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  • Misters & Mimosas
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    Winner of Wattpad Chicklit's "Vacation of a Lifetime" Contest All Kiara Mariana Thomas has ever wanted is to help people fix their problems. Being a marriage counsellor with a success rate as high as a pair of Louboutin, she believes a week away at a luxury resort in the Bahamas is her perfect escape from her hectic...

  • Contest Entries
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    A book of my contest entries. Stubborn Petals: Poetry to Prose Contest Winner The Crying Violin: Poetry to Prose Contest Winner Dreaming Reality: JustWriteDay March 31st Winner Catching Fire: JustWriteBits April Winner Weather's Here, Wish You Were Fine: Vacation of a Lifetime 2nd Place Winner Bitten Hands: Trials of...

  • In Paradise With The Devil ✔
    7.1K 1K 7

    ||First Runner Up ChickLit Contest || 'When you win a trip to a paradise island, you couldn't be more thrilled. A whole week full of relaxation and rest is exactly what you need. Too bad your mortal enemy had the same idea. When you're confronted with your arch nemesis, what will you do? Will you get your revenge, enj...

  • Marco Polo
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    How would you feel if your vacation got crashed by the one person in the world you couldn't stand?

  • Valentine: Desperately Seeking Someone
    1.1K 93 4

    Asal Ershadi has never been interested in finding Mr Right when Mr Right Now would do. Heck, even on February 14th, she'd rather spend her time with Valentino than a Valentine. But this year, with her 30th birthday looming and her younger sister marrying, perhaps it's time to settle down, even if it's a case of desper...

  • Built To Last
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    Liliana Crane is ready for the biggest meeting of her career - except she can't find her shoes, and an ear infection is trying to take her down. When her carpenter comes to her rescue, he shows her he has skills beyond just building a new closet for her shoes. One of the winners of the @ChickLit 2019 Valentino's Vale...

  • an abstract concept (real pain, real hope) • (valentino's valentine contest)
    68 9 3

    my submission for the valentino's valentine contest 2019. Samarah Moss knows how to love, to fight, to die. She knows that on Valentine's Day, she's alone. She knows that buying herself a new pair of Valentino's shoes has always worked to battle the loneliness - somehow. She isn't so sure anymore. And then she mee...

  • Heels Over Love
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    The only men that Zoey needs for Valentines Day are; Louie, Manolo, and Stuart. They aren't really men though they are designer shoes. She's spent the last few Valentines adding to her massive collection; they are really all she needs after being burned by the same guy for years. When Zoey takes her usual Valentines...

  • The Fate of a Romancer • Complete ✔
    151 58 5

    ***Chicklit Valentino's for my Valentine Prompt WINNER*** ROMANCER (noun) 1. A person prone to wild exaggeration or falsehood. 2. A person who dreams, is idealistic 3. A castle-builder Word Count: 2821