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  • The Bet [ Batfamily ]
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    Damian Wayne x Seme Male OC *** "Shut up Grayson!!" Damian screams, a light blush on his tan skin and his elder brother smirks, giggling. "Aw c'mon Dami, we all know that you have a crush on Raph~" Dick teases. *** Yeah basically everyone's gay and Damian's trans so... enjoy!

  • The Publisher (Zustin){AU}
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    My name is Zayn Javadd Malik and when I was in high school emotions were not something I showcased freely. I was like a brick wall that no one could break through and that was the reason that I was picked. It was a sick game to them ,to him. He was Justin Drew Bieber. He was dared to date me and get me to say that I...

  • Connection
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    Our favorite turtles get sucked through a kraang portal, but this is no ordinary portal. The portal spits them out in a world like their own, but it's not their world. This world has bigger buffer versions of them, and boy are they surprised when they find themselves attracted to the bigger counterparts. Join Leo, Mik...

  • Seme Male Reader X Haikyuu
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    ( ̄▽ ̄)

  • Beyblade burst ask or dare
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    The title says it all