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  • Rickyl Oneshots!
    4.2K 92 3

    My folder for my upcoming oneshots! Add to your library to get the notification for the next oneshot! :) - ( Rickyl Rick/Daryl)

  • Rickyl Oneshots
    1K 26 3

    This book is going to be full of Rickyl Oneshot fan fiction stories. It will consist of cute moments, Holiday moments, break-ups, arguments, hurt-comfort moments, goofy moments, and other cute adorable Rickyl moments. Stuff and Thangs!!!! I'm doing stuff Daryl.....Thangs!!!!

  • I'm Not Okay AU ( Rickyl Mpreg)
    9K 262 19

    Daryl and Rick are both 20. Daryl gets drunk at a party and ends up having a one-night stand with Rick. Daryl wakes up in Rick's bedroom and can't remember a single thing that had happened that night. Daryl freaks out and leaves Rick's house in a hurry. Daryl doesn't know who he slept with and is afraid to find out. ...

  • Times we loved
    5.5K 235 15

    Starts off in the missing two weeks and continues on from there. Daryl and Rick fall for each other in the most Daryl and Rick way. Changed to mature for a chapter yet to come.

  • Rickyl One Shot
    2.3K 87 1

    Rick is exiled and Daryl sets out to find him.

  • Fine By Me!
    1.2K 41 1

    This is a random Rickyl (Rick/Daryl - The Walking Dead) I believe they're called oneshots?

  • The Man From My Dreams (Rickyl Fanfic)
    5.5K 249 10

    Daryl and Rick find themselves at a gay bar where they end up talking and having a fun time. Maybe too much fun. Read what happens to Daryl and Rick and where there relationship gets them.

  • love and walkers
    3.9K 67 4

    this is a mature fanfic! this goes from rickyl to Norman to Andrew back and forth

  • TWD ▷ Smut || 18+
    338K 3.2K 18

    "No sweety, you call me... Pappy Ricky" 18+ || Minors, don't interact. Smut (gay, straight and meme) Requests: Open Published in 2016.

    Completed   Mature
  • Daryl/Rick Imagines
    8K 177 10

    This story is imagines of Daryl Dixon and Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead. Hope you enjoy!!

  • Daryl and Rick AU
    34.5K 1.8K 39

    The story is set in Atlanta, Georgia. Mr. Grimes, a new math professor at Lincoln University, is known to his former students as some one like your friend, being laid back. He's fun but can be serious when he has to be. Daryl Dixon, a student at Lincoln, a quiet young man with many feelings that are buried within h...

  • Ambivalence
    595 25 1


  • Storms
    1K 56 1

  • Play Pretend. (Rickyl)
    3.5K 214 1

    These thoughts was cut short when he heard the loud laughs of little girls across the yard; He stood up and walked towards them, a little girl with brown hair and green eyes turned towards the redneck and asked, "Hey, Mr. Dixon! Wanna play with us?" "What're y'all playing?" Daryl replied curiously. "Pretend." The litt...

  • Rickyl
    7.4K 246 4

  • You're Home
    1.6K 87 1

    After the people from Woodbury find out about Daryl's scars, Rick must convince the hunter that things are going to be okay. One-shot. Rickyl

  • Rickyl oneshots
    21.7K 844 17

    Just a bunch of Rickyl oneshots that I wrote in the past. Will try to update often!^^

  • Apocalyptic Family (Book 2)
    1.8K 28 4

    After the events of Parents In The Apocalypse, Rick, Daryl, Carl and Ryder are becoming a strong family. But little did they know an attack is on its way.

  • Rickyl One-Shots
    1.6K 50 2

    Just a few one shots/song shots

  • Love Story
    2.2K 97 5

  • Dickyl *Rick and Daryl smut*
    5.5K 84 3

    Rick and Daryl are seperated from the group in a tragic accident. With Michonne dead Rick is feeling a little frisky. Is this just plain loneliness or lust ?

  • All my love
    295 12 1

    (Rickyl one shot) "I can't promise to fix all of your problems, but I can promise you won't face them all alone."

  • That Line We Walk (Rickyl)
    1.5K 56 5

    It starts when Rick and Daryl get trapped in a gas station. From there, it just goes down. Rickyl. (Rated M for graphic gore and some internalised homophobia)

  • This is the beginning... (Rickyl)
    8.5K 306 15

    "It's okay Daryl, I'm here .. with you." he whispers into his ear. Daryl embraced his partner. So much that Rick started to have trouble breathing properly but that was not the problem. Both of them held each other tight.| The bond between Rick and Daryl. How they get closer, how they survive and how they die. Dary...

  • Stay together (Rickyl fanfiction)
    7K 289 5

    As tensions grow at the prison, Rick and Daryl find themselves being closer than ever.

  • The Grind *Rickyl*
    15.8K 876 18

    Daryl Dixon is a man of choice. He chose not to follow his parents wishes. He chose to move way from them to Atlanta, Georgia. There Daryl found a job at his favorite coffee spot "The Grind", and had way more luck with finding an apartment. He enjoyed his small apartment and simple life until Rick Grimes came into the...

  • Good Cop Bad Cop (Rickyl)
    3.9K 188 13

    Rick is a lonely guy who possesses little meaning in life. Somewhere along the line, duty calls. Training for the newest member of Atlanta City's Police Department, the lowlife, "Daryl Dixon" climbs aboard. Not only has the stray man built a reputation for himself through past crimes, hijinks, and so-on, but Rick find...

  • Rickyl One Shots
    10.2K 316 5

    I short collection of rickyl oneshots. Ranging from fluffy to hardcore sadness and everything in between

  • Rickyl ~
    95.4K 3.5K 106

    the chemistry between two men ;-) ___ daryl's pov the whole story unless I say it's somebody else :-) ___ **POSSIBLE TRIGGERS** PROBABLY NONE THO CAUSE THIS BOOK IS FOR HUMOR BUT STILL ___ possible smut ;) ___ umm not for kids lmao ___ not trying to offend anybody or the characters I'm sorry if I do seem offensive at...