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  • Love Robbery // l.h.
    401 15 13

    "You're guilty of love robbery on the count of stealing my heart." "Oh my god." The name's Hannah, Hannah Styles. I'm in a gang with my older brother, Harry and his best mates. I'm sure you've heard of us. One Direction is only the most feared gang in all of England. No other gang dares to cross us. Well, besides our...

  • Madness
    4.1K 1K 52

    // 2019 FICTION AWARD WINNER // ❝You're talking about killing yourself. Is this what your madness is all about?❞ ❝You don't even know the half of it. Insanity is dark, but my madness is suicide.❞ While good-natured Ashton Irwin's day-to-day life is carried out with a smile, the ill-fated Valentine Nauru lives in hell...

  • instagram||c.h.
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    calumhood liked your photo. 3h calumhood started following you. 3h calumhood commented: 😍😘💗💗 ------------ rankings: #603 in poc [5/11/18] ~#323 [5/14/18] ~#194 [5/18/18] #110 in projectpoc [5/11/18] ~#54 [5/14/18] ~#45 [5/18/18] #622 in calum [5/14/18] ~#446 [5/18/18]

    9K 608 11

    A mermaid that lives on the colder parts of the ocean can't stay long enough in warm waters and vice versa but this two lovers will find a way to stay alive while still being able to see eachoter. - Luke lives on the Arctic Ocean where the temperatures of the water are below zero, while Michael lives on the Caribbean...

  • Yes, Captain. ↬ Muke af [✔]
    11.5K 640 10

    ❝Forget everything you believed about mermaids, mate.❞ merman!michael captain!luke [COMPLETED ✔] [SHORT STORY/ MERMAID AU] © 2016, dreamparadise. All Rights Reserved.

  • The Luminous Stone [5SOS]
    310 16 6

    When a drunken wish takes the guys to a place they never thought could be real and they think a stone might get them home. 5SOS x Pokèmon The Luminous Stone © PanicCliffordx 2016 All Rights Reserved. [Originally a 3955 worded one shot as entry for the 'distorted reality' contest by 5SOSCommunityPage, awarded 1st place]

  • Paper Brains ✥ l.h.
    124 4 2

    A simple short story written about a wonderful girl who has a problematic brain, as strong and thick as a sheet of paper. Warning: mentions depression, anxiety and general darkness.

  • Outside the Lines (lashton)
    89.2K 3.4K 60

    5 Seconds of Summer are a few shows away from the end of the Where We Are tour back in 2014. Next, they're going to be selling out concerts, playing in stadiums, and living their dreams even more than they are currently. But just because things are wonderful on the outside, doesn't mean things are scratch-free under t...

  • Switched Souls [AU] 5SOS
    3K 106 15

    What would you do if you switched bodies with one of your idols? ~•~ I wrote this story for my dear internet friend Lucie (: Switched Souls © PanicCliffordx 2016 All Rights Reserved.

  • Time .Muke
    2.9K 168 12

    Luke sees numbers above people's heads. The numbers aren't always clear, but the clearer they get, the less time they have. He's always avoided looking at them or the people, leaving him quite lonely, but satisfied. Until one day he bumps into a person and is so caught up in his beauty and kindness, he doesn't notice...

  • Wasted » Ashton Irwin.
    7.6K 504 44

    "You're beautiful." "Shut up, you're drunk." It all happened in one night, thanks to one text message. (COMPLETED) Highest ranks: #1 in Funny #1 Short Story #4 in 5sos #15 in FANFICTION #124 in Love #125 in Fanfic © 2015 NAMELESSLAX. All Rights Reserved.

  • Clean Slate » a.i. au
    70.2K 4.2K 26

    [✓] ∥ "You really don't remember anything?" He asked. "Not a thing," I lied. Copyright © 2014-2017 by funkystyles

  • baby |a.i. ft j.g.|
    95.5K 4.2K 29

    "I'm sorry, Zo. Please forgive me, baby." He nearly begged, bending down to sit up on his knees, hands holding her legs. Zoë sighed, biting down on her bottom lip as she looked down at her boyfriend. And just like every other time...she forgave him. All rights reserved. 2016 @Teaisfortimi

  • Hairdresser / a.i
    107K 2.6K 47

    She was a curvy hairdresser. He was a famous drummer. Copyright 2016 -All rights reserved to ashley (niallersdiamond_) cover by @leaving_forever

  • How to Deal with Anxiety ☹ a.f.i • v. slow
    13.4K 1K 31

    ❝i remember the moment that i fell for you...and damn, am i still falling.❞ in which a boy battling his own demons makes it his life mission to help his best friend overcome her anxieties. -Top 3 winner of the "Waste the Night Awards" 2018 -Highest ranking: #3 in "anxiety", #11 in "freementalillness", #1 in "anxietyd...

  • Two faced Lover 》M.C.
    3.3K 161 43

    Sam has known Michael almost all her life. She loves him and he loves her, or so she thought.

    Completed   Mature
  • Saving the Reject | Michael Clifford | Editing
    43.2K 2.2K 44

    "I couldn't save anybody! I couldn't even save myself!" "You saved me."

  • Goner | M.C.
    48.8K 3.7K 15

    "I'm a goner, Somebody catch my breath, I want to be known by you." In which a boy and a girl meet at the most unlikely of places: the top of a building, both ready to end it. Who talks who down and who jumps? [SHORT STORY][In Love and Death Series] [1st place winner in the Waste the Night Awards for Best Michael Clif...

  • [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] mute | muke.
    15.7K 909 66

    "you don't talk much, do you?" the boy shook his head. (lowercase intended).

    Completed   Mature
  • Teachers Pet// l.h
    43K 980 25

    "Now are you going to be a good girl or do I have to send you to detention?" "Too late, I already have to supervise those brats anyways." ---- "Did you see Mr. Hemmings today? He looks completely fuckable in that tight button up." I couldn't help but roll my eyes as I cleared my throat to get the girls attention. "Bac...

    Completed   Mature
  • luna. luke hemmings.
    33.7K 1.3K 52

    "it's tough being a teen." after years of being nothing but a weirdo luna ashwell is making her comeback, shooting through the ranks and defying all high school stereotypes with the help of her best friend harley clifford and four troublesome guys. but whilst school appears to be getting slightly bearable for luna, al...

  • Ray ||l.h.||
    31.3K 1.6K 24

    "Yes, my name is Ray Charles and yes, I am blind," she pauses, momentarily panicking when she doesn't feel the side of her desk until her knuckle bumps against the wood. "And, no, my parents didn't jinx me." ©2015, dentai. All Rights Reserved.

  • Nothing Like Us (L.H.)
    16.8K 462 57

    "You know how, when things start to fall into place, there comes this big bowling ball to disarrange them again?" "And the worse is when the ball would hit your feet first before rolling away...." After all the disaster that happened to her, Sydny decided that her mum's death was the final straw. She can't bear to sta...

  • Hemmings Fake Girlfriend || Luke Hemmings ✔️
    1.2M 28.3K 92

    The unlikely hood of when an ordinary girl bumps into an Aussie celebrity while traveling...and somehow ends up becoming his fake girlfriend. ••• PLEASE DO NOT STEAL MY STORY. It is of my own originality! I worked hard and put a lot of time and dedication into this book...

    Completed   Mature
  • Faking It || l.r.h
    269K 6.7K 55

    He needed someone to make his ex-girlfriend jealous I needed someone to get my crush to notice me Neither of us thought that Faking It would lead to something real *WARNING: Mention of abuse, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts. Read at your own risk.* BEST RANKINGS #1 in hemmings #1 in clifford #1 in lukehemmingsfanfic...

  • senseless | l.h
    218K 6.7K 33

    "Oh, baby, senseless is a relative term." ⋆ in which a girl who ironically hates change, meets a boy who ironically endures pain to deal with a loss. - angry!boxer!luke highest rank: #655 in fanfic

  • Dating the Dead • lrh
    529 61 46

    In Luke Hemmings' search for meaning in his life, he wasn't expecting to get it from the school's 'infamous freak', Shelby Lawler. With Shelby's help, he will learn about life through a demented cat, late night drive thrus, a graveyard tour and a whole lot more. And just as Luke is starting to actually 'live', life wi...

  • Multiverse [5SOS AU]
    1.1K 48 10

    multiverse [muhl-ti-vurs] noun 1. (in physics and cosmology) a hypothetical collection of identical or diverse universes, including our own. Multiverse © PanicCliffordx 2016 All Rights Reserved.

  • Lost Boy; C.h.
    1.8K 410 49

    I'm coming because I need to find you; is anybody there, who can rescue? Somebody like me? Cause I'm just waiting. For somebody like you, somebody like you. Without you, I'm a lost boy.

  • the replacement project :: c.h.
    62.6K 2.8K 32

    Elena and Cara Morales are the infamous twins of Mark Morales - the governor of California. Now, while they both may be related, like most twins, they couldn't be any more different. Elena was seen as an elite, social butterfly - she's kissed more boys than she can count on her fingers, she's taken part in tons of h...