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  • Loving The East Girl ✔
    4.4K 477 20

    ※The East Girl - Part One※ "Screw humanity. Screw them who said that they would help me. It was all a lie. No one helped me when I was literally begging myself with my eyes for them to help me when they were grabbing me like I was some kind of trash. Like they didn't know that I was human. Guess what, they were the on...

  • The Nearest Heaven ✅
    22K 1.7K 52

    An accident that left him quadriplegic. An accident that destroyed his life and lifestyle. One night that changed her life. One decision to run. A new town. Two people. One story. _*_*_ When you have everything in life, you tend to forget to count your blessings, you tend to forget to make the moments counts. Fo...

  • Marrying The East Girl
    639 81 7

    ※The East Girl - Part Two※ Highly recommended to read The East Girl - Part One [Loving The East Girl] before reading this book. Even though, I won't stop you if you jump to read this book right away. But, don't tell that I don't warn you. ^^ Read at your own risk, dear jumper! ^^ _____________________________________...

  • The Plus One Search✔
    5.3K 373 10

    Lamia Ismail +1 the invitation said. Lamia is invited to her best friend's wedding, but with her life turned upside down recently, will she find the perfect date?

    7.2K 875 14

    Sometimes the brightness of the sun isn't enough to stop the night from be falling earlier than usual and sometimes goodness isn't enough to empower evil. Zera is tangled in a confusion of a lifetime. She was living a simple and carefree life until everything turns upside down for her. She is suspected to have killed...

  • Deen Queens
    26K 1.8K 29

    {A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY} Saleena is a world famous singer, hating the glitter and the gold but remaining number one in the charts in sheer desperation. She will do anything to protect her dark secrets from the public eye, crying every night at the monsters she sees in her sleep. Becky is torn between her mother's c...

    916 106 2

    He had married the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and they had been gifted with a beautiful angel in just a year after their holy union. His life turns upside down when his wife claims that she is in love with another man and abandons her husband and daughter. He is left with a broken heart and a miserable life...

  • The Girl With The Headscarf
    1.8M 187K 81

    [2017 Watty Award Winner] [Featured Wattpad Story] [Highest ranking yet: #1 in Spiritual] » she tried her best to keep herself in wraps but he seemed determined to undo her «

  • Quran Verses
    2.1K 217 40

    ❝And remind, for truly the reminder benefits the believer.❞ a compilation of some of my favorite verses from the Quran.

  • Thought of You | Muslim Love Story
    4.2K 139 7

    Amina Hassan is a typical Somali Muslimah who tries her best to focus on her deen and please Allah. She's entering her senior year and her only goal is to focus on her grades, ignore the reeking smell of hormones that travel around her school, and please Allah by committing to her deen. Due to her parents catastrophi...