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  • Every damn day ~ Desus.
    6.4K 146 30

    Desus/Darus fanfic - Every chapter contains smut. No AU. - I stole the cover from Tumblr, lol. I'm sorry, I don't remember who made it, but I edited the words/ title 'n stuff myself. Please let me know if you know who made the picture. Thanks in advance! -L♥.

  • Closer By The Day | DESUS
    6.9K 352 15

    Alexandria, The kingdom and the hilltop have won the war against the saviours. Negan had been captured and kept in the cell in Alexandria. Rick couldn't bring himself to kill him, that would be too easy. Everyone was able to finally sleep with both eyes closed, knowing they no longer serve the saviours. Daryl on the o...

  • Breaking our rules - Desus
    1.4K 75 11

    - A Desus Fanfiction - The story about finding love in the apocalypse. ••• Daryl Dixon. Jesus really didn't know how to handle this guy. ••• Start: January 2018

  • Jesus take the wheel~A Daryl x Jesus romance novel
    525 11 2

    It had been so long since Daryl had a romantic relationship, but will that soon come to an end? Jesus, a new member of Rick's group is introduced to Daryl, to fight the saviors. What will go down? Will Daryl face the facts when it comes to Jesus? Or deny his love for him?

  • Little Touches
    135 8 1

    Daryl is mad. Jesus tries to make him feel better. They get into a tickle fight.

  • Once Upon A Time - a Story About a Lonely Man
    14 2 1

    There once was a man, his name was Darus and he was very very mean to everyone. The truth was that he just needed a friend. But then one night he gets the suprise of his life.

  • DESUS || One shots
    3K 69 4

    Here you will find a bunch of desus one shots. there's romance, fluff, humor and some smut. I will try my best when it comes to the sex. its not something that comes easy to me, Being Asexual/demi and stuff. Anyway, hope you all enjoy xx *I do not own or claim the artwork*

  • Darus/Desus
    204 16 1

    Jesus gets hurt and Daryl is mad, sorry.. shitty summary

  • Darus/Desus
    360 10 1

    Daryl and Jesus fuck and Daryl ask Jesus a question

  • Certainty of safety
    499 34 3

    ♥ cover drawn by karuoke on tumblr ♥ What happens after Alexandria is attacked by the Saviors and the peple from the Junkyard. As Team family rises up after the death of one of their own, Jesus is having trouble coping with the loss and needs a shoulder to lean on. Could a big, awkward redneck be just the right perso...

  • Worlds of Thought
    7.4K 482 11

    🌸cover art by themeedes on tumblr🌸 A Daryl and Jesus awkward fluff filled fan fic idk

  • [Desus/Darus] Standing up again. (One-shot)
    1.6K 75 1

    The group after Glenn's death go to Hilltop because Maggie and Daryl needed doctor right away. Jesus helped the doctor Harlan and stayed by Daryl's side. Something good happened while they spent time together. Jesus made Daryl stand up again. To feel, to live. ~~I'm writing this before season 7 I don't know who dies s...

  • No Walls... Just Open Skies
    168 12 1

    It's Daryl's first night since his escape and he's having trouble sleeping.

  • My Dearest Murphy
    73 4 1

    A tragic love story between brothers. / Murphy comes home after burring Connor to find an empty home and a note addressed to him. / One shot

  • A Boy's Youth
    201 12 10

    Paul is an all A student at a all boy's school. His life consist of studding to be a lawyer like his father and practicing martial arts. Yet one day, he comes to the aid of another boy who is being attacked in an alley way. He later learns the boys name and that he is the youngest brother of the Dixon boys. Ignoring h...

  • Casual Affair
    215 6 1

    Daryl tries to get a moment alone only for it to be ruined by Jesus

    Completed   Mature
  • The Walking Dead // Imagines (Complete)
    273K 4.9K 34

    Taking requests A/N not all imagines are by me #28 - Zombie

  • Unglued (Desus)
    4.6K 383 34

    (70,000+ Words) What happens when Jesus wishes he could have meet Daryl earlier In life? (Takes place earlier in the apocalypse)

    Completed   Mature
  • It's Not Living Without You (Desus)
    9.8K 688 30

    (38,000+ words) Daryl and Jesus get together after the war against The Saviors. Will their relationship survive through hard times and an apocalypse?

    Completed   Mature
  • Just Desus Things •DISCONTINUED•
    9.5K 427 18

    Just some stuff about desus aka Daryl Dixon / Paul 'Jesus' Rovia.

  • [Desus/Darus] Listen here, fuckboy
    4.8K 325 17

    High school/modern au. Daryl - known as Merle's brother, nothing else. Paul (Jesus) - known as one of popular people in school, some people know him as a true fuckboy, some as cool and sweet guy. Mature content: blood, death, strong language, sexual content, abuse. They both look in the fanficton like in the...

  • Wild Touch // Desus
    6.1K 340 10

    ❝It's... it's like I want your hands all over my body, but all the same I know it's wrong. So wrong.❞ Or Where Daryl starts a job as a Physical Education and Math teacher, but the English teacher suddenly takes a strong liking for him. © lovingdaryl 2016

  • Defiance // Darus One Shots
    1.3K 41 2

    A collection of Daryl and Jesus one shots; written by me.

  • The next world - Desus/Darus (The WalkingDead Fanfiction)
    3.8K 139 7

    This guy that had shown up changed a lot for Daryl. Was he really falling for his beautiful blue eyes?

  • I'm Saving You
    7.2K 237 25

    IM FINALLY WRITING A DESUS (Daryl x Jesus) FANFIC! For those who don't know, these are characters on the walking dead. The situations in the story may be the same as the show but with some of my tweaking (meaning some of the characters that are dead.... aren't dead or will die in a different way in my book like Glenn...

  • God Dammit Paul
    5.1K 362 10

    This is a darus fic. That's all really.

  • Small glimpse.
    2.9K 161 11

    Starting around the time as Jesus helps Daryl escape the saviors captivity. With newfound freedom who knows what Daryl will discover about Jesus.. let alone himself. ;)

  • Jesus's Angel
    8.8K 595 21

    Daryl Dixon. Something about him made me smile, even though the man would never even give me the time of day. He hated me, with an odd passion that I would never understand. I mean I never gave him any reason to hate me! Besides stealing his truck full of food. And sinking it. And almost shooting him. But I saved his...