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  • A Ghoul in a School of Monsters (Hiatus)
    3K 51 8

    Yes no surprise here, another crossover between Monster High and Tokyo Ghoul so yeah it's just well you see a friend of mine loves both Monster High and Tokyo Ghoul so she requested this book and I can't deny her distance she will literally hang me by my intestines (😵😨😰) so yeah. Prologue Kaneki being the bookworm...

  • Return of the Avatar (Voltron x Avatar)
    6.6K 151 5

    In which Keith discovers he's the avatar and things just spiral downhill from there. Cover art by inkandowl on Tumblr

  • Falling Through Portals
    1.3M 61.7K 119

    Portals are one of the most interesting travel agents in the universe. They can get you anywhere, anytime, and anyplace. But for Percy Jackson, falling through a fandom portal was the last thing he needed. After being plucked from camp, Percy finds himself on the run through the universe without friends or a way hom...

  • The Day Class Ghoul [ Vampire Knight / Tokyo Ghoul ]
    48.4K 1.5K 6

    Your name is Amber. You know you're a ghoul. You know there are Vampires. You know about the night class's secrets. You know the mask you own to cover your identity for when you go hunting was your mother's once upon a time. You know that you are a very rare type of ghoul. But. You don't know what happened in the pa...

  • I'm from a different universe! (Discontinued)
    7.5K 161 15

    Read the description first!! A Crossover between Tokyo Ghoul and Attack on Titan Read with caution, contains spoilers between the two series. May contain cursing A Levi Ackerman x Reader fanfic You are (Y/N) Arima. Arima Kishou's sister. Before he died he asked of you to protect Ken Kaneki from danger. While protec...

  • A Demon's Butler (Book 1)
    176K 9.4K 42

    New cover by _Shirochan Sebastian Michaelis is in a difficult situation. He has been ordered by the demon Lord Satan to serve and protect Rin Okumura. It doesn't help that Rin is training to become an exorcist and kill Satan. And to make matters worse, Rin refuses to accept Sebastian while several demons are out to k...

  • Host Club's Ghoul (OHSHC boyxboy)
    797 59 4

    Ouran Academy (also known as Ouran Elite Private Academy) is a prestigious private school located in Bonkyō, Tokyo, Japan. It is also a school which Shiro Taiga goes to but really doesn't fit in. Follow Shiro through his Academy adventures and meet the interesting people that he meets.

  • Host Club's Ghoul (OHSHC Fanfic BoyxBoy)
    42.2K 1.4K 6

    Ouran Academy (also known as Ouran Elite Private Academy) is a prestigious private school located in Bonkyō, Tokyo, Japan. It is also a school which Shiro Taiga goes to but really doesn't fit in. Follow Shiro through his Academy adventures and meet the interesting people that he meets.

  • Ambition
    548 57 14

    "Win because you don't know how to lose" Well that's what I lived by until I met him. Lea is a young competitive figure skater and when she gets the opportunity to train in Japan, where they have some of the best rinks and training facilities in the skating world, she takes it. Even if the price means going out with...

  • Bending Blood
    34.9K 1.3K 17

    (I will be taking down the prologue book for editing, just a little warning.) So much has changed in Percy's life in the past month since he arrived in the strange little town, Mystic Falls. He's discovered that there are people like him out there, the cursed ones, also known as vampires. He also discovered that he lo...

  • The Price of Victory
    30.7K 890 8

    The Campers of both Camp Jupiter and Camp Half-Blood have defeated Gaia! But Gaia won't let the demi-gods win so easily. As "payment" for their victory, Gaia made Percy Jackson disappear from the face of Earth. This doesn't mean he's dead though. Percy finds himself in a different world with no memory, one where Peopl...

  • The Legend of Percy
    47.7K 1.5K 13

    Percy Jackson was pretty normal. If by normal you mean one of the most powerful demigods ever. But then Percy finds out he is the Avatar, master of all four elements. It turns out there used to be tons of benders and even bending nations, but they disappeared and no one remembers them. Can Percy figure out why while t...

  • Percy and the Princess
    94K 2.7K 10

    This is an avatar the last airbender and Percy Jackson crossover. The idea is Posiodion want's Percy to have a better life away from the gods so he sends him to a different world. The avatar world. Only problem is an incredibly powerful half god being thrown into the middle of a 100 year war can cause some problems.

  • The 4 Avatars
    13.2K 218 10

    Percy Jackson and Avatar the last airbender crossover

  • Once More (Sequel To Tokyo Ghoul Black Butler Crossover,)
    24K 853 16

    Sequel to kgene7's story Tokyo ghoul black butler crossover, go check kgene7 out she's a great author! Kaneki has gone back to his time line leaving the 1800's timeline. A mystery figure shows up in London in the 1800's and sends ciel and Sebastian to the Tokyo ghoul timeline/ universe. Hope you enjoy, this is my firs...

  • Back to Life
    50.8K 1.8K 19

    Tokyo Ghoul x Percy Jackson and the Olympians crossover.

  • Ghouls In Konoha
    62.5K 2.1K 10

    Kaneki and his sister, Kira, died saving the others from the CCG. Instead they were transported into the Naruto world. Reverting back into their 13 year old selves, they were found by Kakashi returning from a mission in the woods. What will happen to the two one-eyed ghouls? ____________________________________ Discla...

  • Human Or Demon?
    33.2K 923 8

    In a unknown date and time, a mysterious virus appeared on earth, which killed every infected human, in over the age of 13. Ken Kaneki, who survived this phenomenon, and has also witness the vampires that enslaved humankind. Now, Kaneki, as the eye witnesses to this sudden events, hid among some broken buildings to ta...

  • Tokyo Ghoul meets Attack On Titan
    89.8K 2.6K 24

    The title tells all. This is a Tokyo Ghoul and Attack on Titan crossover. My friend came up with the idea and I LOVED IT!!! So now here we are, please enjoy. :) Also guys it's anime based sooooo P.S there is some french in this so sorry about that. :) Sorry if its kinda weird, I used Google translate. (LOL)

  • Tokyo Ghoul x Fairy Tail
    8.5K 226 3

    Your two favorite animes - Tokyo Ghoul and Fairy Tail - meet. Get ready for an action-packed adventure! This story will consist of four parts, each having 600-2000 words. Enjoy all you otakus!

  • [Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul crossover]humanity's last hope is an enemy
    36.9K 916 27

    ➳Disclaimer: this book contains spoilers from both anime and manga • ❃❁❃❁❃❁❃ • ❝why can't you just believe in me?❞ • ❃❁❃❁❃❁❃ • ➳They both have a lot in common, he lost his mum, so did he. Something happened to them both, a change was made, their bodies were altered. It wasn't the best choice for both boys, i...

  • Weaponry Killings
    46.3K 1.3K 8

    Theres a new student in class 3-E ,a white haired boy named Ken Kaneki. Why is he here? Well..he is here to kill our teacher, Koro-sensei. The unkillable, impossible, and highly skilled dangerous teacher, which the government entrusted us to kill him. Now, having a new member added to our assassination deal, which hop...

  • When Reality meets Online
    43.4K 1.5K 10

    After the sudden events happening inside the game of Sword Art Online, during that time, Kaneki was captured by the CCG. Upon waiting for his further execution, one of the CCG members and a technician came to his cell and ask for him a favor. They told him the outbreaks of sudden deaths of 213 players, in a game calle...

  • Dark Days *DISCONTINUED*
    28.4K 1.2K 17

    When Kaneki's Aunt decides she can't take care of him any longer he gets passed onto relatives from his father's side, the Yagami's. After living with them for a couple years everything has been fine and he's finally been able to live a normal family life. That's until strange things start happening and a mysterious k...

  • Don't Judge A Girl By Her Country
    194K 5.8K 87

    Ouran High School Host Club/Hetalia crossover. This is an X reader. Y/n is Australia's sister, Otharia. She starts to attend Ouran Academy Disclaimer: I do not own you, hetalia, or the host club. I only own the plot. Warning: some curse words

  • Danny phantom and Tokyo ghoul crossover
    44.3K 1.5K 17

    So I posted a poll on wonder polls and put a bunch of crossovers options like Tokyo ghoul and black butler Tokyo ghoul and ouran high host club Tokyo ghoul and Harry potter Tokyo ghoul and vampire knight Tokyo ghoul and death note And then as a joke I put Tokyo ghoul and Danny phantom but that one so... I guess I'll...

  • Crimson 《Tokyo Ghoul Crossover Vampire Knight》
    46.9K 1.3K 11

    Keiko Kaori, a famous singer starts to attend Cross Academy. She has a lovable, happy nature and is generally energetic. Past her lovable nature, she bares teeth.

  • Attack on titan and Tokyo Ghoul crossover
    12.4K 229 8

    What if ghouls where the only natural threat to titans? Read along as Shiro and Shura explore human life as cadets. DISCONTINUED

  • Their mysterious guardian (Diabolik Lovers & OHSHC Crossover)
    6.6K 175 15

    There is a girl in a white cloak that has been watching the sakamakis household.until suddenly the council called her to be their guardian to protect them from a dangerous threat in the sakamaki's world.What do you think happens to the mysterious girl? How will the sakamaki brothers react to this? What is the threat h...