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  • 50 Ways To Annoy Yellowfang
    7.6K 370 51

    WELCOME TO 50 WAYS TO ANNOY YELLOWFANG BY LEGITWARRIORS. Firestar: I AM GONNA GET YOU FOR SLAPPING ME WITH YOUR TAIL AND PAWS, YELLOWFANG. Yellowfang: *screams like a kit* Poor Yellowfang... Anyways, in this book, you are going to see Firestar, including his best friends, Brambleclaw and Ashfur AKA Team F.A.B. on thei...

  • Featherstar's Prophecy
    218 4 12

    Featherstream's dreams are troubled by dark memories. Then she is forced to become leader of WaterClan, and gets her leader name, Featherstar. But with more duties at day and dark memories at night, she is forced to either overcome the memories or fall under the weight of destiny.

  • A Part-By-Part Guide To Writing Warriors Fanfiction
    32.2K 1K 19

    The longest title ever.. but it is pretty self-explanatory. For the record, this is Warrior Cats fanfiction. I wrote this ages ago, and it might not really be the best advice, so.. keep that in mind?

  • How to Write a Warriors Fanfiction
    45.6K 1.1K 18

    This book will give you tips on how to write a Warriors fanfiction series on Wattpad. Tips include: -how to create cat names (prefixes and suffixes) -how to create cat appearance -how to create a prophecy -how to create the territories -how to make the Allegiances list -how to write in cat language

  • A Guide On Creating A Warrior Cat Fanfiction
    78K 2.5K 12

    Many people need to improve their Warriors FanFics, even me. Here are some tips StarClan has shared with me in a dream to help all those writers! Enjoy, and I hope this can be of use.

  • Warrior Cats Opinions
    11.3K 686 46

    ★ Please be aware that opinions in this book may be outdated both to my current opinions and factually. Sorry for any confusion this may cause! ★ Basically, each chapter will hold an opinion of one of the cats in the Warrior Cats series by the Erin Hunters. I am accepting requests if anyone wants me to tell them exact...