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  • It's just the truth||Ryden
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    ✔️Ryan Ross likes "girly" clothes Brendon urie is a asshole

  • bleachers ;; ryden *completed*
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    "Do you need something?" "Not at all."

  • Six feet under the stars (ryden)
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    Shitty short story I wrote for class last year

  • Gay Rehab (Ryden Fanfiction)
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    Yes, it exists. In Nevada, there is a institution just for homosexual teens that have these 'special' thoughts. Crazy parents send their trouble teenagers for while, in hope that their child will magically become straight when they return. Of course in the institution there are different levels. Some floors have drug...

  • Infinite Sometimes (Ryden)
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    ALL CREDITS GO TO "fullcollapse" on livejournal for this absolutely beautiful story. Mostly AU, high school age setting. With the help of his friends, Ryan has just learned how to like life. Brendon hasn't yet found such luck. This is a story about strong relationships, trust, not wanting to be alone, and holding hand...

  • Ruined {Ryden}
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    A four word per chapter Ryden ©McDougallBooty 2015©

  • Here and Now // Ryden
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    "Show them all your not the ordinary type..." He whispered into my ear, still trapping me against the wall. A smirk was played onto his lips as chills were sent down my spine. I knew what he wanted. He wasn't going to get it easily. "Let's kill it." I said, feeling a change of energy inside of me. He pulled away from...

  • hand sanitizer ;; ryden *completed*
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    "you know this stuff is for girls, right?" "fuck off dude." - lol ryan buys scented hand sanitizer and brendon makes irrelevant remarks because he's a werid little shit. !DISCLAIMER! i wrote this book before i educated myself on transgender rights and such so this book is slightly cisnormative and i'm sorry.

  • Reign - Ryden
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    Once upon a time there were two boys. One of them was a prince, in line for the thrown of Angardia. He was trained his entire life to rule, regardless of if he wanted to or not. His name was Brendon. The other was a prince from the land of Euronia. He was the youngest of two boys. He would never rule, because he would...

  • Daddy||Ryden
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    I was 11 when I wrote this, this was written 2015-2016. This fic is not edited at all, I wouldn't read it. Also, this fic has nothing to do with sex, it's a kid fic. I picked the title because I knew it would get a lot of reads. ✔️Brendon Urie has a son Ryan Ross is a waiter

  • The Naked Truth [Ryden]
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    The sex industry was a dangerous place, everyone knew that. Sure, it had its perks, but for glamour model Ryan Ross, the only perk was being asked to partake in a photoshoot with gorgeous pornstar Brendon Urie, a man he both hated and admired. That single photoshoot might just have been the detonation that started ev...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fuckboy; ryden
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    brendon urie just wants to get off, ryan ross just wants him to knock it off. or brendon sends ryan snaps in hope to get a few suggestive ones back.

  • Castle||ryden
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    ✔️ George Ryan Ross the third is a prince Brendon Urie is a servant What happens when they start talking

  • blocked » ryden
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    in which Brendon comes across Ryans Instagram and takes a strong liking to him ft. fem!ryan cause I live for it

  • Don't know how I fell - Ryden
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    In which love is debunked (RYDEN/EXPLICIT)

  • 11:11 (Ryden)
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    [disclaimer asked for by @blurry011 this is sad at some points, but it'll be fine once they start eating pancakes] beebo: 11:11 make a wish! beebo: what'd you wish for? ryro: for you backspace backspace ryro: for me to pass that god awful chemistry test tomorrow ugh

  • Kik [Joshler, Ryden, Jalex, Frerard, Peterick, Zian]
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    A bunch of losers on kik

  • The Chicken Fic. (Ryden Standalone)
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    Brendon has always had a problem since he was little and Ryan can't help but listen in, getting some fun out of it as well.

  • Cape Town (Ryden)
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    *Based off The Young Veins song "Cape Town"* Never go to Cape Town. It's a place where lovely ladies sing and pretty boys dance. And there he was. All brown eyes and dark chocolate hair. Dancing in the midst of the crowd. I defiantly got lost in Cape Town.

  • Romantic | Ryden;
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    [ SEQUEL TO PLATONIC ] previously, brendon: goodbye, ryan. brendon and sarah hit yet another rough patch. brendon has no one to turn to except for ryan. [ book 2 of 2 ] [ warnings: cursing ]

  • alphabet boy ; ryden
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    "you think youre smarter than me with all your bad poetry." brendon was popular and did reckless things, like any normal rebellious teenager. partied often and bad douche friends. ryan was a smart kid with high grades. avoided drugs and alcohol and had nice friends. so when the two become friends, it's quickly a to...

  • periscope ✩ ryden
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    "i still care about us." ✩ ryden oneshot ✩ vicesandvirtxes©

  • "Grow Up" // Ryden
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    everybody said, "grow up." But she didn't listen. -4 word chapters Riley is a transgirl, who falls in love with Brendon. She is his moon. He loved her. (but everything changed when the fire nation attacked....jkjk)

  • Ryden Theories
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    The title says it all. Nothing in here is mine.

  • Sugarcane Chronicles Volume I: One and Lonely (ryden)
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    Ryan is cursed and Brendon is adorable. Others are featured and weirds things happen. (inspired by the anime and manga, 'Fruits Basket') **CONTAINS SPOILERS IN THE COMMENTS FROM RE-READERS! if you're a new reader, don't look at the comments!! ***unedited and p bad read at ur own discretion

  • Ryden Oneshots
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    Just a collection of oneshots I found on tumblr and livejournal None of these are mine by the way. All credit goes to the original authors.

    Completed   Mature
  • Platonic | Ryden;
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    this is exactly as the title says. it's just platonic ryden. there won't be any relationship drama in this. they're just friends being doofs. [ book 1 of 2 ] [ warnings: cursing, minor angst ]

  • My Heart Speaks. {Ryden Shortstory.}
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    Ryan Works at Build-A-Bear-Workshop, and he isn't really big fan of his job. A customer then walks in one time, and then after that, way too often. It kind of intrigues Ryan a little more and he wonders why this customer is here all the time, not buying much, just there.