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    ❝ I don't like saying goodbye, saying goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting. ❞ A fan fiction about the precious Gilbert Blythe.

  • The Fire Within Our Hearts {Gilbert Blythe + Violet Baudelaire}
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    "The world is quiet here" Violet Baudelaire thought the worst was over, granted Count Olaf was still on the loose, but at least she and her siblings were alive. It wasn't until the Baudelaires came to Avonlea to live with their Uncle Monty, did the situation get even worse than before.

  • not gay ⇔ lucas jade zumann
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    "i'm not gay but i'd make out with you free of charge." [lucas x male!oc]

  • 𝗶𝗻 𝘆𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝗱𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗺𝘀 | 𝗴. 𝗯𝗹𝘆𝘁𝗵𝗲
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    ❝Oh you'll warm up to me eventually!❞ ❝In your dreams ,Blythe!❞

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    ❛ you're so gorgeous ❜

  • Here Comes Trouble ; A Gilbert Blythe fanfic
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    A story where an outspoken city girl falls for the one and only , Gilbert Blythe, and she brings trouble.

  • Blythe and I
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    "Evelyn you will not talk to that girl. She is too much of a bad example for you." "But father you hardly know her if only you can-" "No Evelyn!" When you move from the big city to a small town called Avonlea, things can get pretty messy. Evelyn has a lot of high expectations set by her family and things can get ro...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sick Of Being Told {discontinued}
    7.1K 52 2

    It was her red hair that first caught his attention, it was the rest of her that made it linger Anne With An E / Stranger Things AU crossover

  • instagram ⇔ lucas j zumann
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    where her idol comments on her instagram. correcting her grammar. ⇒ completed ⇒ social media

  • Carrots.//Gilbert&Anne
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    "Talk to me Anne, I'm sorry, I realize I messed up." "Leave me alone, Gilbert Blythe!" "It was a joke, and besides, carrots are my favorite vegetables." * In which Gilbert has returned to Avonlea anew, but he seems to be making the same old mistakes. * Based off of 'Anne With an E' on Netflix. * Nyctophilia_girl 2017.

    Completed   Mature
  • 𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐲 𝐬𝐤𝐢𝐞𝐬
    45.3K 1.3K 14

    a young spirit. © universalize

  • The Hired Boy |Ruby Gillis & Jerry Baynard|
    37.5K 1.8K 22

    Ruby Gillis has always insisted she could never, and would never, fall for a hired boy. "It would be too humiliating," Ruby insisted. But sometimes things in life don't go exactly as you planned Anne With An E (set several years after season 1) *started July 2017* *completed June 7th 2018* #1 in Ruby Gillis 09/02/1...

  • White lips | Gilbert Blythe.
    33.3K 798 14

    White lips, pale face, breathing in snowflakes. | Burnt lungs, sour taste. | A simple girl who moves in next door to the one and only Gilbert Blythe. eleutheromania, an intense and irresistible desire of freedom. You really love him, don't you?] currently being rewritten :) Highest ranking: #36 under gilbertblyt...

  • Through The Eyes Of A Child - Gilbert Blythe
    1.8K 89 14

    A book about our dearest Gillyweed.

  • wondrous • gilbert blythe
    354K 11.1K 38

    Different was the only word you could use to describe the girl known as Adelaide King. She never fit in with the other girls her age, and absolutely hated following rules. Adelaide was forced by her mother to wear fancy dresses and act as proper as she possibly could, but her personality always managed to get the bes...

  • The Odd Chance | [ G. B ]
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    [ under construction ] "Look, if there is ever a problem, I want you to tell me, you shouldn't go through it alone." He explained, she gave a light smile. "Okay." She said, giving a slight shrug. "Anyway." "Anyway,"

    Completed   Mature
  • instagram | AWAE
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    the first book of the "social media" series! the avonlea kids are back and better than ever "how did we get here?"

  • wrong number [lucas j zumann]
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    "hey, last night was great, maybe next time let's do more ;)? xoxo" "i feel bad for the girl you were with last night, but it wasn't me, perverted ass" WRONG NUMBER@20172018 ®all rights reserved

    315K 10.6K 52

    ❛ I GOT LOST IN HIM AND ITS THE KIND OF LOST THAT IS EXACTLY LIKE BEING FOUND ❜ _ A story in which a wild girl meets a quiet boy and things get interesting AnnE season 1 & 2 gilbert Blythe X female oc ACT ONE IS COMPLETED, ACT TWO IS UPLOADED WEEKLY #3 ranking in Gilbert Blythe #1 in anne shirley cuthbe...

  • in the name of love ⌲ gilbert blythe
    62.9K 1.8K 15

    ❝you are quite the mystery.❞ ❝i am nothing but the unread part of the novel.❞ ⋘ ⋙ amelia fulton had it all, until she didn't. in many more ways than one, gilbert blythe had reversed all of that. ⌲Started October 17th, 2017 ⊳Anne of Green Gables/Anne with an E

  • Burned || Gilbert Blythe
    27.1K 710 12

    ❝You don't play with fire, unless you wanna get burned.❞ I do not own any characters or the show Anne with an E, only the OC.

  • [1] YOU FOUND ME ( gilbert blythe! )
    640K 23.2K 44

    ❝AS LONG AS YOU'RE WITH ME NOBODY CAN HURT YOU❞ in which a young girl with a unspeakable past moves in with her cousin diana barry to start a new life. [gilbert blythe x fem!oc] © 2018 sameezyy edited by @wallflowerbev

  • (sᴏᴄɪᴀʟ ᴍᴇᴅɪᴀ)//sʜɪʀʙᴇʀᴛ
    181K 3.9K 52

    relationships, breakups, frenemies. all in a modern avonlea with the modern 'anne with an e' characters!

  • Kindred » l.j. zumann
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    "We're just two dumb kids. What are we doing?" "We're doing dumb kid stuff. Forget what everyone else says." social media fic highest rankings: 10 in socialmediafic 37 in gilbertblythe 100 in lucasjadezumann completed 12.13.17 2017 © an_intellectual

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    ❛ oh honey it hurts ❜