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  • Molten's secret.
    4.6K 176 17

    Molten Freddy had been acting very strange lately and Bryan has gotten worried. then one day, Bryan finds out why Molten is acting so weird. THIS IS MY STORY!! DON'T HATE ME FOR WRITING THIS!!! OKAY!?

  • TheFamousFilms: Fired
    323 26 1

    Jon fires Bryan and Micheal. They have one more chance to save everyone. Will they be able to do it?

  • My werewolf secret
    600 21 4

    3 High school kids,1 hero school ¿‽¿‽?- "Wē āré hērø's ñøt kîds¡!" Read the story for more..... (›:3 I'm so mean sometimes....)

  • True fear (Thefamousfilms and JonJon) Ew EW EW EW EW EW EW THIS SO SO BAD
    8.2K 210 10

    True fear is about Bryan has gone missing the other are worried the ask Jon for help when they found Bryan warning Blood Depression Self harm Sucide Cussing And more And bad writing and grammar ;w; Got to read the story now~

  • Bryan big brother
    10.4K 363 35

    Bryan older brother comes to Bryan pizzeria. But Bryan brother has major dislike for most of the animatronics.

  • Fnaf thefamousfilms: The past
    17.1K 450 13

    Bryan is trying to do everything right, but its hard because his animatronics make fun of him all but one... Lefty Bryan has ptsd because of his old pizzaria and hes just miserable so what happens when he falls after being chased by the twisteds? lets find out together.

  • TheFamousFilms AU: SpringLocked
    432 25 1

    What happens if ya 'end game' Bryan takes Molten with him and Jon turns on him

  • Bryan Dimensions siblings
    4.5K 213 18

    Bryan is only child. Through what happens when a bunch of people come out . Their Bryan siblings from different dimension. You get Bryan protection squad that's what. Let's find if afton and Molten freddy and jon can deal with flims family.

  • A broken limit
    3.1K 122 11

    Bryan owner and CEO of Freddy land hears some of his friends talking behind his back about him and what he hears breaks him but all is not what it seems can Bryan's remaining friends save him from the secrets of his past and what will be revealed about his true family

  • Oneshots of fnaf By: Witheredfunz
    107 4 1

    you saw the title,I think that explains itself.

  • 'Bad Business Owner' A T.F.F FNAF AU
    12.8K 300 4

    What would happen when Bryan finally snaps? After all the teasing and constant insults, whether it'd be from Helpy or Happy Frog, it still hurts. So what if Bryan considered quitting his job?... What if he fantasised about ending his life?... What if a handsome animatronic bunny admits how feels he feels towards Bryan...

  • Bryan's Sacrifice...
    11.8K 365 6

    Afton was now in the Pizzeria burning to death... But Bryan feels like he doesn't deserve to die... No one does... So, he made the decision to save Afton! But... It came at a cost...

  • Thefamousfilms Oneshots (ON HOLD)
    121K 1.9K 57

    THIS COVER IS SO COOL!It's not mine it belongs to I believe "idoartzz" I found it on Deskgram and I absolutely love it!Also yeah this is a book about you know ships in Thefamousfilms and you are allowed to make request if you want.So yeah that's about it so see yeah soon!

  • (ON HOLD) The Famous Flims x Molten Freddy
    14.3K 424 39

    Bryan has been acting like himself when he was in high school and he's afraid that his other self is trying to take control once again. Molten Freddy has been concerned for Bryan. But can Bryan keep his powers a secret and his other self from his friends and spring trap. Well, see for yourself.

  • their breaking point
    6.9K 234 11

    So basically this STORY is about jon and Bryan losing their form self

  • A lost friend...
    17.1K 607 21

    It's a normal day! Helpy is still stealing Bryan's credit cards and she was planning on paying another pool! She got in his office and found a lot of stuff on his desk... She read through a few and she realised that this isn't just Bryan's handwriting... Most of it didn't match his writing...

  • Thefamousfilms FNAF 《Discontinued》
    1.9K 60 3

    What would happen if Bryan wasn't a person but a animatronic himself but instead of hiding it he was found by the others. All images belong to me. 《》means thinking

  • The Missing Afton is Alive?! (Completed)
    12.6K 272 14

    Bryan wants to invite one of his best friends over to the Pizzeria to meet his new anmatronic friends but... Little do they know about the man that stepped into the world of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria...

  • Bryan's from what!? ((Canceled))
    1K 34 6

    This is Book two of Bryan's Big secret!

  • the seven caring sins
    940 40 2

    Mario and his depressed younger brother, Bryan, move into a new town to get away from their old life. Although Bryan's depression doesn't seem to get any better and only seems to be getting worse, which only makes Mario even more worried. But that may change when strange things happen around the house and they find a...

  • A change in heart (molten x Bryan)
    5.1K 107 8

    Molten and Bryan have always hated each but one day Bryan gets kidnapped by spring trap and spring trap promised that he wouldn't hurt Bryan but he lied now molten has a strange feeling when he's around Bryan Maybe some other ships like lefty x happy frog and ft foxy x ft Freddy(I ship it OK so no judging)

  • Failed Experiment
    2.2K 99 5

    "You're nothing but an failed experiment..."

  • TheFamousFilms Oneshots
    4.9K 87 7

    Hey guys so I can only do fluff but I can try some lemon but don't be mad if it doesn't happen anyways I'm taking requests and I might not do all of your guys requests.

  • Pearl Literature Club (Simulacra:2)
    204 10 11

    The pearl literature club. A very popular dating sim for girls. It gives you the option of romancing one of the four pearl boys. Joey: The deep and bit clingy but kind boy who is more than meets the eye. The oldest of the boys Jason: The 'Bad' boy. But is he really bad? Twin brother of your best friend Justine. Jacks...

  • Behide the smile
    32.9K 950 17

    Bryan was always the one to bring people up and make everyone including his animtronics happy. Through no one has done that for Bryan when he feels down and depressed. So he hides is pain with a smile . Through putting on a mask can only do so much for one person .

  • My Ńîğhțmąřë [•TheFamousFilms•]
    20K 91 4

    What if Bryan was lying to everybody? He knew about the animatronics before the Pizzaria. He knew about Jeręmý, Gabriel, Fritz, Cassidy, Susie and Charlotte... He recognised that same striped T-shirt. He always hated it because he caused ÑÎĢHŢMÅŘʧ for everyone. "'I didn't want to, I d-didn't wanna keep killing ###!'"...

  • Darkness Surrounds
    573 24 2

    Hiya Everyone! This is my first Wattpad Story so I ask for no hate but just things I could work on, Thx and enjoy!

  • Rewrite: supernatural origins (my version):
    6K 180 13

    cover by: Canada_lover934 it's basically the same as the original of my version, but I'm changing it a little bit. mostly because they're making a season 2. the first 2 or 3 chapters might be very similar to the ones I already have up, so you might won't find many changes.

  • Jon x Bryan| A five nights at freddy's 6/7 au love story
    2.5K 99 16

    Bryan starts to fall in love with his best friend Jon. Springtrap finds out about them falling in love with each other, so he trys to break their love apart. Mouths later Bryan walks into the pizzeria and sees everbody gone. What will happen? Read the story and find out. Cover:Done

  • Labrynth ((ON HOLD))
    1.2K 30 5

    Bryan is the Goblin King....That is all and if you have never seen the movie Labrynth watch before you read! Thats all