that force him to re-evaluate who he is. ✼ Mature content warning // This story contains explicit sexual scenes and other adult themes, such as drug use and violence. Please read with...

  • invisible {h.s.}
    214K 5.7K 41

    "What did I do to make you hate me so much?" "You made me fall in love with you."

  • sweet // H.S. AU
    2.9M 65.8K 95

    He wraps his arms around me tightly, tucking his head into my neck. "I'm falling for you so god damn hard." He breathes against my skin and I shiver, moving my hands to his back. I run my fingers up and down his smooth skin, as his words repeat in my head over and over. "Why is that trouble?" He doesn't answer, just l...

    Completed   Mature
  • Light as a Feather, Cold as Marble
    3.1M 95.4K 34

    This is the sequel to Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board, the first book in the Weeping Willow High School series.

  • road trip - lrh
    166K 6K 64

    two exes, a jealous boyfriend, an uptight best friend, a friend who just wants to play matchmaker, and 3000 miles until California. -complete-

    Completed   Mature
  • I. L'instant [H.S]
    341K 10.2K 76

    "She was not for everyone, but she was for me."

    Completed   Mature
  • Eroda ✓ h.s
    5.1K 370 9

    |✓Ongoing.| |Mature Content(18+).| |Short Story.| She was simple, he was lavish. He was careless, she was responsible. Together they attracted each other in this quest of forbidden love. Started // 11.05.2020 Copyright 2020 © All rights reserved

  • The Stepbrother || HS
    818K 18.3K 27

    Andie's life gets invaded by her new step brother, Harry Styles.

  • Peggy √ [Editing]
    118K 4.4K 15

    "The worst thing about a disability is that people see it before they see you." Started: May 29th, 2017 Finished: June 28th, 2017 Currently Editing

  • TOUR [ H.S ]
    500K 15K 100

    As we kept walking down the hallway,the first thing I noticed were the bricked walls... It was beautiful. The pride flags hung loosely all over the walls with the words "Treat People With Kindness"painted onto them in an effortless way.Instantly feeling a rush of serotonin in my body.A smile forming on my face as i an...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Vow [h.s.]
    918K 28.2K 42

    "Tell me," he whispered lightly stroking my back. "Please don't marry her..." my words barely audible. He pulls me away from his embrace so he could look at me directly in the eyes, "What?" There was another pause before I said the words I've needed to say. "I love you." And with those three words, both our worlds cam...

  • Canon | (Harry Styles AU)
    726K 28.9K 79

    When seventeen year old Harry moves to a new town, he enters a photography contest where he gets more then just pictures and a story when he choses his complex neighbor as his subject. Started: OCT 2014 WARNING: explicit language, & sexual content

  • Invisible || Ashton Irwin
    5.3K 259 55

    Tutoring! Where every great soppy love story begins. But not for me. Zoe and Ashton are from completely different worlds. He's in a band. Lives and breathes music. Doesn't really care about school. She's a straight A student. Lover of art and music, but they can only ever be hobbies. Zoe's English teacher feels that...

  • Cherry- H.S
    6.4M 138K 68

    Don't you call her baby. We're not talking lately. Don't you call her what you used to call me... A story in which a girl who writes songs falls in love with the boy who sings them. "Color...What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams." - Paul Gauguin. *TW: story contains mature topics such as mental...

  • Artwork [h.s]
    8.7M 276K 77

    "Sierra, you go with Harry Styles." I raised up my head at the words, giving my teacher an incredulous glance. "Do I really have to?" Was the only thing I managed to say. The teacher gave me an annoyed look. "Did you not understand? You go with Harry Styles." I turned my head to look at him. At the mention of his name...

  • falling - harry styles
    238K 4.3K 52

    {currently in editing} what happens when two childhood bestfriends come together after years apart, and find themselves developing more than a simple childhood crush for each other? well, the answer is simple; they fall. but when you fall too fast, you crash. achievements #1 in fineline 09/01/20 #6 in growth 10/03...

  • Bound (Harry Styles FanFic) PUBLISHED -- SAMPLE ONLY
    19.7M 307K 58

    IMPORTANT: As of November 1, 2018, the last 15 chapters of the story have been taken down due to this book has been PUBLISHED. Link to purchase your copy of Bound is on my profile! ________________________________________________ Her mother's dying wish was for her to be happily married, even though she was only 19 ye...

  • Lights Out [H.S.]
    1.6M 45.7K 86

    COMPLETED *This story contains MATURE and EXPLICIT content* This is the first book of the All The Lights Trilogy #1 in Harry (april 3rd, 2020) #4 in Fanfiction (april 9th, 2020) *** She moaned again and her hands grabbed my hair to pull me back to her lips and I kissed her again, allowing the tip of my fingers to play...

    Completed   Mature
  • Nudes » h.s
    7.7M 266K 31

    In which a boy-unlucky college girl receives a rather, erotic picture message on accident. Highest Rank: #3 bRO Copyright © Michella 2015. No translations pls cover by me Re-make in my works :)

  • blue ✓
    197K 9.1K 46

    when a girl in a bitter and unloving relationship gets involved with a quiet and beautiful boy, she finds herself again as he paints the love she craves but cannot touch. two blue souls searching for something in each other that they can't seem to reach.

    Completed   Mature
  • Facade [h.s]
    503K 24.7K 53

    Raine never liked overconfident people, and Harry never liked judgemental ones. But when everything around them isn't what it seems to be, all they need is each other to make it out alive. • • • "Keep your eyes open thunderstorm, because everyone here has their own agenda and you might be interested in some of the...

  • Cabin Three // h.s. au
    8M 254K 33

    What happens at camp stays at camp. // est. July 26th, 2014 - #1 in fanfiction [cover by lex]

  • instagram | h.s ✔
    9.6M 170K 197

    harrystyles is now following you! [Ranked: #1 in fanfiction 10/24/2017❥] [NO TRANSLATES, please don't ask] ©okaharreh