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  • Real Eyes: Book 1 ✅
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    She beckoned one of the members of her security. "Kenyon go get me that girl at the bar.." she began. "That's specific." He shot back sarcastically. Nicki just stared at him straight faced, unblinking. "Like I said, go get me that girl at the bar.." she deliberately dragged her words out. "..with the pretty eyes fro...

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  • Realize: Book 2
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    "Knowles-Maraj residence." I uncapped my water and took a long sip. "Don't tell meh you've gone and gotten hitched before I could even meet ya child." My eyes nearly fell out of my skull. That could only be one person. "Mrs. Maraj I-" I choked. "Carol or Mama is fine." She replied smoothly. "So tell meh. Has Onika l...