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  • ON THE RUN // h.s. ft ot5 {COMPLETED}
    92.3K 3.7K 35

    In which Harry, a 22-year-old drug dealer who smokes his problems away with marijuana and has major anger issues, and Tanika, a 18-year-old stripper who wants something more for herself and has a past too wrecked to reveal, fall madly in love with each other and embark on a journey filled with money, drugs, gangs, cri...

    Completed   Mature
  • ✓ lights /styles au/
    193K 7.2K 35

    Where Harry is blind and only sees muffled lights and shadows and the person he falls in love with doesn't even know it. "Let me help you." "You can't even see." "I can see the lights." "That's not enough." COMPLETED

  • Triton [hs au | completed]
    552K 19.4K 70

    Harry is a small time drug dealer who has just been recruited by one of the East Coast's most notorious gangs. Arden is an Ivy League educated veterinarian, but is she smart enough to stay away from Harry? When you're member of the Tritons you follow orders or you die. **COMPLETED** Will be editing/rewriting soon. T...

  • Disobedience [h.s.]
    201K 8.8K 44

    BOOK ONE OF THE REBELLION TRILOGY Secrecy can only last so long before it's foundation crumbles. Prince Harry has a lot of secrets in his life--many that he's not proud of, and one that he cherishes but is far too ashamed to share. Disobedience can only go so far when you're a prince that's hopelessly in love with one...

  • Breathing the Dead ~ H.S
    363K 13.7K 66

    ❝...eighteen and a half months ago, October the 8th was when the zombies came out to play.❞ *** October the 8th, 2016. This was when humanity was to change forever. This was the start of a terrible apocalypse. Laura Marshall wakes up at 3AM to find her surroundings lit up by the bright lights of hundreds of police ca...

    Completed   Mature
  • Schizophrenic // Harry Styles
    784K 37.5K 37

    ❝Monsters don't sleep under your bed; they scream inside of your head.❞

    Completed   Mature
  • Lost Tapes ♡ h.s.
    192K 11.1K 15

    [COMPLETED] "I have five people on my list that are to blame for why I left. And you, my lovely Harry, are one of them." A story about a girl named Clarissa Mason. She had recorded tapes before she committed suicide. She made a tape for everyone who made her want to commit and one of these tapes is dedicated to her...

  • Lyrics » H.S.
    48.3K 2.5K 7

    “What are the other songs?” “Huh?” “The other songs, that changed your life.”

  • 21 Murders | Harry Styles AU ✓(Revamp in Process!)
    734K 29.4K 68

    | Book 1 of the 21 Murders Trilogy (completed ✓) | "Noelle Robinson, 21, was reported missing this morning and is suspected to be victim sixteen to an anonymous sociopath. Commander Harry Styles of the New York Police Department says the serial killer is still on the run and that more news on the tragedy will be...

  • Yellow.
    3.1M 141K 97

    Harry is a single autistic father, ready to prove his love for his little daughter and willing to break the ableist stereotypes placed on him. This is a heartwarming story, following Harry's growth while making friends and finding love through a common love for comics and milkshakes. Book 1 - Coloured Series.

    5.1M 153K 106

    She was standing on the curb, waiting for him to arrive and take her away like he had promised. But he never showed up, instead a man with dark brow curly hair approached her and placing a cloth on her mouth, he waited till she was unconscious before picking her up and throwing her into his car. That was when it all s...

  • 6 Man ✫ H.S.
    1.5M 70.3K 74

    ∙COMPLETED ∙ ❝Sometimes the person you'd take a bullet for, ends up being the one behind the gun.❞ A supernatural Harry fanfic where he is the witch hunter, and she is the witch. [Mature content: read at your own risk] Winner of: |Harry Styles A.U. (1st Place) + Overall Winner (2nd Place): The Kiwi Styles Awards 201...

    Completed   Mature
  • Till Dawn (HS)
    1.4M 40.6K 23

    "To have her in his bed, in his arms, with her breath on his neck and her hair tickling the corners of his mouth -- he was finally able to think of his life as not only just a dark hole of violence. Maybe, just maybe, his life could mean something more." || mature hs fanfic. Cover credit to @pillow-case © highstylin

  • Notorious
    4M 128K 61

    no·to·ri·ous/adjective: famous or well known, typically for some bad quality or deed. Harry Styles, by the very definition of the word is notorious. Not only for his good looks, charm, and unfathomable musical talent, but also for his womanizing and heartless attitude. Aspen Russo, by the very definition of the word...

    Completed   Mature
  • Quiet || hs
    9.3M 248K 76

    In which a quiet girl trying to get through her last year of high school by avoiding all conflict in her school and sitting in the back. She didn't expect a new math teacher who also became her new volleyball coach which made her plans to have a chill last year into chaos. #1 in Fanfiction

  • redemption: harry styles
    694K 20.6K 85

    By: ZerriesGap "A girl once told me to be careful when trying to fix a broken person because you may cut yourself on their sharp edges." {k.w.} Note: All credit goes to ZerriesGap. I am just simply republishing it. When she took this story down, I noticed a lot of people were wanting to read it again and I still had i...

    Completed   Mature
  • Masterpiece {h.s}
    782K 33.3K 56

    Art is a form of communication. Whether it is through music, through writing or through painting, every note you play, every word you write and every drop of paint you put on the canvas displays an emotion. For many, it is also a form of relief, a way to say everything you wish you'd say and a way to escape everything...

  • The Best Friend ✦ h.s
    821K 13.3K 104

    in which Micah falls for her best friend. accomplishments: completed | ✓ 500,000+ reads | ✓ 2,000+ votes | ✓ Ranking | ✓ #18 in FanFiction | ✓ thank you for your support I couldn't have done it without you, I'm forever grateful

  • Friend Zoning Harry Styles
    30.4M 468K 68

    Emily is the usual college student, trying to eventually work her way up into getting accepted to Medical School. She meets Harry Styles, charming, funny, and the biggest sweetheart. They begin to develop a strong friendship.. Harry wants more. One problem, Emily's not going to leave her boyfriend, Brandon, for someon...

  • Captive » h.s.
    1.1M 45.5K 39

    ❝You're holding my heart captive. But you don't even know that you have it.❞ © Copyright Qveendom 2013-2015 All Rights Reserved [highest rank #50 fanfiction] !!WARNING: SLOWLY EDITING!!

  • The Neighbors
    476K 19.1K 65

    Elisebeth Bancroft is a young divorcee with three little girls. When a handsome British gentleman and his family move in next door, she will be challenged to decide whether she can take a very risky chance on finding love again.

  • The Step-Brother (Harry Styles Fanfic)
    8.9M 90.8K 33

    Lily is forced to move in with her soon-to-be step-mom, step-sister, and step-brother. She immediately has a crush on her step-brother, Harry Styles, and his feelings are mutual. What will happen in this roller coaster of drama, and love? Will their forbidden love work out in the end? Will they end up together and mov...

  • My Sister's Boyfriend (A Harry Styles FanFic)
    207K 4.9K 29

    Darci was a normal 15 year old girl, she loves One Direction and Ed Sheeran, but she absolutely despises her older sister Kymberlie. She's absolutely perfect and.. Well she's not. So what will happen after she brings home her new boyfriend? Let's find out...

  • Fallen [Harry Styles] {vampire} {Book 1}
    5.6M 175K 43

    When you think of the year 2018, what do you imagine? Fancy cars, new inventions and such right? Wrong. The world was taken over by vampires. When each girl turns 18, they are sent off to the auctions to be bought as blood slaves. This year, Lily Ferona has turned 18. Join her as she ventures her way into the vampire...

  • The Brits //H.S.//
    254K 7.7K 53

    *One Direction fanfic, mainly Harry Styles* -The entire British society is a supernatural population- Every human is in hiding. Every creature is in searching. With only 152 humans left, the British is gaining more and more control over the whole world. ~ 17-year-old Evelyn Mathews refuses to give up. Long ago, her f...

  • Recovery / / h.s
    690K 21.9K 61

    "A love like that was a serious illness, an illness from which you never entirely recover."- Charles Bukowski.

  • The Educator (dark h.s)
    374K 22K 52

    The last time he had left it up to the police, murderers walked free. The judicial system was completely messed up - they misstated facts, let suspects slip through their fingers, used community resolutions to deal with criminals, let law-breakers off etc. Someone had to take matters into their own hands, and Harry wa...

  • The Traveler [h.s. au]
    357K 4.2K 11

    "I just need a ticket to the next flight that's taking off. I'll take anything," The Heathrow Airport employee is taken back as I rush up to the check-in station, practically demanding a plane ticket. "Please?" "Are you sure, sir?" The employee asks while trying to hide the fact that she's becoming flustered. I nod my...

  • one minute || h.s
    991K 29.6K 53

    "If loving you kills me tonight, then I was ready for death the moment you said hello." «R.M Drake»

  • 21 Days At Camp One Direction (Book One: 21 Days series)
    6.3M 156K 53

    Girls are girls, and boys are.. Well boys. Ashley, Lucy, Moe, Alyssa, and, Jessica are five bestfriends who go to summer camp every summer and it is always fun. Until that's when One Direction came into the picture. Opposites living .next door to each other, went more like World War II. 21 days were all they had, but...