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  • My Art ❤
    1.4K 221 18

    It's all in the title. ヾ(・m・*)ノ゛

  • Shouto Todoroki x Reader
    555K 13.8K 53

    *IMPORTANT SUMMARY* Y/n's parents are one of the most popular heroes in the world, her father being able to control the elements, and her mother has a quirk which allows her to summon a sword that can enhance speed, and if she has another ability (example, if she was also able to control lightning it would be apart of...

  • I Will Never Find Another You {Kiribaku - BNHA}
    29.9K 1.5K 9

    Kirishima and Bakugou have their entire future ahead of them, and they plan to spend it together. That is, until one fight with an unknown villain rips it away from them and their time together is devastatingly shortened. --- Post-canon. Set a few years after they graduate UA and become pros. In their early twenties. ...

    Completed   Mature