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  • Learn Spanish
    73.6K 1.7K 16

    Hi there! Yes , I'm taking to you person at the other side of the screen. Thanks for clicking on my book. That means you are eager to learn a new language, aren't you? You want to learn Spanish? If the answer was yes, then you've come to the right place. This book will teach you various things about the Spanish lang...

  • Banished to Another World
    28K 1.1K 23

    Author: 易人北, Yi Ren Bei The scum Medicine God was banished to a savage other world, forced to undergo reformation! The soul of Yan Mo, who had thoroughly offended the heavens, passed through to another world, not waking for long before realizing the cruel circumstances he was in. He was hit unconscious by another pers...

  • Please Let Me Live a Lazy Life!
    738K 34.4K 19

    Basic Synopsis: Maki Tanaka is lazy. Really, that's it. Real Synopsis: Maki Tanaka had died after being pushed in front of the speeding truck. Without even a rest in between, he found himself transmigrated to the most innovated Otome Game of the Year called 'The Noblest of Love'. Honestly, Tanaka couldn't care less ab...

  • Return to the past?! [KHR]
    108K 3.8K 27

    This is my 4th fanfiction or 3rd fanfiction WHICH I make myself. *** This story about Vongola Decimo which will go to the past and meet Primo. And they can't return to the future until they defeated the Namico Famiglia. *** I DO NOT OWN KHR Warning! Beware of grammartical error! Wattpad says that it was first publishe...

  • Forgotten Truth (KHR Tsuna fanfic)
    41.2K 1.8K 25

    *SEQUEL TO MASKED TRUTH On a fateful day Tsuna had met an unconscious boy who looked exactly like him. It was found out that this boy was Sawada Tsunayoshi's parallel self. Temporary called Revano, the teen was a genius, smart, excels in combat, and as told by Fuura the ranking prince was the greatest mafia hacker. Th...

  • Masked Truth (KHR Tsuna fanfic)
    246K 9K 31

    "I won't give you a single clue to remove the curse Sawada Tsunayoshi" Sawada Tsunayoshi was mute and useless with the reputation of Dame-Tsuna. Sawada Hayashi was atheletic and pretty much the idol of the school. They were twins yet Hayashi would step on Tsuna. Who would know that this Dame-Tsuna was Kaitou 27 or Ha...

  • 49 Things to do on an Exam
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  • Anything, Everything
    98K 4.1K 13

    "Anything, Everything" is a popular otome game that every girl and any girl plays or at least heard about. This game has many different routes with twist and turns. Our main character Damon, is a international actor. He startd acting at the age of fifteen due to his parent's urging. His popularity rose instantly. At t...

  • Villain System
    49.1K 2.1K 14

    Do you believe in reincarnation? how about transmigration? Leonard Crystal is a normal high schooler with extraordinary looks, suddenly pulled by a mysterious hand from the computer screen!? What will happen to him after finding himself trapped in a world where the souls are controlled, forcefully transmigrated and en...

  • KHR: Hidden little Devil
    110K 4.7K 22

    He is known as the school's loser, no talents in sports and has lower than average grades. A no good student he is known as. But that isn't what he is in the eyes of his seemingly perfect brothers. To them, he was the real devil compared to the three of them. "A cute little devil who knows how to hide himself well." H...

  • BEING 27 (KHR Fanfic)
    221K 11K 38

    Ever heard of 27? Y'know, that hacker, information dealer, handyman, assassin, whatever that has yet to be caught? The one that's killed person after person of each and every status high or low? Well, listen to this. The male is usually mute, useless, clumsy unattractive, weird and an oddball in Namimori. Yeah, y'kno...

  • Silent People are Sometimes Dangerous [Rewrite will be on Oct 27, 2017]
    314K 13K 46

    (Rewrite will be posted on October 27. This book will not be deleted)Tsuna was forgotten by his parents because of his two younger brothers named Takumi and Tsubasa. Because of that he met a person who became a mother to him. Tsuna was a very cheerful, kind and lovely child but one day, he suddenly turned into a silen...

  • To Italy!
    139K 4.6K 25

    Our young Decimo and his friends are going to visit Italy for some unfortunate plans that Reborn has set up. But of course, they have some guests that are invited together with them, to make things more interesting. Reborn, being the sadist tortu-tutor he is, organized the trip for his own entertainment and amusement...

  • Learn Chinese I B [Beginners]
    5.1K 57 4

    Mandarin Chinese★彡 All of the information are provided by a Chinese teacher, who is also Chinese •^• Please pay close attention, that's all it takes to learn Chinese! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

  • Learn Chinese I A [Beginners]
    75.3K 1.5K 13

    Mandarin Chinese★彡 All of the information are provided by a Chinese teacher, who is also Chinese •^• Please pay close attention, that's all it takes to learn Chinese! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

  • Learn Japanese
    27.4K 561 21

    I am not a professional. I am still learning myself, but I will teach you what I have learned so far.

  • Learning French (basics)
    16.3K 320 5

    Easy first step learning French