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  • BLACKer (BLACK Sequel)
    85.2K 4K 13

    How can someone think silently when the other side of them is constantly listening?

  • BLACK (H.S)
    1.6M 52.3K 45

    I stood there, watching, as she ran her fingers through the knots of my soul.

  • Decode
    12.2M 329K 41

    My thoughts you can't decode.. Sequel : Escape Route.

  • Baby Doll (Harry Styles)
    72.5M 1.2M 61

    In a corrupt community, young girls are sold to men as mere objects of pleasure and they are kept for as long as the men desire. But things take a turn when the spoilt son of a wealthy businessman crosses paths with an unfortunate girl forced into the twisted world of Baby Dolls. Baby Doll © Wonderwall123 2013 - 2014

  • Escape Route (Decode Sequel)
    6.3M 202K 41

    Lennon's dad, Axel is out of the grave and walking the Earth, willing and able to destroy anything that comes between him and his prize, even his own blood. But Axel of all people should know; defeat doesn't run through the family veins. So, who has the nerve to pull the trigger? Never underestimate a girl who used to...