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  • The Youngest Blade 🔪
    667K 20.8K 50

    "No, i'm an only child.What do you mean by i have brothers? " Follow Anastasia Rosaline Blade through her journey. Overcoming abuse, PTSD, depression, anxiety and suicidal tendencies. How she went overnight from being an only child to having 5 older overprotective brothers. Who are in the mafia but lets talk about tha...

  • Her New Life
    293K 8K 54

    For as long as she can remember, Hailie lived with her mom and stepfather because; as her mom says "he left us to rot." So she always new Her father didn't want her, but she was happy with her mom and stepfather. That was until her mom died in a car crash, and her stepfather start abusing her everyday. She thought her...

  • Family?
    53.3K 1.4K 16

    ‼️VERY SLOW UPDATES‼️ Lexi's life is perfect. Perfect family. Perfect life. Perfect friends, right? But what people don't know is that her mum died from leukaemia, her dad cheated on her dying mum and she's forced to live with people she's never met before Oh and her step mum has 6 sons So yeah Lexi's life is absolut...

  • Family means forever
    192K 6.7K 39

    Evanna Valentino's life got turned upside down when she found out her mother had died. Soon after, Evanna gets swept away to live her older brothers, she didn't even know existed. Follow Evanna through her new world and explore how she comes to terms with this new family. - Inspired by 'their sister their strength' a...

  • 16 and Pregnant **COMPLETED**
    640K 18.1K 72

    Elena had a perfect life. She had an amazing boyfriend, amazing friends and an amazing family. But that all changed on prom night when Elena see's something she shouldn't and does something she shouldn't. **If you guys loved this book please go check out my other 16 and Pregnant book :)**

  • The Tycoon's son|Completed|Editing
    668K 22.5K 23

    ...Highest Ranking #6 in #Fiction... Sarah Brady left New york 10 years ago pregnant and alone . Leaving the love of her life behind and moving to California. Now, a well respected lawyer with a 10 year old she has put the past behind her. But Nicolai is back and making it impossible for her to ignore him. Nicolai Dm...

  • TRY ME (Arranged marriage) (Completed)
    650K 19.4K 29

    Genna was a normal 15 years old teenager but soon it ended when she met Trevor the 21 years old HOT,pervert,cocky guy who she is forced to marry. Genna is stubborn Trevor is a jerk how is it going to work between the two of them?Well no-one knows..Figure it out yourself by reading. Hope you enjoy.

  • Am I Married?
    6.2M 228K 64

    Book cover credit: Alvie Langston .................................................. Eighteen years old, Sanaya Frances was finding ways to earn more to gather money for her college tuition fee. She got a chance to work as a house cook for Hobsons - one of the richest families in New York City. At the job interview...

  • Believing Again
    216K 6.5K 32

    Amira James has officially given up after being shuffled from one foster house to another, never staying in one place for long. After a tragic accident when she was younger left her deaf and an orphan, she has never been the same. After all, no one ever cares for the kid that doesn't talk. What happens after a new fam...

  • The little one
    40.7K 809 25

    4 older brothers and I'm the only girl. When i thought it stopped there my mother popped out another one. This is the story of Layla and her over protective brothers. When Layla finally has a chance with love will her brothers stand in her way or will they trust her. It definitely doesn't help when her father owns th...

  • The Broken Girl
    144K 2K 74

    She was fine, until she broke. Please vote and comment! Trigger Warning: Self Harm and Eating Disorder. This book is written as a one sentence in a chapter. If you don't like that then don't read. Num. 33 in #EmotionalRollercoaster Num. 13 in #skinny Num. 16 in #broke Num. 760 in #depression Num. 789 in #broken

  • skin and bones ✓
    4.3M 174K 61

    ❝hey, what's that?❞ ❝n-nothing.❞ ❝ that a food diary?❞ ➵ Nevaeh Anderson has been struggling with anorexia since the beginning of the school year. She's seventeen, in 12th grade, and she aims to only eat the least amount of food possible. She also exercises obsessively, pushing her health off the r...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Bad Boy and The Tomboy
    108M 3.4M 87

    WATTPAD ORIGINAL EDITION Nicknames, a love of soccer, and school rumors are all the bad boy and the tomboy have in common. But if they give each other a chance, will they find something more? ***** Seventeen-year-old Macy Anderson is a tomboy that p...

  • My Life With 6 Older Brothers {COMPLETED}
    131K 2.1K 35

    Amari Johnson has a troubled life. Her parents left her with 6 older brothers to look after her. Her parents were drunks and always abused her. Got so bad that her oldest brother James, had to call 911. Read more about Amari's life!

  • Old and New
    595K 18.1K 33

    Lana has been living in an orphanage for as long as she can remember. It's been a rough life for her. Especially with her fear of men. She didn't have any living family. Or so she thought. Dean, Vincent, Axel, and Damon Vinati first heard that they had a sister two years ago. They've been searching for her nonstop s...

  • masterpiece// 5SOS
    35.2K 1.3K 36

    Calum had always dreamt of the perfect family. Unfortunately, dreams often don't come true.

  • Me and My 12 Older Brothers
    93.3K 1.2K 9

    My name is Maddison Montgomery, but everyone calls me Maddie. I'm 15 years old and I live with my 12 older brothers and dad. I know it sounds crazy but it's true. If you want to know my whole story and how I live with 13 guys then read this story about me and my family. Have fun!

  • emotion
    106K 4.2K 25

    "You don't know how to properly handle your emotions" "Says who?"

  • Brothers
    38.1K 432 26

    Alex has custody of his two younger brothers. This is a story about 3 brothers and their bond. (Please read first chapter).

  • My Little Princess
    129K 4.1K 20

    Lily Rose. Lily, is a tipicaly mum, works as a was a nurse at her local hospital, everything seems tobe going well for her and her baby girl, until she falls in love with a paitent, he confeces feelings towards her, as everything seems to be going swimmingly, Lily's ex boyfriend, Sapphire's dad shows up in the picture.

  • The Only Girl
    68K 1.3K 31

    ||Highest rank #7 in clothes Highest rank #1 in allboysschool Highest rank #759 in boys Highest rank #56 in onlygirl|| Kylie Johnson was moved to her grandfathers all boy school where she has to deal with tons of drama and all the boys

  • Me and my Brothers
    206K 4.3K 31

    ****UNDER EDITING**** My name is Denver, and I live with my three very overprotective brothers. My life may get crazy at times, but I know that with my brothers by my side anything is possible. A story about a boy trying to find himself while dealing with over protective brothers and high school. This might eventuall...

  • 4 older protective brothers
    110K 1.7K 23

    Hi my name is Blake Taylor, and I am 12 years old. I live with my dad and my 4 older, annoying but protective brothers. I'm the youngest out of my brothers. Bradley and Braden are the oldest at aged 18, they are twins then there is Noah who is 17 and then Landon who is 16 and then of course me at 12. *****...

  • Mutant Child
    114K 3.4K 31

    Tony Stark finds himself taking care of a mutant 5 year old Peter Parker while his aunt is on a business trip. Read how Tony deals with the kid's powers and how he helps the child with controlling said powers.

  • Perfectly Flawed (re-writing)
    1.6M 40K 35

    #4 in General Fiction- Alex has not had the easiest life. After losing the love of his life he was forced to cope with not only her death, but his newborn son that came form that tragic, yet beautiful day. Being a single father is never easy, especially when you have an energetic 2 year old son and working as a marke...

  • Baby Daddy
    2.7M 56.2K 30

    Tristan Kane is a famous football player. Tristan's sister Abigail is an only mother of a baby girl. After Abigail's death Tristan is appointed legal guardian. Can Tristan raise a child while staying at the peak of his career. Or will Tristan seek help from a new friend?

  • Baby Stark
    102K 2.6K 20

    Peter Parker is Tony Stark and Steve Rogers' son. Peter is only 4 years old and was bitten by a radioactive spider. This is his life with the avengers and with his Dads. I suck at descriptions so you'll just have to read (Steve Rogers gave birth to Peter so I guess it would be called a mpreg)

  • Coach's Daughter
    2.2M 70.4K 48

    Best Ranking: #5 in Teen Fiction - Preview- "Do you actually care?" he questioned, raising an eyebrow tauntingly. I grinned, trying to emulate his easy humor. "I mean, I guess I have nothing better to do than listen to you complain about having scholarships most guys would kill for," I teased. "Besides, you're the mo...

  • Adopted by Louis Tomlinson?
    251K 5.7K 58

    Lianna had an almost perfect life. Besides the fact that her parents where murdered in front of her, she's and orphan, and gets bullied. She deals with the pain the right way. But maybe not for long. One day she's on a walk and gets raped. Whats going to happen when none other than the Louis Tomlinson finds her and ad...

    Completed   Mature
  • My six very over protective brothers
    99.5K 1.7K 18

    The book is going to be about Emily trying to find love but all her brothers are way to over protective...........So you will just have to read to find out what happens next.