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  • Kidnapped By The Mafia Leader
    3.8M 20.8K 5

    "Trust no one but yourself..." A thought process of the girl who's been hurt and betrayed by the people she's trusted and loved most. With a troubled past already, her finally normal life takes a turn when she's captured by the head mafia. But with a past like Ash's, she doesn't give up without a fight... Highest rank...

  • His Girl
    323K 9K 41

    His breath fanned my neck as I stood, looking down at the body below me. "See what you are Sophia? A murderer. You will always be a murderer." I turned to argue, but he beat me to it. "And if you think you can leave me, then think again Princess, cause you are all mine." He pushed me down on the bed roughly and my blo...