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  • Geno X reaper
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  • From The First Day We Met (AfterDeath)
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    Reaper longs for school to end soon, but when some students get transferred to UnderHigh, he starts hoping graduations comes slower as he fall for the new senior, Geno. Will he land a date with Geno before the ceremony? Or will he lose his chance? This takes place when the teachers were the students in high school. I...

  • Glitches (Afterdeath Fanfiction)
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    "Why do you want me to live, Death?" Death didn't supply the answer, though the glitch noticed this sudden behavior. "Isn't this what you came to do?" Sweat trickled down Death's head. "Why aren't you answering me?" His 'friend's voice seem to rise up each question. "Death...?" Silence occupied almost the entire conve...

  • The death behind his back
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    Geno has been alone for so long, he didn't talked to anybody, but Death.A story where Death will fall in love with a mortal, you will DIE of love for this book ( MATURE CONTENT )

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  • Yandere Reaper X Sanspai Geno
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    This is going to be a short story thingy ok? Reaper has always loved Geno. Geno never seemed to notice Reaper. He seemingly talks to everyone else but not Reaper. Until Students from Geno and Reaper's high school are being found dead, all of the students had talked to Geno at least an hour before someone killed them...

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  • Falling for You
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    Geno's life is finally reaching to it's end but little does he know Death soon falls in love with him. Will Death be able to make Geno fall for him before his soul gets sent to the heavens?

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  • Torn Wings
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    This is an Afterdeath AU but its like a story that I have had for a bit. so there is more story in the beginning.

  • [DISCONTINUED] My Loyal Servant {Afterdeath} (King!Geno X Servant!Reaper)
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    The king is a distant man, he rarely taking unless he is telling one of his servant to fetch him something It wasn't always this way, he was once a normal kid, as normal as can get being a prince, he had friends, mostly one really, others would just befriend him to use him Nothing good can last forever, the prince's f...

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    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) HAVE A BILLION SINFUL AFTERDEATH STORIES <3 Aunts correct it's not Afterdekota. Jesus FUKIN Christ-

  • Sanscest one-shots/UnderTale one-shots
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    Ink. (InkTale) Error. (ErrorTale) Fresh. (UnderFresh) Blueberry. (UnderSwap) Fell. (UnderFell) Geno. (AfterTale) Reaper. (ReaperTale) Palette. (Drink) Goth. (AfterDeath) G. (GasterTale) Chess. (ChessTale) Nightmare. (DreamTale) Dream. (DreamTale) Cross. (XTale) Carter. (TwinTale) Cater. (TwinTale) Pawn. (GChess) Plum...

  • Don't Force Yourself to fall In Love, You Just Fall.《☆A Afterdeath Fanfiction☆》
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    ((Thats A Long Title So I Cut It Short)) WELP I FELT LIKE MAKING THIS SO- YEAH Warning: Feels, Angst, And Smut will be in this book. - "Don't Find Love, Let Love Find you. Thats Why It's Called Falling In Love. You Don't Force Yourself to fall In Love, You Just Fall." -?????

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    I am bored. Cover Art: Me! I guess I have lost it. Incase if you are wondering what this book is all bout. Its all about Heathers. Check it out if you'd like to know about it. All I can say its 'musical' Afterdeath shit is on your way. Hope you have fun. There will be a change of plot and other character personalities...

  • ~Love Holds No Boundaries~
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    Loneliness can rot the heart and damage the brain. It can leave an empty hole and burning scar that can only serve as a reminder of an undesirable past. Few learn that there are ways to view a flaw differently and see it as a happy accident, rather than a mistake. (Cover by @Mothershadow) (Book written by @Mothershado...

  • Why....? | Afterdeath | Human Ver.
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    Why....?.....Why do you always hurt me with your hateful word?.....Why you never notice that you were the one who hurt me?......Why do you still pretend to LOVE me even though you don't?......Why don't you stop hurting me?......Why do you never care about me?.......Why did I even LOVE you?...... Warning: Have a lot of...

  • Death Hates His Job
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    Killing people isn't fun, especially when they're your boyfriend.

  • Blood red (Afterdeath story)
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    Vampires and monsters have hated each other for generations mostly because Vampires drink there Blood and monsters Hunt them. Geno a expert vampire Hunter sets On a mission with fellow other hunters To find The ones who are killing people. They enter the forbidden Forest and what they find next will make them Rethink...

  • Enemy of the void
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    Boring day after boring day,Ever since Reaper was a child He wasnt like other children, he day dreamed Of a better place rather then the bleak world he has to face. Everyone Thinks its normal but Reaper knows better alas The mayor has rules were the masks it will keep you safe,Don't think it will keep us safe If these...

  • The first encounter (Afterdeath)
    3.1K 64 14

    This is a remake! Cover is by the lovely ShadowUndertale0 please go check out the rest of their art! But back to the description infection started out no worrisome Then a common cold But It soon turned monstrous as if turned its victims in to a shell of what they where with a blood lust for the souls of those who a...

  • afterdeath videos and pictures
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    afterdeath because its one of the many ships i do but why would people ship fresh with geno so this will prove geno gose better with death then any one else so let get stared

  • The story after it ended.(discontinued)
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    this is a afterdeath story so if you don't like it don't read it was inspired by an one-shot and it starts when aftertale (by loverofpiggies/CQ) ended the characters are not mine.

  • Afterdeath oneshots- mostly lemon
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    I mostly do requests I would prefer you ask for lemons then anything else

  • Afterdeath Lemon OneShots
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    Featureing AfterTale!Blaze Her Picture will come out in my OC book when I get all the art done! Enjoy guys!

  • CPAU (If Goth was there to annoy Geno) HIATUS
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    The fuckin title says it all. This is pretty much just well written crack and damn if it wasn't fun to write. Pretty much, every random, stupid idea that came to me during the writing of this was some how incorporated into it. This just for fun, and is not canon what so ever. Time to give credit where credit is due...

  • What's Inside, is what Counts
    2.2K 114 4

    Beauty and the Beast - A stupid and crazy love story.

  • Soul From The「Other side 」
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    **This Au belongs to Hellbent-on-drugs** Info: Reaper was a rich guy who loves to buy old stuff, bought this mirror. He didn't know that there was a trapped soul in there. I̷s̶ ̸h̴e̴ ̴h̴i̴d̴i̷n̴g̵ ̷f̷r̷o̴m̷ ̶s̷o̶m̴e̸o̶n̶e̶?̴ Geno, A trapped soul. Was born from the old horror story for kids. The one trapped in the mir...

  • =AfterDeath= [30 dias de OTP (+18)]
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    No wa a decir nada :v

  • Ask Or Dare Reaper x Geno (Asks Or Dares Closed)
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    So I was bored And I decided to make an ask for one of my ships, Afterdeath. No asks or dares will be judged, and all will be answered and done, so ask away in the comments please~ Warning: if you see this: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) DO NOT READ AHEAD IF YOU ARE 13 OR YOUNGER. Thanks! ~°Updates are twice a day°~

  • Drips of red. Afterdeath [DISCONTINUED]
    72.1K 4K 43

    [Hello! Pepe here, just know this story is discontinued due to my lack of interest in this story. I loved the idea but I sadly didn't execute it to the way I wanted it so it discouraged me from finishing this story. I wanna say thanks for everyone who's been reading this story from the start and I'm sorry I ended it l...

  • Them Boys
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    Geno, Error, and Fresh are new to Multi Town the three brothers head to a school known as Multi High School. The three are completely separated Error goes and hangs out with Lust, Fell, Cross, and Reaper. Meanwhile Geno hangs out with Ink, Alter, Blue, and Dream and it looks like they all have crushes!! Dream loves Cr...

  • Afterdeath (Geno x Reaper) (lemon/fluff?) #ON-HOLD
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    ... dont ask me ... my mind is full of Afterdeath thoughts 23/7- (1 hour left for other things)