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  • We had a Deal- Ziam
    30.5K 1.6K 27

    Love~Hate relationship... A contract marriage between two people who kinda always hated each other....

    Completed   Mature
  • Groom For Rent [ ziam au ]
    110K 5.6K 18

    Meet Zayn Malik; the only grandson of the most popular actress, which he calls his Nana. Turning 21, he thought that he can get his trust fund already. He'll be a rich man, but he missed something, a very important thing and that's why he couldn't get his money. He wanted it- scratch that, he needed his trus...

  • Falling (Ziam Mpreg)
    69.8K 2.1K 30

    I ran as fast as A person could in sweatpants and fluffy shoes with no shirt on, Crunchy Crisp Autumn leaves going -Snap Crunch Snap- under my soft feet. I knew he was chasing me I could feel it, But I didn't want him to. I didn't want him near me,to touch me,think about me... Oh but I did! And that's so wrong. Cars p...

  • pizza boy || ziam au (boyxboy)
    189K 9.9K 44

    the one where zayn is a uni student and works as the pizza boy as a part time job, and he delivers pizza one time to liam payne; aka the son of the manager of the biggest bank in london. (side ship: larry)

  • flower crowns || ziam au
    22.6K 1.6K 11

    In which Liam fell for a boy who always wore flower crowns. Everything was perfect until the flowers were dead. So did the boy.

  • Legendary 《Ziam/ Zouis Mpreg ( Completed)
    108K 4.9K 61

    Liam is a football ( Soccer) Legend and Zayn is a profound artist all over the world © Copyright2015- 2017. All rights reserved. This material may not be reproduced, displayed, modified or distributed without the express prior written permission of the copyright holder. For permission, contact _WhenWeAreOne_ here o...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Think I'm In Love Again: Ziam
    60.5K 3.2K 19

    ( EDITING) When you've been hurt so bad in the past it's hard to allow yourself to be loved let alone fall in love with someone again, but when you do fall, you fall with everything in you, you fall hard and fast, the only thing you can do is hope they catch you when you land or you're left to pick up the broken piece...

  • 'I knew it'///ziam short story✔️
    81.5K 4.3K 10

    Where Liam has a crush on his 4 year old son's preschool teacher, Mr. Zee [completed]

  • everything my son wasn't » ziam
    69.7K 5.6K 35

    liam is the destined for greatness. he had three scholarship rides to choose from. he has scouts from america and australia wanting him too. zayn tries to compete for a bit of liam's limelight just to please his father.

  • The Wedding Date ➸ Ziam
    454K 25.1K 37

    [COMPLETE | AU] Zayn works at Walmart. He hasn't had a boyfriend or even been on a date in forever. He's hounded all the time by his mother to find someone and now that his older brother is getting married, the pressure is on. Zayn wants to find someone, but its hard considering what happened to him in the past. He's...

    Completed   Mature
  • DENIAL [Ziam]
    2.1K 209 14

    Liam is in love with Zayn ,who is supposedly his good friend's boyfriend! It's been 3 years and when his hopes finally starts to fade and everything seems to be impossible to happen, something very unreal to him is happening! But Liam knows that it's all in his mind and is in nothing but DENIAL... Zayn doesn't know wh...

  • Pretty Boy [Ziam] fem!zayn✔️
    206K 11.5K 32

    Liam gets a new neighbor, Zayn, who likes to wear pretty clothes and feel pretty in general and Liam doesn't know how to feel about it. Fem!Zayn

    Completed   Mature
  • Flower Crowns & Tattoos
    76.1K 3.1K 14

    Liam is your average 17 year old boy. Well not really. He loves flower crowns and is about as Innocent as a 5 year old. That is until he meets a very handsome man with lots of tattoos. Zayn wants to ruin Liam. Will Liam let him?

    Completed   Mature
  • Princess (Ziam) (Wattys2018)
    1.4M 65.3K 142

    Zayn has tormented Liam throughout all of high school. Liam is openly gay, which is what Zayn mainly touches on. His favorite way to tease and bully Liam is by calling him "Princess," but when another bully dares to mess with Liam, and Zayn begins to learn more about the boy he teases, the mocking word becomes a lovin...

    Completed   Mature
  • Royally Entitled- Ziam Mayne
    46.3K 2.3K 23

    (Inspired by a Christmas movie)

    Completed   Mature
  • Sexy Manager -ziam
    110K 5.8K 33

    Zayn, 21, was the only son of the owner of the famous 5 star HOTEL *TWILIGHT* in London!! After studying in Canada for four years, he was finally back home to London and Being the arrogant and spoiled kid he was, he thought he could rule his dad's hotel. But little did he knew that the manager of that hotel was an...

    Completed   Mature