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  • BTS Easy Lyrics Pt.2
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    The lyrics are just guides where I try to write the exact pronunciation of Korean so that they can sing it without invoking any demon ;b (it's always better to learn Hangul). In addition to their songs in Korean I'll also publish songs and versions in Japanese (slightly edited for better understanding), collaborations...

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    English translation for THE NOTES 화양연화 in BTS LOVE YOURSELF 'her' 'tear' 'answer' albums. Versions LOVE YOUR and SELF are available here. NO TRANSLATION REQUESTS PLEASE

  • Genie In A Bottle || JJK √
    126K 5.8K 51

    "If you wanna be with me Baby, there's a price to pay I'm a genie in a bottle You gotta ask me the right way If you wanna be with me I can make your wish come true You gotta make a big confession I've gotta like what you do " What will you do with the five wishes ? Book 1 ( Finished ) Book 2 ( Finished ) 25 June - 28...

  • Varying Shades Of Love -Vminkook/ Jikook / Vmin ✔
    30.3K 927 15

    Jimin who is unaware of love his friend Taehyung holds for him meets a guy who claims to be his former lover. But Jimin can't remember him at all. See what happens next. Warning! - Character Death . . . Don't read this! I must have been drunk when i wrote this story.

    90.4K 3.7K 30

    ★★★ A story where a Billionaire Cold-hearted Man seeks his revenge on an innocent Girl. "Don't try to act Innocent, I am not falling for your evil tricks." The Man shouted giving a hard slap on his wife's innocent face. This sure will leave a mark on her pretty pale face and a scar on her fragile heart. "Please believ...

  • My refuge - Yoonmin ✔
    4.5K 392 25

    " why don't you have any pictures in you house? " " why do you think people keep pictures Jimin ? " " to treasure memories ,so the moments will be remembered forever " he said with a smile. " exactly, i don't have any memory to treasure ,that's why there ain't any pictures "